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High School Revenge.

High School Revenge.




Author's Note Tiana Cameron is what you will call a girl of steel. She's a 17 year old with sparkling black eyes and dark waist length hair. But she had a horrible past, which kept hunting her due to the unique abilities she possessed she was trained to use it as a tool for revenge. She lost her smile and stopped laughing like a normal teenager. She never showed any emotions apart from anger and irritation. She became stone hearted and blocked everyone out except Drake and the SUPREME ONES. Where's her parents you ask?! That's the main reason she came to this school. But she didn't know that her life was about to change in RPHS. She didn't know she was going to break her own rules and it all started when she ran into a serious distraction from her past with piercing brown eyes and curly hair. Romeo Dean is your typical Golden boy with piercing brown eyes and curly hair with the body of a Greek god. He's a charming teen with a cocky attitude but recently for reasons best known to him turned moody introverted and a killjoy. He uses girls and dumps them but he seems to hold a soft spot for Jeiel, his childhood friend. He never had any relationship after his first love cheated on him and humiliated him before their whole classmates. He vowed never to fall in love again. His two best friends- Adrian Norman and Dwight Andrews both seemed to share the same views with him for reasons best known to them. They were also players and extremely good looking. The female population of RPHS school worshipped them and they took advantage of it. But now things are not longer the same as the school's star boy seemed to have an hidden past with the new girl. And for him to find out why she became so stone hearted,he has to break down his walls and face his personal demons. Who said high school was easy?

High School Revenge

By Heartcode


Today being the 15th of September,RPHS opened it's big and luxurious gates for the beginning of a new semester.

Different brands of expensive cars could be seen rolling in slowly as the inhabitants took in the blinding view of the college once more.

In the midst of these chaos and commotion,a young girl could be seen bustling with excitement to leave her mother's car.

"Come on,mum I got to go."

"Calm down,Jeiel,I know that you can't wait to see your friends but you are going to be spending a whole term with them and not me."

"Mum,I thought that you and Chris had something going on. My lucky guess is that it's going to end up in marriage."

"I wouldn't be so sure of that Jeiel."

"Okay fine. Let me play along with you on the pretending game a little bit longer,mum."

"Okay you know what,get out of my car and start heading to the hostel. I will not have this conversation with a child."

"I am almost 18 now, but fine, whatever you say." Jeiel said stepping out of the car with her suitcase while her mum came out, carrying a much smaller bag.

As they were walking to Star hostel,they could heard a squeal as Jeiel was suddenly hugged by her best friend Ruby.

"Ruby?! You're back already. I missed you." Jeiel said.

"I missed you too, Jeiel. Good afternoon ma." Ruby greeted.

"Afternoon,my dear child. How is your mum and brother?"

"They are doing perfectly well,ma."

"Speaking of brother,how's Romeo?"

Jeiel asked

"Oh well,he's in his hostel, I guess."

"He's just around moping as usual."

"That bad huh?"

"Yep,the summer was pretty awful,I felt like Anna cause the only words he told me was go away Ruby."

"Atleast you didn't talk to paintings."

"Only because there is something called the internet. If Anna had knew about it,her life would be so much easier."

"Hypothetical question,if Anna was to have had a phone back there.

What's the possibility of finding the movie Frozen or would Frozen exist since it's her life?"

"Woah,hold on there, Jeiel,today's the first day of the first term of our final year. We should be thinking about tonight's welcoming party."

"Is the party still on? I thought it was cancelled,cause the owner of the school Mrs Dean disagreed."

"Well, luckily for us, Mrs Dean isn't here and nothing can stop us from throwing the most superb party ever in history."

"Ruby?! What did you do?"

"Nothing,it's hardly my fault if my dear old sweet mum wanted to extend her vacation in England."

"Girls, I fear this is my stop. Parents are not allowed across this section."

"Sure thing, Mrs Daniel,let me help you with that bag, I presume it belongs to Jeiel."

"Yes and thank you very much dear.Bye Jeiel."

"Bye mum,see you soon."

"You too,love." Mrs Daniel said walking back to the school's garage.

"So where were we? Ruby said.

