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CEO‘s crush

CEO‘s crush




On our first meeting, the crazy man almost ran me over, I was lucky it was just a splash of water, but still, I had to pay him back, he ruined my work clothes with muddy water. I threw a stone at his car, hoping to gain his attention because he had to apologize, but it broke the glass. "You know you're paying for that right? don't worry I'll come to find you" he said. He drove away In a hurry, promising to find me soon. Ashlyn Shor, a young girl with the most troublesome personality, how can she live as a personal assistant to the person she hates most? Her troublesome and crazy Boss Is the CEO himself.


I woke up with another stomach ache after twisting the whole night on my bed, and I held my stomach as i got out of the bed and I tiptoed to the kitchen to prepare a simple home remedy for myself. If this thing doesn't kill me, I won't die again. Shit!

Hi ,my name is ashlyn ,I live with my aunt and her family, she so mercilessly hate me that she doesn't give me food in her house, because of hunger ,I now suffer from ulcer.

I always feel pain In my abdomen and no one cared If I died in this house.

she did not agree to let me further my education so I did two part time job to assist myself in school. And Now, I can proudly say, I graduated without anyone's help.

I started to live with her ,when i was twelve Years old.

She came to sympathize with my mom after my father's death, and she asked my mom to let me stay with her since the burden would be too much for her to handle with five kids. Having a second thought, my mother agreed, she wanted a better life for us, her kids.

I foolishly followed her, i never knew I was going to hell.

After two to three days of been pampered by her, she unveiled her true self.

She made me do all the house chores and rarely let me eat from her pot.

I tiptoed to the kitchen to prepare a simple home remedy to suppress the pain.

After making it i drank it quickly before anyone would come to the kitchen."haa..." I sighed. Hope this subside soon, I have a lot of work today. my aunt's children were all little devils, they are always monitoring me, less nagging today since I didnt get caught.

It's been so hard been jobless after school, I have moved around this city, searching for a job, today is not exempted.

A week earlier, I went for two interviews, and just my bad luck others gained the position, and jobless me is still left to wander around the city.

I had a quick bath, deleted the most suitable dress for today. After getting dress, I leave the house without asking for food, I won't be given any, why bother?.

I was walking on the street, almost forget I have to call my friends. My hand quickly scrolled for Maria's number and dialed it... It was ringing but no answer. Then i called Lydia, she answered after the first ring.

"Hello darling? Wat's up?" I say

"nothing serious, just being jobless as always" She answered. We are frustrated buddies, cry together, laughed together but the only problem is I live separately from them... I live with you know who-

"Lydia, where's Mariah?" I asked her.

She sounds in bed, talking slower "she went home to see her dad, I heard he was sick." She answered.

"Well get prepared dead fish, am coming we're going to look for a job today and this time, I won't go back home till I get one." I said

"OK , I'll wait for you,just have to take a quick bath then I'm all set." She said.

I disconnected the call, time to go there.

I was really hungry so I decided to buy a hamburger.

I wasted a lot of time on the line, before I got to my turn "and i finally bought one.

I approached her house quicker than I thought. Luck me.

A sport car moving with full speed runned pass me and splashed the muddy water on my dress. The most annoying thing on a day like today.

"Hey! Hey! Stop!" I yelled at the top of my voice for him to stop. Did he realize he splashed me with muddy water? "Stop!" I continued... My soul, heart and body is already boiling with all the anger of my life. This mad person.

"reckless man! Come back!" I barked, he drive his car slowly making me go crazy. I need to teach him a great lesson. I picked a hug sharp stone from the ground, closed one eye slightly and threw it at his car with a full force. Waiting for the outcome, I stand still like a dumbo till it landed on the car screen. Feeling like a slow motion film, I felt like I've waited for an hour or two to see this.

"Oops! I'm dead." I exclaimed. No no, he doesn't have to see me here. I used my bag to cover my face and tried to walk plain out of here. I'm damn dead. My father didn't afford this till death my aunt and her husband hasn't and I'm no where to this. I have to run before he sees me.