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Don't Leave Me...3

Don't Leave Me...3



General Romance

There will be revenge, there will be innocent people, and otherwise, and top of it a love story with a path which none of them expected to pass through. Note: Not a sequel or anything but just a third series in the Don’t leave me franchise with completely different characters from the previous two series.

  “All this was for revenge?” she asked in a whisper and I can hear her even when we are standing far away from each other because of the silence surround us.

  “Yes! Didn’t you hear what I was saying until now?” I asked, smirking, and saw her eyes blinking while the tears rolled down her cheek.

  I immediately turned away and walked out of the place not wishing to see those tears right now. I took a deep breath climbing down the stairs and felt the presence of others following me.

  “Are you really going to end it like this?” I paused near the car in which we both were supposed to leave and turned to see their shocked looks.

  “What do you think?” I asked back and none of them have an answer to that.

  “I don’t know! Maybe… maybe, for now, it will end like this.” I replied to their question not able to remove her face with tears from my mind and why am I even thinking about all that.

  “None of us expected all this.” I can understand those words as even I didn’t expect much when I started all this.

  “It is better if we leave right now. Why don’t you call others?” I asked, looking at the closed doors waiting for others to come out.

  “I will go and call them.” But before those words were finished saying, the doors are opened and my sister started running towards me calling me.

  “What happened?” I asked her frowning seeing her expression.

  “You need to come inside now.” She replied frantically holding my hand while gasping for air.

  I frowned at her, but she dragged me back towards the doors, and when she opened them my eyes widened, looking at the reason why she was in a hurry.

  “No!” I whispered without any control of my mouth and I took a step forward without thinking about anything.

  “Stop! You can’t do anything right now.” They held me back before I can take the second step and I fought them with my everything but I couldn’t stop anything at all as they said and this time I felt the tears forming in my eyes while I lost energy in my whole body. Why? Why did it end like this?


  Not a sequel to the previous series but just a continuation of the series with different characters in a similar plot setting. There is no need to read the previous two parts of the series to read this but please try them.