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Love Unexpectedly

Love Unexpectedly

Author:Rose Quinn


General Romance

I was 17 when I ask him to take my virginity but he explicitly said no. Now, eight years later I need to ask him the same humiliating question again. Hopefully, this time he won't spit his drink in my face. ====================================================== "Do you think you're ready to be fucked, Cassandra?" Why do I find him so hot when he said those crude words? I'm not sure if I'll be scared or be turned on. I stumble on the couch trying to move away from him because he's already too close. His breathing is too fast and I can hear his heart beating so loudly or is it mine? He crouched down to my eye level and holds both my arms on the side to steady me then whispered huskily in my ear. "I have to warn you though, I can be rough Cassandra. I can fuck your brains out that you'll forget your own name. Then he looks at me directly in the eyes and I just notice how dark his eyes now. Unfortunately, love, I don't think your little body can handle me."

  How to look like an adult without looking too forced and desperate?

  I've been standing in my walk-in closet for almost an hour now and I haven't had any clue what to wear for tonight's family dinner.

  "Should I wear some pearls?"Hmpf! Too old.

  "Should I wear five-inch stiletto heels?" Hmmm nope, I really don't want to break my ankle.

  What about a sexy dress? Super tight? Super short? "Ughhhhh!! My mother would kill me if she sees me with those kinds of dresses."

  See, I came from a very wealthy and influential family, so I have to always present myself with finesse and respect. Imagine, The Princess Diaries when Mia was trained to become a Princess. The same lessons were taught to me since I was young. How to dress appropriately and how to properly sit, stand, walk, talk and even laugh. I have to look presentable every time I go out for luncheons, tea parties, dinners, and events.

  I have to face snotty and snob women all the time. I have to talk and mingle with them like we're all best of friends which I know once you turn your back they would stab you repeatedly. Those women are the perfect examples of future Stepford wives. I mean, I don't get why they have to sit straight like they have a ruler stuck on their backs or chin raised so high like they have braces on their necks.

  I know I'm supposed to be one of them but I don't like it. I don't think I consider myself ladylike when all I want to do is slouch and eat like a pig in my room. Well, that's my private and secret pastime which if ever my mother finds out she would disown me or better yet she would put me on more lessons on proper etiquette and that's worst. I love my mother and I know she adores me. I'm an only child anyway, so she doesn't have any choice.

  Anyway, I've already lost track of my seduction err…mission. Think Cassandra. You need to find something that will look like you mean business.

  Hmmmmm…pearls, shoes, sexy clothes, what else? Think think think...Right, I'm panicking. I'll have anxiety if I can't decide any sooner...Okay, inhale...exhale...just relax Cassandra.

  "This plan should work!"

  "Of course, he would agree. But what if he won't?" Now I'm panicking and talking to myself. Sigh.

  "Any guy would agree to take your virginity. You're Cassandra Francine Collins remember. Everyone likes you. Right?"


  Sighing wearily, I sit down on my couch and look at the messy clothes thrown everywhere. While I'm having this issue, I still have to face one more problem. How to approach Alexander?

  I mean, I'm still 17 and Alexy is 22. I know he's way older than me but I think a five-year age gap is fine. He's not that old and besides he's the only guy that I can think of. I don't know any guys my age. I'm studying in a private school exclusive for girls so I seldom see any boys in our school or outside of school. And I strictly follow my parent's instruction which - home or events

approved by parents

- home and vice versa.

  Anyway, I still think Alexy is my best option, I've known him since we were young. We practically grew up together. Even though I always see him in magazines and gossip columns with different girls, preferably with tall blonde girls.

  Ughh! Typical playboy!...

  But he's still the only guy I know and be comfortable in doing this ordeal. So, he's the safest option that I've got. And besides, he's very much experienced. It won't be awkward, he will just teach me and I'll follow. They say I'm a fast learner anyway.

  You would think I'm crazy about planning this thing. No, of course not well maybe but I always hear from other girls at school how they lost their virginity before they were 16 or on their Sweet 16 birthday. I never mind those gossips anyway, it's their prerogative on what they want to do with their body.

  Well, not until recently that my so-called friends pushed me to do it since I'm the only virgin in our group and so I won't be left out. If I can't relate to them, they might kick me out and be an outcast or worst get bullied.

  I know, I don't enjoy being with them since they're more fake than their acrylic nails but I have to do something in order to survive. High school is like a jungle. You have to be vigilant and smarter so you won't end up being a prey.

  Amanda from Sophomore got bullied until she had enough and left school. And that's all because she was different, meaning middle-class status. Scholars are always bullied because people think they are polluting the school. I really can't tolerate those haughty people.

  Well as for me, I can't lose my social standing. I have to maintain my reputation and in order for that to stay, I have to be part of the group that I secretly hate. Its what society expects from me. As much as I don't like my status, I can't disgrace my family name. I hate it when people look at you like you've done something unacceptable. Ughh!

  A soft knock from my door got me out of my reverie. "Ms. Cassandra, your mother is asking for you. The guests just arrived."

  What? They're here and I'm not yet ready. I started to panic again. "Thanks, Kate, please inform my mother I'll be ready in a minute." Panicking won't do me any good.

  "Ms. Cassandra, do you need any help?" I guess seeing my walk-in closet in disarray and me in my bathrobe obviously shows I'm nowhere near ready.

  Pasting a charming smile always works. "No, it’s fine but thank you. Just tell my mother that I'll be down soon." Definitely no, I don't want her to help. I don't want her to know my plans for tonight.

  "Okay, Miss if you need anything just call me." I just nod and immediately closed the door.

  Huffing, I look at my clothes in dismay. "I can do this."

  Inhale...exhale...inhale...exhale...And then I just saw the perfect dress. A small smile appeared on my lips.


  Now, all I need to plan is how to approach or should I say seduce Mr. Ladies' Man.