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Mated To Luna

Mated To Luna

Author:Angela Yuleyru Hunx



A powerful alpha? A powerful female alpha? Or should it be the most powerful and respected female alpha? So respected, even by her haters. Alpha Deluna Hansen is the typical american italian beauty, but not a human. Be in her human form, she's a angel with the killer curves. Be in her wolf self, she's fierce and strong. Alpha Luna enjoys the peace of her pack and not being interrupted by attacks. But she misses just one thing: a mate. She's desperate to find one and even more desperate to fulfill her promise. All desires to be with her mate dies when she finds out she's mated to a weak human, and she only finds the mating topic disgusting. But a vow is barely breakable. Luna is obliged by her vow to go after her mate and make him hers. No matter what, she's bound to present him as her Lord before she clocks twenty five. But what happens when she realizes her mate is just the exact opposite of what she imagined him to be? And when she finds out she's the weak one in actual?

Deluna Hansen.

"Alpha, we have the spies in the dungeon already." Zia tells me, walking into the office with her heeled boots making clicks against the floorboards. I drop my pen and look up, "Perfect," I compliment their achievement and she smiles.

"Beta Samuel specifically took part in that only for your love. You should give him a try, Alpha." Zia says jokingly but my wolf doesn't take it as a joke. I fight the urge to pounce on her and remind myself she's my beta. I calm my wolf down and stand up, dropping the paper sheet on the desk.

"Say anything, but don't step a foot out of the office. And you might just want to tell Damien to prepare for a gorgeous dinner." Her pretty blonde eyes gleam at the mention of his name. Clearly, she has feelings for the vampire every other person in the pack counts to be rogue. "Or you might like to offer yourself to him as dinner."

"Alpha!" Her voice is scolding but her face says something different. Crimson colored cheeks can only tell of fluttering feelings.

"It's obvious you like him, amico." I say, " Ed è piuttosto quello caldo."I wink at her before turning around and walking out.

I am Alpha Deluna Hansen, 23, and the Luna of Crystal Promise pack

Pacchetto Promessa Di Cristallo

. I don't have you to tell, I love being respected and given that accord. To be the strongest and most respected female alpha means a lot of dedication and vigilance. But I have something more important to bother about than about my reputation. I have less than five months to present my mate to mother. I had promised her


I would present my beautiful relationship with my mate whenever I clock twenty five, and that was before she died. If anything ever really matters to your subjects as an alpha, then it's being dedicated to your words. That surely means a lot.

I make my way to the dungeon as the rest of the pack won't stop greeting me. The place is dark and smells of dried blood, just what it is used for. The dungeon is dirty and stinking with humans and wolves and a bit of vampires' dried dead bodies and splashed bloods everywhere. It has been used more in the years before than now. Just making an estimate about the number of bodies that has been killed in this place over the years makes me realize why I am regarded as the most powerful and the most respected female alpha.

After a second scanning around the room, I finally find the two livings in a corner of the room. They aren't dead yet but it looks like they've been battling for their life for hours now. And their skin? It's burning already. Wolfsbane! It's even beginning to affect me.

I squat before the two dying werewolves and one of them slowly looks up. A smirk plays on my lips as I read the pitiful expression on the beta's face.

"Mercy?" I laugh at the word and he tries to open his mouth to talk but the wolfsbane potion on an open wound... The smell is beginning to make me weak too.

"Don't worry, your blood won't dry up like the others. You would make a gorgeous dinner for our hot vampire." I tease but the next second, I plunge my claws into their heart. A loud, sharp grunt and silence. Death! I smirk at their splashed blood. If there's something I love then it's the sight of the enemy's blood. And if there's a job I preferred most, then it's preparing the best of dinner for Damien with their blood.

I stand on my feet and replace my claws with human fingers before stepping out of the dungeon. I walk to the stairs that leads to my stay. I ascend it and step into the hampton styled living room. I walk to my room and to the bathroom where I cleanse my blood stained self.

"Alpha." I turn around and it's Zia looking so fucking hot for the party. Grey tank top, high waist shorts stopping halfway her butts and square toe boots. Damn, who the hell does she plan to seduce in the party?! There's no Damien there, is there?

"Get in the car already, Zia. You won't tell me you aren't dressed for the party... Lemme think, Damien's gorgeous dinner?" I tease but she frowns. " I brought you something, alpha."And I furrow my brows at her. Something? Bad news?

" Spill it!"

" Wolfsbane. It's fool moon tonight and there'll be humans there."Right! I'd be almost useless for the next minutes just to ease myself from the full moon effect. I grab the sealed bottle from her and without one more thought, I tear off its tab. On opening it, the scent fills my nose, starting to create reactions but that doesn't stop me as I gulp down the whole content. Zia watches me throw the empty bottle away and snap my eyes around the park field.

"Are you okay?" Worry laces in her voice as I try to remain fit. But I ain't okay... Damn, it feels like I'm finally going to die. My heartbeat starts to go unsteady as Zia opens the passenger door for me to get in. I manage to sit myself and clasp my arm together. I am beginning to get feverish already and weak all over. I am used to this, the fucking feeling I get when I ingest in diluted wolfsbane just to protect myself and those around me during full moons. Zia joins me in the car and assists me with doing my seatbelt before driving off.

Zia wakes me up from my slumber when we get there. Still feeling very weak but not feverish anymore, I get out of the car without any help and slam the door close. Zia too gets down and crosses over to me.

"Do you need any help, alpha?"She still has that worried look on her, like I might just slump and die sooner. I could've said yes but being an alpha, weakness isn't something you should accept and to your beta. That only indicates and tells people how weak and unsuccessful your reign would be.

"I'm fine, beta." My tone isn't nice, not even near nice. Should I say arrogant? But I care less.

"Sorry, alpha." But I don't acknowledge her apologies, I turn around and head into the party.

Amico: friend.

Ed è piuttosto quello caldo : And he's quite the hot one.