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Rapunzel And Her Eighteenth Birthday

Rapunzel And Her Eighteenth Birthday

Author:Kirche Leaf



“Zelle, don’t worry, I’ll protect you!” Zach caressed her hair as tears fell on her cheeks. “Y-you—you are not my knight in shining armor… This is not a fairytale!” Aaron held her hand away from Zach. “I can be your prince if you want to...” Zelle fell on her knees bursting into tears, “Please stop! I—I don’t want to see you two in one of those boxes too!” 18 people she cares about… 18 days left before her 18th birthday… Each day onward she receives bloody gifts containing disembodied parts… Which candle our Little Zelle will blow on the day of her birthday? “Happy Birthday to me…” .

"Once upon a time, an evil witch trapped a princess, named Rapunzel, in a tower!"

"Because of her magical long hair, the evil witch appears to be younger and healthier!"

"When the witch left the tower for the time being, a prince discovered it and climbed it out of curiosity!"

"And then he beheld the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen, with long golden hair!"

"Then the terrible witch reappeared, astonished by his ugliness and concerned for the princess, who appears pitiful!"

"He rescued the princess out of the tower by killing the witch and returned her to her real family!"

"Rapunzel fell in love with him because of his bravery and handsomeness, and she asked his name and gave him her hand."

"His name was revealed to her by the prince, and they lived happily ever after!"

Raine closed the storybook before tucking Zelle in a blanket with a gentle smile on her face.

"What was the Prince's name?" Zelle asked.

Raine grinned at her and said, "Zach? Or Aaron? Whichever our young miss choose."

"Pft, now you're making it up!" Zelle sneered at Raine as she clutched her blanket. "You really like that story, Raine; is that why you usually read me night stories?"

"Yes, it's a story almost like yours," Raine admitted it as she stroked the young miss hair.

"I'm not a princess damsel in distress," Zelle said, her cheeks flushed as she pouted, "and I love being inside the mansion. Also, I can take care of myself. That Prince didn't even ask Rapunzel's opinion, so maybe she likes living there too!" She winked.

"Pft, alright, time to sleep, Young Miss," Raine said, chuckling for a while before leaving the room.

Zelle felt her tenderness and watched Raine walk away before finally falling asleep.

She's ecstatic! The most anticipated day she has been waiting for is here!

It'll be her 18th birthday in just 19 days! She's excited, but she needs to get some sleep in order to prepare!

'Finally... I'll be free soon...' she thought to herself. She said, "I'll soon marry the man I've always loved."

Despite the fact that it was a soft voice, the people outside the door were able to hear it clearly. Raine quickly intervened to prevent a commotion, whispering, "It would be preferable to continue your staring battle in other places, the young miss needs her rest."

“Hmph!” Zach scoffed, crossing his arm. "Of course, Zelle would choose me, she is loves me."

Aaron, on the other hand, smirked as he said, "After all these years, you still don't even know Zelle. Pathetic," he said as he walked away without waiting for Zach's rebuttal.

Raine simply shook her head and returned to her quarters after witnessing them bicker once more.

The next morning Zelle awoke with a beautiful smile on her face!

She got to her feet and looked in the mirror. "Only 18 days left! Teehee~" She exclaimed as she twirled around in her long gown, however, her gaze drawn to a box near her bed.

‘Where did this come from?’ She thought as she walked over to the box, wondering who had given it to her while she was sleeping.

The box was elegantly wrapped in a totally red birthday wrapping and topped with a letter. She took a look at it.

"Instead of 18 roses, I'll give you 18 red gifts! You'll get one each day leading up to your birthday, and on your birthday, I'll make a giant cake for you to blow! Enjoy, my sweet Zelle~"

'18 gifts?' Zelle asked in her mind, tilting her head. ‘This is incredible! I'm curious as to who sent it. '

She took a deep breath and unwrapped the box, her face lit up with delight...

She slid it open...

Her happiness, however, vanished along with her regrets...

Inside the box, a person's head with dry blood greeted her! There were photos of the person's missing body beside it too!