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Mated To A Hybrid

Mated To A Hybrid

Author:Tessy Chris



Alpha Brian is a powerful, intelligent and the strongest Alpha ever known. He is rich and handsome but surrounded by enemies within who sought for his downfall. Faced with a lot of challenges on his rise to become the new Alpha of his pack, Alpha Brian is tested in the form of so many challenges. During this tough part of his life, he discovered his mate was Sarah, the quiet, easy hybrid of his pack. With the help of his mate, Serah and her hybrid powers, Alpha Brian was able to navigate some of the challenges that came his way. As he struggled to remain the Alpha of his pack, so many secrets are revealed with some threatening to destroy the relationship he had with his mate.Amidst this unsteadiness, Alpha Brian lost the only man who knew him better than anyone else: his father, the former Alpha of his pack. Despite all the tribulations and challenges he faced, he continued to surmount all of them until he is forced to battle with his greatest enemy, the demon pack leader. Alpha Brian isn't sure if he would succeed and this battle would be the greatest he had ever faced. How will Alpha Brian face his life difficulties with the help of hybrid mate?

Alpha Brian walked into his palace with his body guards who stood at attention as he walked in. He was one of the most important men in New York City, the heir to the throne and leader of the pack. His father, now an old wolf was counting down to the day he would finally leave the earth and now, the pack business rested on Alpha Brian.

Brian was a tall hulking man with chest hair and a huge eagle tattoo adorning his lower back. His eyes were the colour of a midnight sky but when he was in his wolf form, it was jet black. As he walked into the palace, Brian couldn't help but marvel at all the things he had achieved at such a young age.

At only twenty six years of age, he could boast of companies spanning across the city and it's environs, top connections with government officials and to top the list, he was one of the most eligible bachelors in the whole city. This was something far beyond what he expected but when his success started pouring in, he reveled in it.

"Greetings Father", Brian said, bowing slightly.

Even though Brian's Father, Alpha Fredrick was old and gray, he was still the Alpha until the very day he dies. Brian walked towards where his father sat, taking his small hands which had shrinked over the years in his much larger ones.

"Is that you son?", Alpha Fredrick said.

His father's eyesight was failing and the older wolf had a hard time recognizing his people. He was helped by the palace maid since his mate, Brian's mother was long dead in a war that Brian hoped to erase from his memory.

"Yes, it's me father. Your eyesight is getting bad. Shall i call the doctor?", Brian asked.

"Not to worry son, there's no need. I would soon be joining my ancestors, it's only a matter of time", the old man chuckled.

Brian sighed. His father was fond of talking this way it wasn't new to him but still, he wished he wouldn't be reminded of the day he finally dies.

"Have you been fed father?", Brian asked.

"Yes. That maid you assigned to help me almost fed me too full. I can't blame her though, a man's got to eat when he can", Fredrick chuckled.

Brain laughed. Even though his father's health was failing, he still had his wits and charms with him.

"Son, the full moon is almost here. Even though my eyesight is almost dead, I can still feel it. You have to pick a mate soon, time is running out", Frederick said.

"Father, I'm sure before the arrival of the full moon, I will get mate. Don't worry about that, the Moon goddess has helped us so far and she would continue to do so", Brian said.

"Very well. I hope she's right on time this time", Frederick muttered.

"I need to get going now father, I have to take care of some things back at the office. Please call if you need anything", Brian said, rising to his feet.

"Sure my boy, I will".

Brian chuckled as he made his way out of the palace. The palace was designed to be hidden from plain view but those who had keen eyes could tell that there was something resting on the large expanse of land that sat on the outskirts of the city. His mind went back to what he had just discussed with his father. His father didn't know it yet but he had finally gotten a mate. Though she was proving hard to get, Brian had no worries that soon, she would bend to his needs.

Brian had no idea how all the women were head over heels in love with him. As far as he was concerned, all they wanted from him was his money and the connection he could bring forth. But Serah wasn't like that, she was the only one who wasn't moved by Brian's wealth or properties.

Brian looked through his message and discovered that some random girls were in fact coming over to his house to see him. Brian quickly deleted the messages and blocked their numbers before making a mental note to change his number. He couldn't have clingy girls following him around.

Carlos, his driver of five years was taking him to his office where he had some important deals to conclude when he heard a voice. Brian gripped his gun resting on a side pocket but he relaxed when he recognized the voice to be the Moon goddess.

"She's the one", an ethreal voice said.

Brian closed his eyes, bowing slightly as the Moon goddess floated in. Her long white hair was tied into a loose ponytail and her gown which was the purest white Brian had ever since floated behind her. She sat beside him as the limousine thundered down the road. He knew that Carlos couldn't see her because for one, the private glass was up and two, the Moon goddess only appeared to those she wanted to see.

Brian was a little self conscious as he sat with her. She was their goddess, the only one who breathed life into every unborn cub.

"Greetings Moon goddess", Brian said, bowing a bit.

"I have come not only because I have found a mate for you but because I have seen things, things that you need to know",the Moon goddess said.

Brian remained quiet not because he didn't know what to say but because it was customary to remain silent when she was speaking. Her news gave Brian quite a shock because he prided himself in knowing everything that was happening around him.

"You know who my mate is?", Brian asked.

He needed to be sure of what he heard. The Moon goddess smiled and she appeared to be glowing. Brian stared at his hands, not quite seeing it. His mind was in a whirlwind of thoughts.

"You have a mate. She would eventually become yours but there are certain things you need to know", the Moon goddess said.

Brian stared at her, her words were getting more confusing by the minute. He wanted to ask millions of questions but he had a feeling that the Moon goddess wouldn't be so patient to answer all of his questions. From all she had told him, he had to be prepared for whatever was coming his way.

"Remember, you're the future Alpha of this kingdom and the decisions you make now would one way or the other affect your rule. Be wise. Not to worry, I'll help you every step of the way", the Moon goddess said.

She left as silently as she came. Ronald stared into space as he mulled over the Moon goddess's words. The image of a young girl filled his mind, he had no doubt that that was the girl the Moon goddess was referring to. Serah, a girl he had secretly been lusting after had to be his mate. The only problem here was that Serah didn't care much about Alpha Brian. In fact she was the only girl in the entire city who wasn't affected by his charms and good looks.

If there was one thing he knew about her, she was very stubborn and not easy to convince. He was determined and he vowed to win her heart, he was certain that he would succeed. After all, he wasn't called the Alpha for nothing.

Serah could be stubborn but Alpha Brian would prove to her that he was more. He had no doubt and he could swear with every fiber of his being that Serah was his. He had caught her some times staring at him as he gave lectures and speeches in some organization.

Alpha Brian was smitten by her beauty which spurred him to go after her all the more. He was certain that with a little cajoling here and there, she would finally be his.

As his driver cruised down the highway, Brian's thoughts went to other things. The battle for supremacy with the other pack was brewing and he knew that a full fledged war was impending which further butressed his desire to get married to his mate so he could start a family before the other pack takes over.

Brian knew that it was only a matter of time before things began to move. He was determined not to fail and there was no telling what a determined man could do.