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Heartbreak Chronicles Series: Billionaire Teens

Heartbreak Chronicles Series: Billionaire Teens

Author:Empress Des



I hate you but I want you so bad. His body was pressed against mine as I was pinned to the wall. I couldn't resist because I wanted him, I was already hot down there. Then, fuck me like your slut. You are mine, no one else's.He smacked my ass and I let out a moan before our lips locked. Riley Anderson is the son of the multi Billionaire, Roy Anderson, his social background made him proud, arrogant, self centered and manipulative, being the heir of his father's business, girls and women are after him but he isn't the typical bad boy, his bipolar disorder doesn't let his relationships last long. In college, he meets Ivy Moore, the Eighteen year old antisocial daughter of Peter Moore, the Billionaire that deals on real estate. Their relationship starts on a bad note because of wrong first impressions, he sees her as bossy and Miss I know it all. She sees him as a proud cock. Hatred becomes the order of the day, if they aren't bickering, they are probably banging each other brains out.

Riley ~

I laid on my bed, my ears blocked by the sound from my airpod, I sighed as I listened to Scared to love by Juice World, I wasn't aware that someone has been banging my door, the phone call interrupted everything.

"Hey, mum." I answered the call.

"Open the door." She hung up.

"I have been knocking for a long time now, why didn't you open?." She asked me as I opened the door.

"Airpods." She rolled her eyes and shook her head when she saw one of them in my ears.

"Have you checked your college application status?." She asked me for umpteenth time.


"Come on, go ahead and check it." She told me.

I grabbed my laptop to check, the application status showed updated.

I clicked it and the first thing we read was Congratulations!!!.


I stood at the airport as I waited for my chaffeur to pick me up, I scrolled through my phone to keep me busy.

I looked up to see a man in his late twenties standing to me.

"Riley?." He asked.

"Good afternoon, yes, I'm." I replied him politely.

I'm not disrespectful to strangers unless they push me to it.

"Okay, welcome to New York city." He smiled as he took one of my suitcases.

"Thank you." I passed a fake smile.

I have been to New York before, it wasn't the first time, since my family travelled alot for different vacations.

I wasn't the one who talked much, I just like keeping to myself, I had only 3 friends in high school, one died, the other broke my heart in the worst possible way while the other is a terrible condition because of my anger issues.

We drove out of the airport and into the busy streets of the New York.

The city was beautiful, I liked the change of environment but I wasn't excited about it.

He dropped me off in my dad's mansion, yeah, my dad is a billionaire so instead of staying in the dorm, he decided that I would stay in one of our houses.

"Welcome." A feminine voice greeted me.

"Thanks." I replied her.

She had an hour glass figure that caught my attention.

"I'm Trisha." She stated as we walked into the house.

"Riley."I replied briefly.

Getting her won't be a problem after all she's works for me, I wasn't just in the mood for meaningless sexcapades but one will always be available when I want it.

She was attractive but it still didn't move me,.after my last experience.

She helped me carry my luggages into my room, I actually liked it, the wallpaper was black and it made me smile because my mum knew exactly what I wanted.

I dismissed her because I didn't want to do anything funny like....have sex with her.

Yeah, just because I'm not into the love or relationship game does not mean that I won't fuck around, I would but I won't, just with selective girls starting with Trisha, I knew she already wanted me, she was definitely going to be my meal tonight or next, I don't know.

I decided to take a shower so I could relax, maybe, later, I will take a tour round the city or around the mansion.

I couldn't bring most of stuffs like my PS 5, well, my mum promised to get me one by crediting me, ofcourse.

I reminisced the past, this is definitely a new beginning for me, I'm not going to let my walls down for any girl because it didn't end well the last time, I did.

I cringed at the flashbacks, the laughter from my classmates, the hurtful words that escaped her mouth, the videos that I watched from his phone, it was all because I chose to change from a player to a simp for a girl that wasn't worth it.

I didn't even realized that I was already clenching my fist, there was really no need to be angry, I definitely told them a lesson even though, I wasn't in my right state of mind that day but one thing was for sure, any girl who will bring the topic of love, I will play her in the worst possible way, that she wouldn't ever want to love again.

Lust and I are definitely friends now.

I wore a black shirt and jeans, I walked out of my room and went downstairs.

I met Trisha in the living room.

"I want to take a tour round the city, you wanna come for a drive?." I asked her as soon as I got down.

"You want to drive?."

"Yeah, you will give me directions, come on, let's go." I ordered and she followed.

"Wait, you aren't going out with this uniform right?, won't you change?." I inquired.

"Oh yeah, please give me a sec." She left to change.


Driving in the city didn't seem hard as Trisha thought, I bought the necessary things I needed from the mall.

I glanced as Trisha, her eyes were focused on the road.

"Do you go to school?."


"Are you a college student or you are still in high school?." I questioned.

"Just got into college."

"Nice, which one?."

"NYU." She told me.

"Oh, nice."

"So you work part-time or ?."

"I'm an orphan, your dad decided to sponsor my education if I work for him and here, I'm at your service." She smiled.

With that, I kept quiet, I'm not always in the mood to get social.

My iPhone rang, "Who the fuck is calling me?!, why can't you just leave me alone?!." I yelled and Trisha flinched.

"I'm sorry....."I apologized with a low tone.

"It's okay."

They or she or he kept calling, I decided to pick because if I didn't, they won't stop, "What do you want?!."

"Hey....Riley...." Abby said.

"If you don't tell me what you want, I will hang up." I warned.

"Can I come over?, I want us to talk......"

"I'm not available."

"Please...."She begged.

"I'm in New York so that can't happen, bye." I hung up.

I kept my eyes on the road not fully though, I wanted to block her number and delete it but it wasn't working, the moment I took my eyes off my phone, a girl all of a sudden popped out of nowhere into the road, I held the break so fast so I wouldn't hit her, I started sweating in fear, I hate fear.

Anger overshadowed it and I got out of the car.

"You almost got killed." I yelled at the petite brunette girl.

"You mean you almost killed me!." Her sharp tongue spat out.