"Oh Ruby,now I know why I was so eager to get back to school."


Romeo sat in his room staring out through the window as he watched Jeiel and Ruby laugh and walk to their hostel. He paid no attention to the music which was coming out of his MP player. He was still there thinking about nothing in particular when his door opened

Nobody had the right to even knock on the door. Well nobody except.....

"Yo,bro whatsup"Dwight said sitting on a bean bag.

Romeo kept quiet,staring out the window.

Dwight was....well is his best friend way before he changed so he's used to this new Romeo,the quiet,dark,uncaring, brooding Romeo.

"Anyways man, uh the gang is back,well everyone is back. I just thought I should let you know.

Also, there is a party tonight. Jeiel will be attending. What am I saying? Of course she will, she's literally a student. Ruby said it was okay to throw the party because you would take full action of the consequences,not that there will be any consequences. I gotta stop rambling, haven't I?.

So by 7:30pm,pronto. I will come to pick you up,not as your guard but as your bestfriend cause you know we're best friends right?."

Romeo turned and looked at Dwight as if he was a strange microorganism chanting the Arabian language.

"Well I'm going to go now. Bye." Dwight said as he left the room.

"Bro so what did Romeo say?" Derek asked sitting on his bed.

"Well, not much really." Dwight replied.

"I still wonder how he got a private suite to himself." Miles chipped in.

"I wouldn't exactly call it a suite" Dwight said.

"He's got a king size bed,AC, a plasma tv,two mini fridges, a private tub,a gaming room,a walk-in closet,a bar cabinet and a snack stand. Plus he's permitted to use his phones and laptops." Derek stated in a matter of fact.

"We're permitted to use our phones too." Charles said

"Yeah, illegally." Derek replied.

"Come on guys, you know Romeo needs some space to deal with all that happened to him, we should give him time."

"Time? He had over a year ago to deal with it. This started in our 4th year and now we are in our final year. I can't even remember what his voice sounds like anymore." Myles said from his corner.

"Talking about Romeo Dean is not going to change the fact that he wants to be left alone. When he's ready to open up,we will be there for him but now we got a party to plan.

So who's in?" Adrian asked.

"Am in,"Ray said raising his hand.

"Good, cause you are the deejay. Go check on the songs that will be used in the party."

"Awwwn men," Ray said pouting.

"Keep your pouting to your girlfriend

Janis okay?" Adrian said.

"What about the food,drink, decorations and venue?" Tony asked.

"For venue, I was thinking either the cafeteria or it could be a pool party at the back of our hostel. What do you all think?"

"Pool party sounds better. Lots of space,closer to the hostel and surprisingly far away from authorities prying eyes." Derek chipped in.

"So pool party it is. We've got the drinks ready, Ruby said that she have handled the food situation and since it's outdoor, I will tell them not to worry about decorations." Adrian said.

"So I guess we just have fun and wait till then,before we can mingle with the girls." Jason said.

"Whooooo!" The boys cheered as everyone kept chipping in their thoughts making intangible conversation with their friends.


There was a ruckus as the final year students gathered round the pool located at the back of their hostel.

"This is Dj Ray on the beat. Today is going to be awesome. Boys grab your partner to the dance floor and let some dancing begin." Ray said

The music was playing,but not too loud to be heard over their secluded section reserved for them. Boys wore shorts and shirts, while some were shirtless, while the girls wore bikini or swimming trunks.

Star hostel

Ruby, Haziel and Janis were dragging a reluctant Jeiel from her bed.

"Leave me alone" Jeiel said as she held tightly to her blanket.

"Jeiel, you are getting up from this bed and going to the party." Ruby said

"I don't want to," Jeiel whined

"Oh yes you are" Haziel said as they succeeded in pulling her off the bed.

"Okay,fine I'm going" Jeiel said as she started for the door but Ruby blocked her as she said.

"Not like this"

"What's wrong with my clothes." Jeiel asked as she looked at what she was wearing- long sleeve night top with pajamas trousers,socks,and a nightcap.

"Everything." Janis said

"How do you expect to come out looking like this. What would Romeo say."

