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Falling For Heartbreak

Falling For Heartbreak

Author:Gamer Girl


General Romance

Cupid and Akardos are total opposite twins, Cupid is love, and Akardos literally means Heartless. James is a follower of Cupid for obvious reasons, and he's lucky enough to meet her! However he discovers a pretty well hidden secret about the twins soon enough.

  I stare in awe at the room before me, it's pink walls with pastel purple gems every inch or two sparkling like stars, the gold railings leading up the pink quarts stairs glinting in the sunlight, the tall dome like ceiling leaking in streams of light through the stained glass, and in the center stood Cupid.

  Her pink, chin length hair swaying in a non-existent breeze, her sparkly purple eyes watched in amusement at my astonishment, her white feathery wings flapping the slightest bit to show her entertainment further. She was wearing a pale purple toga with golden buttons at the shoulders, matching her pale pink complexion perfectly.

  "Hello James," her voice was angelic and flowed smoothly like honey.

  "Hello, Miss Cupid." I bow a little to show respect.

  "Please don't be so formal," she fluttered her wings, "Call me Cupid, and stop bowing, I'm not a queen."

  "Sorry," I glance at the ground in embarrassment.

  "Don't apologise," she her lips curl into a smile, "come with me."

  She guides me down a long pink hallway, a soft grip on my elbow. It was a comfortable silence, but I had one question nagging at the back of my mind.

  "Why me?"

  "Hm," her head leans to the right, "what do you mean?"

  "Out of all of your followers you chose to bring me to your palace," I clarify, "why?"

  "It was a random selection," she waved the question off and continued walking, "although I am very happy with the pick, you're pretty cute you know."

  "Thanks," a blush rose it's way to my cheeks.

  "Of course."

  After a few minutes a tiny purple fairy flew up to us.

  "Hello Beatrice," Cupid held out her hand for the fairy to land on.

  "Hello! I heard the boy was here and I just had to volunteer to be his helper," I noted the tiny bit of alarm in her voice.

  "It would be a perfect way to raise experience, but I was going to have Julia do it since she is better at her job..." Cupid thought for a moment.

  "Please please please!" Beatrice pleaded the pink angel.

  "Oh alright," Cupid smiled as Beatrice flew in a tiny loop da loop.

  "I won't let you down!" The tiny purple fairy squealed.

  "Why don't you take him to his room, I have to prepare dinner!" Cupid winked at me and sashayed a little, making her toga swirl a bit at her feet.

  "This way!" Beatrice called me over to an oak door.

  "Thank you," I nodded at Beatrice.

  "I will leave you to settle down, just call my name if you need anything!"

  I open the door to see a magenta carpet and white marble walls. A king sized bed with purple pillows and a red quilt was up against on wall. A huge tv hung on the wall in front of it, with the latest consoles hooked to it. Another oak door stood tall, when I opened it, it was a giant walk in closet, consisting of any kind of clothing you can imagine. I walk out and notice an acacia book shelf sat by the door and reached all the way to the wall.

  "Do you like it?" Cupid's eyes bore into mine from the doorway.

  "Yes, thank you!" Nodded.

  "Well come on then, dinners ready."