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A Baby For The Bachelor

A Baby For The Bachelor

Author:Promise writes


General Romance

I was in a bar, having the best day of my life, watching a certain stripper twirl and twist around the pole, my d!ck was standing straight. I was having a good time. The music, drinks, everything was freaking excellent, till she walked in. I could still remember vividly, she was wearing a red gown and holding a simple white purse, and I could tell it doesn't even worth much. Her hair was packed in a bun, she had no makeup, she looked plain but there was something about her... she was beautiful! We looked at each other. I smiled but she didn't return the smile. I noticed she was walking towards me. Well, what can I say? I'm the most eligible bachelor in new York City, every girl's dreams afterall, and everybody wants a taste of my handsome self. My eyes were solely on her, there was something about the way she walked, the way she moved.... There was something familiar about her, like I have seen her before, and I have touched that body of hers. "Hi." I said to her, putting on my charming eligible smile, as she stood right infront of me. "I'm pregnant." Was the first thing she said to me. I stared at her for some minutes, clearly not understanding what she just said. Is she speaking Spanish or Chinese? And the words "I'm pregnant" might just sound the same way Latin would also sound.. "What did you just say?" I asked her in shock. "You heard me right Austin, so don't act like you didn't hear me." Wow, she even knows my name! this getting weirder. "Look, I have never seen you in my entire life, this is the first time." I uttered, wondering how to get her to believe me before this club would become a huge scene. "Oh now you don't know me anymore? Well I'm not surprised. Why should I be? rich men like you are always the same. Anyway, I just want you to know that I'm pregnant with your child. Have a nice day, Austin". She glared at me and then walked away.

  "I do not want to get married to her, why won't the both of you let me be!" I yelled at my parents, furious by their dumb decision. Who gave them the f*cking right to dictate my life.

  "We are not going to let you be, that lady is carrying your child and nothing you say or do will change that fact." My mum yelled back at me, I frowned. So what the f*ck if she's pregnant, is she gonna be the first lady to get pregnant without being married.

  "A lot can change that fact, I do not even love her, and she is definitely not the kind of girl I would want to get married to."

  "Oh wow, and why did you not think of that before having s*x with the poor girl, huh?." This time around my father was the one who replied me.

  "I was drunk, and I didn't know what I was doing. I wasn't in my right frame of mind." I defended.

  "And ofcourse, she also wasn't in the right state of mind, which means this cross is for both of you to bear." My mum lectured.

  I turn around so I could look the devil's incarnate in her eyes, she's been sitting there since I came in and not one word has she uttered. I'm sure she's enjoying the show, lying bitch. Who knows if she intentionally had s*x with me because she knows I'm a billionaire.

  "I'm not bearing any cross mum, I'm not! If you both want to get her married then you can go ahead and look for a suitor for her. Cause I'm not getting married to her." I said, standing to my decision, refusing to waver.

  "Well.. you should have thought about that, before having a one night stand." My mum replies, shrugging casually.

  "Again, I was drunk. I didn't even know I was f*cking this b*tch..." I wasn't able to complete my sentence, when my mum slapped me. I held onto my face and looked at her in shocked.

  "You slapped me?." I asked her shocked. My hand on my cheek.

  "And I will do that again, if you dare insult her again. You are the one that cannot keep your d*ck to yourself, and that's why you keep on chasing every single thing in skirt." My mum utters spitefully.

  "Wow, this is really nice, you all should gang up against me but just know one thing, I'm not getting married to her. There's nothing you all can do about that." I glared at them and walked out of the house.

  Caroline's POV

  I watched the angry buffalo stomped out of the house. I really would have said a word or two to that idiot but his parents asked me not to say a thing, and that I should be quiet. They said, they would handle the whole situation themselves. Now, I regret not saying anything to his dumb face.

  I never wanted to get pregnant with his child, it wasn't like I asked for it. I just woke up in bed next to him, with no memory of what transpired between us the previous night.

  I ended up puking all the place, having a severe migraine before I remembered what actually happened.

  And now, this idiot thinks that I am one lucky girl to be pregnant for him, and so I don't need to be his wife.

  It's not like I want to be his wife, I would rather get married to an animal than get married to him, an ill mannered man. Why the heck did I even have sex with him. Yuck.

  "I am so so sorry about that dear, you shouldn't have seen that." Austin's mother utters, taking my hand in her's.

  "Ohh, no ma'am it's alright. It's not your fault. You both tried your best." I replied her, trying so hard to smile.

  "Well.. I want you to know that we're not going to stop trying our best, we are getting you married to our son." She promised. Why won't she just see that I really do not want to get married to her son? Ugh!!!

  "Can't I just give birth to the child without getting married to him?" I asked, hoping she would say yes, but she didn't say that.

  "No, no, don't say that my dear. Pregnancy outside marriage is wrong and so you're going to give birth to this child, while married to my son." Her voice came out a little bit harsh, with full velocity.

  "But marriage without love, feels worse to me."

  "That is nonsense, do you think I actually loved my husband when I got married to him? It was an arranged marriage. We didn't even know each other at that time but look at us right now, This man right here, can't stay a minute without me." She turned her face, staring at her husband with love in her eyes.

  "She is right caroline, I can't stay a minute without her." Mr Roberto said, putting he's arms around her waist.

  "Why is it that parents don't get it? Just because your marriage was an arranged marriage and that both of you fell in love, doesn't mean everyone's relationship would work that way." Ugh!

  "I guess both of you are right then. I would like to be on my way now." I said to them, taking my handbag from the couch where I left it.

  "No, no, you can't go back home. This is your home now, I remember you telling us that you are an orphan. So you should live with us, besides, you are pregnant with my grandchild and very soon, you will be getting married to my son." What? they don't expect me to stay with them, I was about arguing with her, when she stopped me. I guess I don't have any choice then, jeez!