"Hey,quit it, Romeo and I are just friends, ok." Jeiel said

"You guys may be just friends,but to the rest of us girls, he's the most sexist guy to walk the planet." Haziel said as Janis fanned herself.

"Ewww, gross" Ruby said

"Well- except you of course, you are literally twins and he's older right?"

"Only by 30 seconds," Ruby said exasperated

"Speaking about boys, what about Jason Andrews, aren't you dying for him." Jeiel said to Ruby.

"I rather lick the anus of an agama lizard than even think of thinking of the possibility that you think that I think that I might have been thinking that I think I like him." Ruby said without batting an eye.

"Woah, hold your horses R.B, we were just kidding," Jeiel said

"I know, sorry for blurting that out. Jason just infuriates me."

Jeiel go change into this outfit, we want to see how it will look in you.

Janis said handing her a hanger.

What? No way am I putting this on

Fifteen minutes later

"Jeiel, come out of the bathroom"

"No freaking way"

"Come out, we are super late"


"It's good on you"

"I look like a harlot"

"Romeo is asking for you,he wants to see you"

"Nice try"

"Come on out, please"

"I will kill you," Jeiel said as she got out of the bathroom wearing a sexy jean bum short, and a pink half court which barely covered her stomach.

Atleast it was way better than a bikini.

They got downstairs and saw that the party was already in full swing.

Jeiel saw Tracy aka Romeo's evil ex dressed in her bikini talking to him who wasn't even listening to her. It was as if he was looking for someone else,cause he suddenly looked in their direction and smiled at her before he walked towards them.

"Jeiel we are going to give you guys some space,so don't mess this up"

Ruby said as she dragged the protesting Haziel and Janis away.

Romeo got closer to Jeiel and she couldn't even recognize him.

Walking towards her was literally a God of beauty. As she observed him,she began to have funny thoughts on what she could do to each part of his body.

His wet soft,mushy curly hair made her want to entwine his hair round her fingers. His seductive dark brown eyes,which to her sparkle like a thousand stars.

His soft, sweet,sexy, pink lips made me want him. Just staring at him got Jeiel so aroused. She was tempted to kiss him till she can't more.

Apparently Romeo had been talking to her as he waved a hand over her face.

"Jeiel? Jeiel?" He called

"Sorry,I guess I was lost in thought"

"Yeah obviously I had been talking for the past two minutes but you just shut down."

"My bad"

"How about you make it up to me with a drink?"

"Oh sure. Lead the way."

Romeo took her to the table where drinks were served and handed her a cup and they sat down in silence.

Jeiel cleared her throat and decided to strike up a conversation with him

"So Romeo how was your holiday?"

Romeo looked at her deciding if he should reply her or ignore her question.

"Fine and yours?"

"Same, how was England?"


"Did you had fun?"



"Jeiel, could you stop asking questions," Romeo snapped.

"Oh I am sorry," Jeiel said as she flinched.

The duo became perfectly quiet and Jeiel was uncomfortable so she stood up to leave when Romeo held her hand and asked

"Where are you going?"

"Uhm, to join Ruby"

"Dance with me"

What? Jeiel blinked repeatedly as he pulled her to the dance floor.

Romeo's POV

"Dance with me, I repeated surprising Jeiel. Hell I surprised myself too."

Jeiel looked at me as if I was drunk.

"Maybe I am."

"Oh ok, sure." She said with uneasiness as I lead her to the dance floor.

As if on cue, Ray changed the song to a much slower one - to be specific- A thousand years.

I glanced at Ray who gave me a look and a thumbs up and I shook my head. I looked round the crowd and found out that we were the only ones holding hands, the rest had their hands on their necks and waist respectively.

I could see Ruby laughing softly as Dwight whispered in her ears. I noted to myself to make sure that Dwight stays the hell away from my little sister but for now I had to focus on Jeiel

I held her waist and pulled her closer to me which made her gasp but she still kept her gaze downwards.

"Look at me," I whispered softly on her neck and she stiffened before slowly reaching my gaze.

"Are you scared when you are with me?" I asked

"A little bit yeah"