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The Heart Breaker

The Heart Breaker

Author:Elizabeth noris



Drake Andreas had always wanted Lisa Grey. But she was his best friend's sister..... too young, and innocent. she is off-limits. Lisa had been in love with Drake for as long as she could remember, And now, in just forty-eight hours, her Greek handsome devil was getting married to another woman, a beautiful model, her cousin. But when her cousin left him stranded at the altar Lisa was there to pick up the pieces. she knew Drake had always thought of her as a little sister, but this night he needed her. And she had never stopped looking forward to having him. In one night of unforgettable passion, their lives were inextricably joined. This led to her bitter circumstances in her marriage with Drake, He had been flagrantly unfaithful to her, she gave up her love for him and divorced him. Five years later, Drake comes back dramatically into her life. An accident leads to his lost memory and was asking for her, under the impression that she was still his wife.

Lisa's head came up proudly as she stared at the "I never thought you would,"

Drake yanked her forward and kissed her. "You must have thought it once Lisa, I always want you" He whispered and kissed her again

Before that instant Lisa had thought he stood aloofly by and observed life from the sidelines, she discovered then that she was mistaken. For there was nothing detached about his hungry mouth moving over hers, nothing aloof about the powerful grip of his arms on her back as they pressed her forward into the heat of his body, or in his blunt fingers, tangled in her hair, grasping her skull, and his intensity laid to waste her powers of reasoning.

He had pulled her to him so quickly, that she had hardly had time to react. Automatically, she raised her hands to push him away. But, for just an instant, she was caught up in the contrast of how things as they appeared to be and as they were could be so devastatingly different.

For instance, Drake's mouth appeared hard and stern, but, Lord help was soft. Strong. Hot. But not hard-not hard at all. The only remotely harsh element of his kiss was the heavy beard of his unshaven jaw, abrading the tender skin of her face.

Having hesitated for even that brief an instant, she forgot exactly to which it was she had been going to object. Being

manhandled again, maybe. Or Something like that. She didn't remember and she didn't care. Any objection she might

have raised was swamped beneath a wave of sensation. Drake's mouth kept opening over hers. Restlessly,

he slanted his lips over the fullness of hers. When she didn't open to him immediately, he raised his head, stared into her eyes for a moment, and then came at her from another direction, using the hand in her hair to tilt her face to accommodate him. He widened his mouth around her lips and then

slowly dragged it closed, tugging at her lips.

She didn't even think twice. Lisa's lips simply parted beneath his, and Drake made a wordless sound of satisfaction

deep in his throat.

His tongue was slow and thorough. It slid along her bottom lip and explored the serrated edges of her teeth. Releasing his grip on her head, Drake pulled her closer into the heart of his body, moving his pelvis against her with suggestive need. His tongue rubbed along hers. Nerves Lisa

hadn't even known she possessed flamed to acute, throbbing life. Her tongue surged up to challenge his, and she arched against him, sliding her arms up to wrap tightly around the strong column of his neck, plunging her fingers into his crisp hair. She was aware of every muscle in his body as he pressed against her. He pulled her closer.

She wanted him.

He tilted her chin up and searched the unblinking hazel depths of her eyes. She was so innocent. That was the only contrary ripple in the tidal wave of certainty that rushed over him. Too innocent to know what was best for herself. She's off-limit, But he ignored that ripple. He wanted her.

No, it was more than that. He needed her.

"Lisa."He murmured her name against her lips


One syllable, yet he'd never heard anything so erotic. His name in her low, breath voice.

"Ah, damn," he muttered. He was well and truly lost His wearing fled, replaced by full_blown desire. Her breast. Pressed soft and warm against his chest. Yielding. Her supple waist fitted the curve of his arm

and her mouth

Her sweet, luscious mouth was Created for him his pleasure. Innocent and Seductive her lips met his slanted to fit better and opened to accept the greedy thrust of his tongue.

He wanted to devour her, to consume her for his selfish pleasure. At the same time, he was determined to make her burn with a desire for him.

Somehow he moved them to the seat, sitting down with her on his lap. Her arms circled his shoulders: her fingers tangled in the hair at his nape. He shifted her so that her legs draped over the arm of their seat and tilted

her backwards in his embrace. She was his for the taking, his to sate his ravenous hunger upon, and then to savour

a second, a third-an infinite number of times.

In his jeans, his arousal demanded more, and he thrust against the warm fullness of her bottom.

Her answer was to kiss him as he'd been kissing her, to explore the depths of his mouth with increasing boldness, increasing demand. It was a demand he was fully

prepared to meet.

He slid her off his lap. She flexed to accommodate him, and without even pausing for a breath, he layover

her upon the narrow seat.

