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Loving My Ideal Man

Loving My Ideal Man

Author:JK work


General Romance

Love? I don’t know what word is that. I never felt in love with anyone else. The feeling of in love is new for me and I don’t know how to handle it. It is true that love can be find anywhere when it is meant to be happen. Words are not enough to say what love really is. And when you found your love, you can’t hide nor control yourself not to love him/her. You will never know when will it come and to whom you will feel your heart beats fast. In all of a sudden you will find that love maybe in right time or in wrong time. We cannot teach our heart whom to love and whom not to love. In right time maybe you will find the real love that will surely blown you away your mind. I HATE TO SAY THAT I LOVE YOU, him. I’ve already been in love once but something happened between us. I love her so much and I will surely win her back in my life. I’ve been so fool and playboy in my life but now that I see my true love, I will chase her and do everything to win her heart again. She is my life and she is all I want to complete my world and to build a happy family with. I don’t want to live a life with full of what if that is why I’m hear doing everything to be with her again. I love her but she love him, she love him but he loves the other one. When two world of person collide, what will happen to their ❤️. *****************************************

  I'm Jiselle Allendrea Vargas Mendoza, the only daughter of Mr. Shawn Blake Alexander Mendoza and Mrs. Joahana Michelle Vargas. I have two


brothers, their names are Jimson Alexis the oldest and our youngest Jiro Anthony. We are a happy family despite their busiest works especially my parents but still they can find time to spend it with us and we are still priority to our parents. I'm so much glad to be their daughter. They make sure that we can fee l their presence each, and everyday of our life.

  My parents are rich, my father owned the Mendoza University School where I am currently studying and he also owns cars company. My mother's family owned the ML international airport and the Vargas hotel and restaurant here and from other countries. I’m a 4th year college now.

  I’m a simple girl who loves jeans and sneakers, powder and lip balm are enough for me. I'm a bit boyish but soft hearted and I'm a real girl. I love commuting even though I have cars because I want to hear different stories of other people and their expression when they are angry, happy, sad and many more, I love being an observant to my surroundings. My dad and brother almost always scolded me of commuting because they say it’s not safe to ride on a public transportation, but I really love too.

  I am a quite person. I love listening to someone’s stories, make some advices to those who are broken hearted. I’m not an introvert or what I just love being alone although I have a best of friends and it also hard for me to make friends with other cause it feels like I have a wall or barrier when it comes to friendship. If other people say the more the merrier when it comes to friends but for even just one friend is okay, as long as he/she is true and real to me and won’t leave me alone in times of loneliness and distress and will stays with me as true friend.

  Now is our first day in second semester. This year I mean semester will be bloody for those who have thesis, graduating student and I’m just hoping and wishing to survive this year so that I will graduate and would be free from my parents, but don’t get me wrong I love my parents so much. It's just that they are over protective cause the only girl in the family and yeah I understand them but for Pete sake I'm already 19 years old. I am a good girl as always.

  There is nothing new this semester, same faces and same environment. There is no new at all. It’s still boring. I’m not close with my block mates but I’m talking to them when it is needed and when they are talking to me. They all know that I’m a child of the school owner but I don't act like one. I just want a normal life and no special treatment.

  As I enter the classroom, I walk towards my favorite seat near at the window so that I could look over the view when I’m getting bored for me to refresh my mind with the scenery of the beautiful garden where many students stay in their free time.

  College life is not that easy although I get easily bored in some of my subjects but I see to it that I’m doing everything to get a higher grade cause my brother graduated here in school as a valedictorian and I want to be in top also so that my parents will be proud of me. The time management is really important for every busy schedule that we have in reports, exam, practice and presentation. In college yourself is your own enemy that is why you need to manage everything in school before the deadlines coming. Sometimes we have extra curricular activities, so it is really though. You are the one that create your own destiny, cause if you are weak, you might fall and stop what you are doing in life to achieve your goals in life. You should have a clear vision of what you want it to be. You should never stop believing and never give up, just take a rest when you are tired then continue your life as you regain a strength from your rest. You’re life depends on you.

  As I’ve seated on the chair all of my block mates look at me and smile so I smile as a return to them then they continue their chit chatting with their friends. They are still noisy as ever. Other are busy on their books maybe they are reading in advance, some of them talking about their vacations, crush, some are listening to music, some are playing mobile games at some other are watching k-dramas on their cellphone.

  “guy’s, we have new student in the Department, waahh, he look so handsome” and that’s Miranda the gossip of the class, but she is kind.

  "tsk, you are really a news caster Miranda. You are the best radar of the section" jokes by Naomi but Miranda ignore her.

  "Ohs really? Where did you get that news again, huh?" that’s Adrian the Playboy in the classroom but at the same time he is like a clown to the class.

  Miranda just glared at him.

  “duh, can’t you see I have two ears so definitely I heard it right”

  “You really have a big ears as elephant to hear those news, ahahaha. You are unbelievable” then here he come the play Adrian went to Juris wink at her.

  “Is that really true girl?” Juris asked with curiosity

  "Yeah, and he's so handsome totally Greek God" she blushed as she said that.

  Tsk, when it comes to handsome they are always attentive and interested to talk about it unlike me I don’t want to talk about it. I am not a lesbian or what but I’ve never been in love in my whole world, crush is enough for me.

  They just stop chit chatting as our professor in research enter. And as of me I’m just sitting with my hands in my chin looking at the garden not minding what they are doing.

  "Good morning class, I'm Mr. Felix Smith your research 1 professor."  He look so serious.

  "Good morning Sir" we greeted him back.

  " Before we start, I would like to introduce to you our new student from Phoenix University. Please come in and introduce yourself" Mr. Smith called the person outside the classroom.

  Then as I look in the front I think my whole world stop for a while as a man entered in the class, he is tall, pointed nose, Chinese but rounded eyes, damn he is perfect. My heart skip a beat and this is the first time in my whole world that I feel this kind of I don’t know what emotion it is. It feels like I already in love with him. I just stunt, my eyes focus on him and all I see is the man in front of the board talking with a smile on his face. I don’t even heard what my block mates say all I know is him and I want him.

  "Class keep quiet, Mr. Introduce yourself please"

  " Hi classmate, My name is Raven Craze Sandoval. Nice meeting you all" he fluster a small smile

  Even his voice is as handsome as his perfect face. He is like a living anime in this world. Do he have any flaws? He just look perfect.

  "You may take your seat Mr. Sandoval" he went near at my seat cause that’s the only vacant seat. I need oxygen please. My heart are breathing so fast, I need to see my doctor to consult this weird heartbeat.

  T.he class started but my attention is on the man in front of me. I can’t concentrate but it’s okay cause it’s just a typical rules and regulation about the class

  I think I’m in love at first sight.