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ZELIA is a proud woman. She's one of the most popular business women out there who lead for success. But behind those smiles and prim gestures, she's actually a brat. She sees herself as a princess—no, not just a princess but a Queen. She's the type of a woman who would pay tenfolds with someone who would mess with her. However, she died in a tragic way and her death led her to be reincarnated. Ironically, she was reincarnated as the Emperor's servant, which was the word she hated to be called with. Could a proud, independent woman like her survive this reincarnated life as the Emperor's servant?


ZELIA KEZZEL LAPAS was irritated as soon as she walked to her office, she wasn't feeling happy at all, why is that? Because one of her subordinates was spying on them and even robbed a millions on her company.

Irritatingly, she sat at her chair, she called her secretary, "Did you already run a background check on that peasant?"

Her secretary nervously nodded his head, "Yes, Boss. He is Samuel Legaspi, 28 years old. He's one of the subordinate of your Rival, Raques."

Zelia's brow raised while a sly smirk appeared on her lips, "Oho... this servant of his tried to spy me and even rob a million dollar of money in my company, is he really that thirsty to be dead?"

Due to what she said, her secretary was nervous as soon as he heard 'dead', he knows that her boss is capable of doing that... much way more scarier than death.

"W-What s-should we do, boss?"He asked trying to stop his legs from shaking.

Zelia smile on him, "Nothing much really, we can just make his life hell. Anyways, I would take the millions of dollars that they rob on my company, of course with an interest."

His secretary's brow raised, "Interest?"

"Yes, interest. Since they rob millions on our company, I should also get an interest on their company also. Hmm... what is the best thing to do? Maybe I should get a billion on their company, enough for their company to go bankrupt?"Zelia innocently asked while looking at her secretary.

Her secretary gulped while his legs almost give in, "B-Boss, a-are y-you sure?"

Zelia frown at what he said, "Do I look like I'm joking?"

"No, boss. You're always serious."Her secretary replied.

She smiled sweetly enough for her secretary to feel more dangerous because of her smile. If she smile like that, she's already planning something, "Aww. Of course I'm always serious. But well I can't help but to play with them, it's like they are a rat in my house who keeps on running and moving a lot, so I should also make a move and put a glue on them to stop them from moving around, get what I mean?"

Her secretary nodded, "Yes. To stop them from moving is to stop them from working at their own company. In other words, lead their company or any other business in bankruptcy to make them realize that they mess with a wrong person."

Zelia clapped her hands,"Bravo, bravo, bravo." She smiled, "This is the reason why I can't replace you as my secretary. You really know me."

Her secretary smiled, "Thank you, Boss. I love working here."

"That's good. If I'm not here or if something bad happens to me, you will be the one who will lead my company, can I trust you with that?"Zelia asked him while she stood up and walk to his direction.

Xiam—Her secretary have this frown look,"What do you mean by that, Boss? It's not like you're gonna die or get kidnapped by someone. Don't be like that, boss."

Zelia smiled at him and she stop from walking then she tapped his both shoulder, "I just said 'what if' besides, I trust you with this."

"Okay, Boss. I am Xiam Qien pledge my loyalty to you only. And as your butler as well as your secretary, I won't let you down even if I die protecting your company."Xiam said in a serious tone making Zelia chuckled.

"Damn. You don't have to die for the company, I just want you to handle the company."Zelia said and she turned her back and went to her laptop.

While Xiam who's curious about what her boss talking about, it's like her boss know something that he didn't know about.

"But boss, why are you saying like that?"He asked curiously. She know that her boss is a brave woman, a proud and independent woman. No other man can woo her heart or even dare to make her fall for them. She's dedicated to her work.

She might be heartless and merciless but she only acts like that if someone dares to mess with her and her company. She spend time, efforts and strengths to build her company and she would even fight to death for her company.  But one thing that made Xiam curious is why Zelia dares to let him handle her company.

Zelia didn't bother to look at him because she was busy typing something on her laptop but she answered Xiam's question, "I know what your thinking. You are asking why I would even let you touch and manage my company, right?"

"Yes, boss."Xiam replied.

She sighed," The reason why is because I trust you, even though I can see your fears when I get angry and even your knees want to give in because of nervousness and scared, you still didn't leave me and my company. You continued to work under with me as my secretary, in those 22 years, you've been loyal and faithful not only me but to my company also. Is that reason enough?"