Beneath him, Lisa felt the change, like a shift in the wind, like a tilt in the axis of the earth. Up to now, she had wielded the power. Sort of. Now he held it

Or maybe he'd always held it. Maybe it had been her delusion, thinking she could say yes or not to this man and control the restless beast he'd loosened inside her.

So she accepted the hard masculine weight pressing down on her, and she gloried in the knowledge that

Drake Andreas wanted her, Lisa Grey. He could have any woman he wanted, but he wanted her because, despite their differences, at heart they were alike. He cherishes her.

As if to prove her right, he began a trail of kisses, warming her neck, heating the shell of her ear, rousing a fire of epic magnitude in the nether reaches of her belly.

Drake," she moaned, moving restlessly beneath him. Wanting things from him, she could not rightly put them into Words.

But he knew. He knew, and he answered her silently. Pleas with a touch here, a caress there. The inside of her elbow. The palm of another hand. The place beneath her ear had no name. When had these common, every day, parts of her become so sensitized?

Then one of his knees parted her legs and pushed between her thighs. It was a Strange, invasive movement Possessive. Thrilling. At the same time, one of his hands skimmed up her waist and ribs then palmed the side of her breast.

Oh, yes. Don't stop, was her shameful, greedy response.

He heeded that too, sensing it thought she could not form the words. Then he smoothed his thumb over the crest of her breast, and someone groaned. Could that be her?

When he did it again, using the tip of his thumbnail to tease her nipple to excruciating awareness, she again


"Lisa, he said, murmuring her name against her lips, against the curve of her neck, and the hollow of her throat. And all the while he increased that sweet torturing of her breast until she was panting with need, a human inferno thrashing beneath him, churning on the inside and threatening to explode from the violence of her emotions.

When a surge of cool air swept over her legs, she felt one blessed moment of sanity. The lower half of her was entirely bare. How had that happened?

She had her answer when his palm, hot and bold, curved behind her knee. But that sensual, wholly improper caress felt too right for her to bid him cease.

this was lust, she feared she would never deny it again.

When he ground his hips against hers she thrust back in instinctive acceptance. How had she ever thought this is a repulsive act? How could she have disdained it? Feared

it? Dreaded it?

He shifted to one side and his hand moved higher She sucked in a sharp breath when he reached the apex of her parted legs. Fear and longing pounded through her veins as he cupped that most private part of her

Fear. Longing. Need. She needed to know the rest of this.

Maybe she should stop him.

But then he parted the curls down there

and touched her, and any thoughts of stopping these wondrous feelings burned right out of her head

Oh yes. Oh, there. Oh, this is wonderful. .marvelous

... unbelievable...

He made a tiny circling movement, as he'd done with her nipple. Only this little circle was so much closer to the boiling centre of her longing. Of her lust. He has circled her and it felt hot and wet-and then she erupted.

Yes. Yes." She heard her cries over and over as her body arched in spasms beyond her keen. He urged her on, stroking until it was unbearable until she was sobbing

her face wet with unknown tears. That's when he moved his finger farther back, someplace deeper, filling her with

new feelings even as the tremors still rippled through her. He thrust in and out, rousing her anew. Though the

Sensations were the same, they were somehow different. For just a moment he stopped, just long enough for her to gasp for breath. Had she died? Was this heaven

Then once again he shifted over her, and she felt a new probing, harder and larger.

Lisa opened her eyes to find out it was just a nightmare

Lisa's heart beat wildly, responding to the fragment of a dream turning in her mind.

"Stop it!" she told herself fiercely, " Drake is marrying my cousin in the next fourth eight hours." please stop!"

she took several deep breaths, bringing herself under control, telling herself that she had to stop treating her nightmare as though it was real. It wasn't.

The nightmare was simply a creation of another make-out session she had with Drake a few months when he takes her out, it had been her dream to become Drake's wife and have him all by herself before her cousin show up and ruined everything for her. Now her dream had turned into her erotic nightmare.

When the phone rang, Lisa was almost relieved. Though it was before dawn, she was wide awake. And she needs a distraction from this frequent nightmare.

"Hello," Lisa said, keeping her voice steady with an effort.

"Lisa," Alana said "how was your night,"

"good," she said simply, but deep down herself, it's not good

"Okay, just calling to check on you, and to tell you that I may not be able to come to the office this morning, I may be a little bit late ...Am taking Mackenzie and Shana to the dentist for a checkup."


"See you then." bye....'


kicking aside the tangled sheets, Lisa turn towards her bathroom to prepare for the day.

After her bath, she walked into the kitchen. with hands that wanted to tremble, she plugged in the coffee pot, scramble two eggs, and buttered a piece of toast. She forced herself to eat and drink, to clean up after herself, to do all the things normal people did.

Smiling, even if you do not want to smile.