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Becoming Hotter

Becoming Hotter

Author:Cess bliss



After she was humiliated and disgraced by two of her friends in a party during her junior year in high school, when they publicly announced how unattractive and dorky she was, Annie returns to school for senior year, with the intention of changing everyone's mindset and proving them wrong

Annie's P.O.V

“Annie, come out and let your cousin drop you off. Do you want him to be late for his class?". My mum shouted from downstairs. I'm not a religious person, but today, I gotta do this. I clasp my hands together and close my eyes.

“Hey Lord, how are you doing up there? You must be doing great. Today I'd like to ask you for a favour. Nothng's too much for you, so I'll go ahead and say it. First off, I want to kick those dickheads right in the asses, well literally. I wanna prove them wrong and shove my success right in their faces. Secondly, I want to kick off on my social life, and lastly but most importantly, I would like a boyfriend, so help me lord. Amen". I grab my stuffs and tries to hurry up before my mum meets me up with a broom..

Hey I'm Annie MacDonald, and this is my story. Fourth grade, I followed my friends to a party one of them was invited to, and I got the embarrassment of my entire life.

I have four friends, or… I had four friends; Kate, Laura, Malison and Gabby, until two of them revealed their true colors at the party and embarrassed me..

I could still remember all they said like it was yesterday..

We arrived at the party and I was asked to leave. I asked my friends to come along with me, but Laura talked me off first saying

“You were asked to leave, not us".

“What do you mean?". I had asked.

”she means, you're the dorky one here with zero social life who thinks she can just attend this party because we..". Kate pointed at her and Laura “..were invited. So better get your ass out of here alone, unless of course, these ones..". She pointed at Gabby and Malison “...wants to join you".

Long story short, they said a lot of things and insulted and taunted me, they even shamed me in front of my crush. I felt so embarrassed, but that's alright, I believe in

An eye for an eye, a curse for a curse!!

They better be prepared!


“Ouch". I groan as my mum landed a hot slap on my back.

“Go now!". She shouted.

My mum behaves like a typical Indian woman. She doesn't tolerate misbehaviour and wants everything done in perfection. She'd have killed me if she heard my prayers few minutes back..

“Fine, bye". I said and run downstairs. I grab the lunch pack she dropped on the table. Although I find it really childish, she was gonna drive to school to give it to me if I didn't take it myself. Trust me, it has happened before, and this was one of the things Laura remarked in front of basically the whole school.

I rush outside and enter the Jeep parked right in front of the yard..

“Great. He is not here". I grumble, then pull down the mirror and look at myself. I don't look so bad, right?

“You look terrible". Sam said as he entered the car.

“Harsh". I reprimanded. ”And your opinion doesn't matter to me. Where were you by the ways? You made my mum smack me for nothing".

“I went to get something, and… I still stick to what I said about your looks". He tsked.

“Whatever". I sighed and look out the window as he began to drive.

“But chill, take a good look at me. As a hottie like me, if I were in your school, I wouldn't even spare you a second glance". He mocked. I used my corner eyes to look at him.. He was indeed a hottie, no doubt. Sometimes I wished he wasn't my cousin so I could flirt with him, not like I don't do it now but, you know… there are certain limits I can't cross.

“well thank God you aren't even in my league. Tch". I sighed. That was a big lie. He was way in my league. A hottie, smartie, a sportie, I mean, what the fuck are we talking ‘bout here?

The car came to a halt, and that's when I realised he's reached my school already.

“Thanks". I muttered half heartedly. I was feeling kinda choked and I felt I wasn't ready to face everyone yet. There was one thing about leaked news, or public embarrassment. It'll barely get out of their heads until you prove them wrong. We could say if another scandal occurs, they'll forget about yours, but that's barely true. The only thing that'll happen is that they won't focus much on yours like before, but that doesn't mean they've forgotten.

I stepped out the car, and pull up my hoodie. I wasn't ready. I didn't feel ready. With my head lowered to the ground, I walked brisly into school. I shut my eyes as I felt all eyes were on me. Before, I was an ordinary student that remained unnoticed by students. I was the ‘Teacher's fav' type where I do things for them, they prefer me to most students, and stuffs like that, but now, I'm being recognized, but not in a cool way.

I know right now, people are like ‘Isnt it that dorky student who can to the party last summer?'

‘Isn't she the girl who daydreams about all the hot guys in school?'.

‘Isn't she the girl who farted in science class?'. Okay this one was out. They didn't even know I was the one. But I swear, I didn't mean to do it. I ate a lot of protein that day, and I tried taking excuse from the teacher, but he just wasn't letting me go, and then…it came out silently, but the stench was worth making someone faint.

Okay, back to what's what.

”Hey girl, what were you're going". Someone shouts as I accidentally bump into the person and fell on my butt. ”Annie?". Another person, a yet familiar voice, seems to recognize. ”What a pleasant surprise. I thought you'd leave school because that blast last summer. Tsk tsk tsk, poor thing. Here, let me help you up". Yeah, Kate., How could I forget her tiny, stupid voice? I slap her outstretched hands and get my up myself. After dusting my Jean, I replied

”You wish I'd leave". This was yet another lie. I wanted to leave, but my mum wouldn't let me change.

”This school gave you a scholarship. Do you know how hard it is to get a scholarship these days? No Annie, you aren't changing!". My mum had replied firmly.

Hold on a minute, who the fuck am I seeing with her?