As soon as Xian heard those, he can't help but to be in tears at her compliment. Her boss never once complimented him nor she once saw her complimented someone. Xiam couldn't help but to move in tears.

"Boss, why are you saying like this? I can feel that something's bad happen."Xiam said while he was wiping his tears.

Zelia chuckled, "You're just imagining that. Anyways, take good care of the company while I'm away. Especially all my dragon figures, pillows, blankets and even my books, you better protect them, okay?"

Xiam's became serious, even the way he talks. "Boss... don't go home or don't go outside, something really would happen if you go outside. I don't know why I'm feeling like this."

Zelia went to his direction and messed with his hair, "Damn. This really pass by, you're already 29 and you start working at me at the age of 8 when I was 10 years old. Take good care of the company, my little brother." She said before she kissed his forehead before she press something on the elevator.

She smiled once at him while he saw him crying while trying to hand his hand at her, but it's already to late since the elevator is already closed.

Xiam is her half-brother, her brother is weak when it comes to kindness that's why she trained him to be cold, aloof and even heartless because not everyone he will meet in future will also be good to him. If he show any kindness to anyone, that kindness will be taken advantage.

Zelia chuckled, "My day is already done. I'm already 30 years old so It's my time to say goodbye." She said to herself. She feel that her phone is vibrating on her pocket so she get it and open the messages.

She smiled as soon as she read the message.'You are already thirty. It's time.'

As soon as the elevator opened and she went out, the men in black grabbed her hand that's holding her phone tightly afraid that she might let go of it. Angrily, she smack their faces and since the first floor was occupied today, no securities, and worker because she told them to work at the second floor, no one could help her nor would call for someone's help.

She uses her agility and speed in fighting them. She studied martial arts secretly as her weapon since we don't know what men would dare to hurt her. Her hardworks really paid off. She broke their legs as well as their other bones.

When the six men was already in the ground, crying in pain. She walks out like a Majesty.

"Even in death, I want to be the highest and a queen. No one should step on me and no one should dare to mess with me and you even dare to touch my phone? What if I accidentally let go of it? Then all of the cute dragon's picture would also be erased! Ofcourse I have a lots of back-ups but... damn you dimwitts!"She loudly said with full of anger

Then a man walks to her way... who happened to be her father who's now walking closer to her, he was holding a pistol on his left hand, pointing at her.

"Dear, your time is already up. You are already 30, you allowed me to eliminate you if you're already 30. Time up, dear."Her father was smiling, so as she.

Her father and her don't even treat theirselves as a parent and as a child. Her father is one of her rivals, and he would try to kill his own son—Xiam, that's why Zelia made a deal with him. That is he can dispose of her if she will be in 30s and he promised not to hurt Xiam, so as well as the company. Well, her father was the one who made that condition about letting him to eliminate her at the age of thirty.

She chuckled and open her hand as a sign to hand the pistol which he was carrying, " Give me the pistol and I would kill myself. I still have my pride, 'ya know."

Her father hissed as he give the gun to her. Since it has already bullets in it, she point the gun directly to her heart. Before she could pull the trigger, someone shouted her name.

"DON'T DO IT, OLDER SISTER! ONE OF YOUR FAVORITE AUTHOR IS ABOUT TO PUBLISHED ANOTHER STORY THAT RELATED TO DRAGONS!"Xiam shouted to the top of his lungs. Ofcourse that was just a lie to stop her sister from harming herself.

"WHAT? REALLY?"Zelia's eyes sparkles and Xiam nodded his head.

Before she could put away the gun, she accidentally pull the trigger. A loud bang was heard and a bullet pierced on her heart, enough for her to cough in blood... close her eyes and before she wabble, Xiam caught her... non-stop crying.

Xiam prayed harder to give her Big Sis a second life where she would be happy.

"D-Don't worry about your books, and other dragon figures, I will take good care of it and also the Dragon Empire Corp. Leave it to me."Xiam was sobbing as he glares at his father, Venom.

"Why did you made her do it?!"He angrily asked.

Venom sigh as he pat his head, "You'll understand soon. Don't worry about her, she'll be okay."

Xiam froze for a second as he look at him, "What do you mean?"

Venom, their father just smile mysteriously."You'll found out soon."