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Cassandra The Alpha King's Enslaved Princess

Cassandra The Alpha King's Enslaved Princess




Losing the war means, being captured by the enemy Empire and considered as their Prostitutes and Slaves. Dreaming that situation made my heart race insanely. My only brother was fighting outside with the whole army against the most powerful Empire 'The Castro Empire' and I was locked in a room for safety purposes. Holding the long, metallic, heavy sword in my hand, I was waiting for someone to open the door and let me fight for my pride. But, the time kept passing and tears kept falling and no one came to let me fight. The smell of blood and the sounds of swords clashing, the noise of screams, and the heat of the fire were bringing goosebumps on my skin. Suddenly, the chaos in Empire increased and a voice caught my attention. 'VICTORY!' The Castro's Army screamed and I collapsed on the floor. Suddenly, the door banged open and a few soldiers came running to me. I stood up to run from there but they held my hair and pushed me on the floor. 'Leave me, Please...' I begged to cry insanely. 'She is the Princess, Cassandra, The King has specially asked for her,' One informed other while I struggled to get off their hold. The other laughed. 'He will make her his Whore,' My heartbeat insanely. *** Ryan Castro was the King of The Great Castro Empire who had migrated from the other part of the world to our continent. His Empire had won almost the nine Empires in the last two decades. And recently, he had won The Empire Reyes. Princess Cassandra was taken to his Empire along with the other ladies and remaining money all chained in heavy iron chains. She was asked to be his Slave but her attitude was never giving up. All her life she got training of Swordfight and uses of weapons. She didn't even know the actual meaning of Slavery and Whore. She was far away from those Seductive things. While on the other hand, Alpha King Ryan was a Warewolf who wanted to win over humanity and become the unbeatable King. His real identity was only known to his Pack members, and for everyone else, he was a Dominating, Untamable King. Cassandra after her brother's death just wants to Kill King Ryan while King Ryan is determined to take revenge on her for something. But, suddenly everything changes for Cassandra as she felt like electric shocks, her knees turned weak, she started feeling hot when he touched her. Mature Content!!!


An Excerpt from the Story

My eyes were fixed on the fragile body lying over my bed. Her eyes silently begging me not to look at her struggling state. Her emerald eyes turned teary as she was feeling this pain and urge from last night.

Even, I was confused about how could a human being feel Heat. Her naked body struggling with the strong waves of heat hitting her every short duration was making her roll on the bed like a fish without water.

Her small hands were touching herself to feel pleased and satisfied. She stretched her back as the fresh wave of heat hit her again. Her slightly painful moans turned stronger and she tightened her thighs to stop her throbbing core.

I walked closer a little. The scene before my eyes making me lose control. I was feeling hardened for my slave.

"Please, don't come closer," She begged.

"Ohh Myyyy Godddd," She screamed when the wave of heat hit her again.

The waves were getting intense and painful that I could easily notice.

I sat on my knees on the floor, closer to the edge of the bed. My hands unknowingly moved to touch her ankle.

"Ahhhhh, Please don't touch me," She cried in a painful urge of heat.

I could still see the hate for me in her eyes.

My eyes slowly raking on her creamy, white skin. She turned weak in just one day. She needed a relax from her heat waves. Looking at her state, my heart started racing not because I hadn't seen a naked girl before, but she could become my worst nightmare.

I remembered the day when I and my pack were fighting with the whole group of Vampires a night before the full moon. It was the deadly war between werewolves, vampires, and witched dead bodies. Not only this, but my enemies also joined hands with them to finish the unbeatable Alpha King, ever born on Earth. The Great Alpha King Ryan Castro.

My sharp claws already killed many and the blood spilled all over the icy surface of Castro forests. The war continued until the morning and to the next night. It was the rule of our pack to not shed blood on the full moon day and our pack was following this rule for more than the last five hundred years.

But, the dangerous and enthusiastic members of the pack turned ignorant and the ice turned dark red with the blood and blood only on the full moon night.

This was not a good sign.

Suddenly, the dense and dark clouds covered the full moon, the noise of thunder thrilled our nerves and the silver light coming from the sky shook us to the core.

The vampires and witched dead bodies ran away but we stood frozen as the sweet voice of the moon goddess traveled down our ear.

The moment was enough to tell me that we did a sin. The Moon Goddess doesn't come so often. We did something that was prohibited and the glory of the Great Castro pack was ruined with blood.

"The Great Alpha King Ryan Castro," The voice of the moon goddess hit my ear and I instantly bowed down.

"Your Empire is known to be best because you follow all the rules made for the well being of werewolves community and lordship,"

Her words were making my heart shake like an earthquake.

"But, now you have disgraced the glory of your pack and the importance of full moon night by using it for your personal well-being. You disgraced this holy night with the blood,"

"I am sor-"

"The sorries don't pay for the deeds," She scolded.

I stood frozen and silent. Her aura was dominating more than anyone on earth and her next word with an authoritative voice shook me to the core.

"To teach you a lesson for your sin and set an example for the upcoming generation, I curse you with the loss of powers of a werewolf,"

My world turned upside down in just a moment. My blood turned cold with just a few words.

"Mercy!" I begged.

"My Goddess, Mercy! It would be better if take my life but this curse is worse than the worst. There is no meaning in my life without my powers," I almost cried.

My heart throbbing in my chest insanely.



The whole pack repeated after me begging for forgiveness and her anger seems a little calmed.

"The curse would last long for at least 100 years and if you are lucky enough it will break with the kiss of your mate, but a loving kiss," She stated and continued. "But, if you are the unlucky one, a wrong kiss would make you lose your powers for a lifetime,"

Her words made me weak in my knees. I felt as if someone sucked out my blood from the body. I shifted to the human and it was the last time I shifted. It was the last time, my eyes changed their colors, it was the life when I heard my pack members' voices through the mind link, it was the last time when I knew I was a werewolf and the Great Alpha King Ryan Castro.


Suddenly her voice brought me out of my visuals.

I looked at her painful state. But, one wrong move and I would lose all my powers for the lifetime.

I looked at her state closely. Her slightly messy bright red hair lying on the bed. Her beautiful sea-green eyes were teary, her fragile naked body, and the timidness even during her strong heat session.

She touched her core and touched her chest as another strong wave of heat hit her.

"Ahh, Oh My God,"

This was it.

I pulled her ankle strongly and she moaned.

"What are you doing?" Her sweet, frightened voice caught my attention.

I knew it was another sin, doing it with someone other than my mate was a sin. But, I didn't know who was my mate neither I could feel.

I knew I could lose my powers for a lifetime.

But, spreading her legs my finger traced her wet throbbing core.

"Ahh," She moaned louder with the touch.

Caressing her skin slowly, I leaned in closer.

"Please," She moaned.

Her head falls back and she arched her back. Her hand fisted the bedsheet as I put my lips on her core.