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Never Divorce, My Reborn Ex-Wife

Never Divorce, My Reborn Ex-Wife



She was a prominent scientist, who devoted all her youth to medical research. She could have made a breakthrough when she suddenly fainted. By the time she woke up. She found herself transmigrated into a novel, where she was the wicked supporting actress, Qi Wenwen. According to the script, Qi Wenwen was obsessed with the male lead, Xi Tian. Qi Wenwen tried every means to win his heart but failed, herself miserable in the end. Now, the script must be rewritten since she was here now. Differences had to be made! Qi Wenwen: "You want a divorce? OK, where is the contract?" Xi Tian: "Wait, what? Is that a YES?" "Are you deaf? Quickly, I am busy now." "Well, but I changed my mind"...


Qi Wenwen struggled hard in the cold lake water, desperately trying to grab the life-saving driftwood, but the more she struggled, the faster she sank.

"Help, I don't know how to swim..."

Another cry for help sounded two meters away from her. It was her husband's secretary, Lin Min.

"Madam and Miss Lin fell into the lake at the same time. Hurry up and save them!"

The person on the ship screamed.

Xi Tian brought his team to discuss about the development case of the resort, as soon as the discussion finished, Qi Wenwen arrived. The news that the two of them getting a divorce had spread like wildfire. Qi Wenwen, regardless of her reputation, threatened Xi Tian in front of outsiders that if he dared to divorce her, she would jump into the lake and die in front of him!

Xi Tian couldn't be bothered with her nonsense. He went into the cabin to find peace, but out of no where, Qi Wenwen fell into the lake with his secretary, Lin Min.

However, these employees all didn't how to swim. None of them knew how to swim so they could only be anxious.

"Inform Mr. Xi, quick! He can swim!"

The sound of panic and noise alarmed Xi Tian. He strode out of the cabin and asked with a frown, "What happened?"

The clerk pointed at the two heads in the lake and said, "Madam and Miss Lin have fallen into the water, but only you Mr. Xi can swim here. Which one do you want to save first?"

Xi Tian pressed his lips tightly together. Both of them were in a bad situation.

The water reached Qi Wenwen's neck.

And Lin Min's chin!

Without hesitating, he took off his jacket and jumped straight down.

Almost subconsciously, he swam toward Qi Wenwen. Before he reached the place, a hand suddenly grabbed him.

It was Lin Min!

Lin Min had obviously reached her limit, and her face was purple.

It was not good to leave her behind, so he had to take her back first.

Qi Wenwen watched the man with tall and straight body swam passed her her with her own eyes. Her heart seemed to be hit by a heavy hammer, which made her feel suffocated.

It hurt!

Qi Wenwen closed her eyes and suddenly gave up on struggling, letting her body sink into the water.

She used to be the eldest daughter of the Qi family. She grew up in love with thousands of people and could get whatever she wanted. However, Xi Tian was the only difficulty in her entire life.

She met him while she followed her father to attend the summit meeting of the financial industry. There were so many people at the meeting, and all of them were elites in the business world. However, she fell in love with him at first sight.

But he was dismissive of her. No matter how much she tried to please him, he did not respond at all.

Later, she finally got the chance. Due to the mistake in the management and decision-making of the company, the capital chain of Xi Group broke down and was on the verge of bankruptcy. The Qi family used two billion dollars as a bargaining chip to force him to marry her!

He was forced to marry her because of the pressure from his family. However, she could not win his heart even if she got him physically.

He didn't love her, at all!

After getting married, he devoted himself to his work and took advantage of her dowry to make the company bigger and bigger. Now that his company was stable, he was going to divorce her!

At that time, no one thought highly of her marriage, but she was fascinated by him and self-satisfied. At least, she would not face the problem of "if my wife and mother fell into the water at the same time, who are you going to save first?" because his mother died when he was six years old.

But she didn't expect that!

This day!

His wife and secretary fell into the water at the same time, and he chose to save the secretary!

"Qi Wenwen, you're so pathetic, don't you want to give up still?"

The sadness drowned Qi Wenwen faster than the lake water. She completely lost the strength to struggle and sank into the water.


“Madam, you're finally awake!"

Qi Wenwen opened her eyelids with difficulty. The picture in front of her was white with a halo. She couldn't see it clearly.

The excited voice pulled her lost conscious back. Her eyes gradually became focused and she saw that she was in the hospital.

"Master, Madam is awake." The servant called out again.

As soon as she finished speaking, a shadow shrouded her head.

This was her husband.

That husband who did not hesitate to give up on her and save the secretary at the moment of life and death!

"How do you feel?"

Xi Tian sat down on the edge of the bed. His voice was low and his gaze at her was mixed with complicated feelings, there was guilt, worry, and even lingering fear in his eyes.

What was he afraid of? Was he afraid that she wouldn't die?

Qi Wenwen looked at him, and tears flowed silently from the corners of her eyes.

But the tears was not for Xi Tian.

Instead, it was for the former Qi Wenwen!

The person lying on the bed was no longer the Qi Wenwen who was deeply in love with Xi Tian. It was another person who time-traveled from another place.

Her name was Tu Jingtang!

She was the dean of the Jingdu Chinese Medicine College and a young scientist who attracted the world's attention.

She was originally studying the test results and stayed in the laboratory for three days and three nights. When she was about to succeed, at the last moment, everything went black and she fainted directly.

When she woke up, she became the second female lead in a novel who was vicious!

She had never seen this book before. She just listened to her little niece's words a few times while she cursed the vicious second female lead in the book.

Xi Tian was the male lead in the novel.

In the book, in order to get Xi Tian, the original female lead, Qi Wenwen, used her family background to force Xi Tian to marry her, so that Xi Tian and the female lead in the book, Lin Min, could not get together.

Although the original female lead had married Xi Tian, he had avoided her like a snake or a scorpion. He had used three years to turn the tables, and then used four billion dollars to divorce her and marry his true love, Lin Min.

But the original person refused to do so!

She was looking to cause trouble to Lin Min, and both of them fell into the water at the same time. Xi Tian saved the woman he loved instead of her, so she then took advantage of his guilt and to gaslighted him not to divorce with her.

After that, she successfully got pregnant with the child of Xi Tian, and she used the child to hold him back, and forced him to end his relationship with Lin Min.

However, Xi Tian ruthlessly gave an abortion pill to her.

This caused her to lose her baby boy!


What kind of terrible plot was this!

Tu Jingtang rubbed her forehead. Wasn't it good to be young and have a good career?

Wasn't it awesome to get a four billion dollars from divorce?

If all the money was invested in traditional Chinese medicine, Tu Jingtang dared to swear that she would definitely promote the traditional Chinese medicine to the world and make many achievements.

Tu Jingtang, ah, no, she should be called Qi Wenwen now.

Qi Wenwen raised her head with difficulty and looked at Xi Tian.

The man in front of her was really beautiful. His eyebrows were deep, his nose was high, and his lips were thin. There was an noble temperament on him.

No wonder the original female lead was obsessed of this man, but she wouldn't play it like this anymore!

Tu Jingtang's life could not be wasted on a man.

She opened her mouth. Perhaps she had drunk a lot of water and her throat was very uncomfortable. She could only make a hoarse voice, but her eyes were firm. "Give me the divorce agreement. I'll sign it."