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Secret Love

Secret Love




Five years ago, Jamie had confessed her love and offered herself to Blake Edwards, the man she had adored since childhood. He rejected her feelings and turned her feelings into hatred. Now he has returned and taken over his family business and was as dominating as ever. Jamie tried to stay away from him as she was going steady with her current boyfriend but the day Brett left for his business trip Blake arrived at her doorstep and the sparks which were buried inside her flared out. Jamie knew that she still felt something for him. But Blake broke her heart yet again by insulting her and telling her that she cannot find a decent man for herself with her nerdy looks and baggy jeans and at his brother's engagement party he made it clear to her that he was interested in his brother’s fiancé Serena, as she was the reason he had gone away from her and rejected her feelings. Jamie was heartbroken again but out of the blue Blake started acting possessively towards her and they ended up having a one-night stand. “Let go of me! “ I said making myself tight and hostile but he simply ran his hand down my back warm against my skin, until I gasped and looked at him with more pleading than outrage. “Not yet,” he murmured. “I am back for good Jamie.” “And I am an easy tart.” It hurt real bad. I knew all about his women. I knew a long time back but he had always been my friend until those last few days. “Why not?’ You are conveniently close by and in any case, I thought you everything you know and your brothers have already told me to take charge of your life. You have always been hooked to me Jamie and you can't compare me to Brett as you know better than me that I am better."

As I drove along the smooth roads, ahead of my car the land fell away in a green wooded valley and then rose quickly to high, rolling hills, the great sweep of land as far as the eye could see. The land belonged to my grandfather Lawrence Collins and Angus Edwards, the great estate of Collins &Edwards.

Once we had owned more, but after my parents died in the car crash it was taken over by the Edwards’s. But because of our grandfather’s friendship, they had kept the estate's name intact.

It is a legacy that has been passed on by our grandparents. They were best friends but stood for each other like brothers and so were my parents.

My brothers and I grew up in this estate which is 10000 kilometers away from the city. The estate was divided into two parts. One of it had more lands than us which belonged to the Edwards’s and the land surrounded by the lake was ours.

The Edwards's owned a big company named Edwards&sons. They dealt with all kinds of businesses.

My brother Richard owned an editorial office, which was under Edwards&sons. He was helped by his best friend Blake Edwards who was a shareholder in the company. They were childhood buddies and would often bully me as a child.

I really am not in the mood to talk about him. I have another older brother whose name is Nick and he is younger than Richard. He is an actor and has done quite a lot of good movies and is always busy traveling around the world. He is my best friend.

I am always happy when I drive down-home as it gives me a great sense of peace and happiness because I have been a part of this beautiful land, the family, the magnificent lake with big pine trees surrounding the house. It is my home and I loved it fiercely. As I drove down and entered the estate I stopped my car and looked around.

Everything was beautiful but now there was trouble and it was here to stay because I know for sure that nothing would be able to dislodge Serena Williams: Frank Edwards was going to marry her. A disturbing and selfish element that has disrupted the lives of both the family. Already there was uneasiness, polite discord. I wanted to barge right in and put things right but it was not my place, I was merely an outsider but loved them completely.

I lived in wellington which is the most beautiful city in New Zealand. But my ancestral home is in Nothing Hill which is two hours drive from Wellington. I traveled back today as my brother had come back and another occasion being the engagement ceremony of Frank Edwards. Which I couldn’t avoid, as Frank was like a brother to me and Jackie Edwards my childhood friend and Frank’s sister had warned me that if I don’t show up she will disown me.

Suddenly someone started honking the car from behind and I knew that the irritating person could only be her, as she was very melodramatic and I loved her.

I turned and saw her coming out of the car.

Then just in a Ziff, I saw her falling on the sidewalk, I started laughing. Jackie had always been clumsy and when I looked at her closely laughing away, I came to know the cause of her fall.

She was wearing heels, which she rarely used to wear but recently she had acquired this mindset that she needs to be more sophisticated as Nick, my elder brother was home and Jackie had been foolishly in love with him since kindergarten but never had the guts to tell him.

Jamie you witch! She shouted at me.

I ran and gave her my hand, but couldn’t control my laughter as she was so adorable and my brother was really foolish not to notice her.

I pulled her up and she started tickling me which I hated and I started screaming.

"Jackie stop it!" I screamed.

We looked at each other and started laughing.

We had grown up but we still behaved like kids.

“It's good that you are back Jamie now together we can throw that bitch out of Nothing hill,” Jamie said very seriously.

I shook my head and told her it was not that easy.

But Jackie was not listening to me as she had her own plans. We chatted for a long time then we got into our cars and went towards our house. Jackie waved goodbye to me as she passed by my house and I saw Nick coming out of the house. He looked at me then at the speeding car which just left.

He then ran towards me, my handsome green-eyed brother. He is breaking so many hearts around the world with his acting skills, yet he is still unattached. Though we hear a lot of rumors around we don’t believe it, as he tells us everything.

He swooped me up and started twirling me around, he still thinks I am still a toddler, I sighed and gave him a big hug when he let me down.

“Thank god you lost weight Jamie, see how easily I can carry you now or I would think twice to lift you.” Nick teased.

I made my face and walked inside the house.

As I entered I could smell the baking going on at home.

Nick had followed me and was telling me that our sister-in-law Lisa Collins had prepared homecoming cake for him, so I shouldn’t feel jealous.

I really miss Nick when he is not around but his teasing habits are really bad.

I started hitting him with the cushion and he was laughing.

"There! there, you grown-up kids stop fighting." Lisa had come outside the kitchen and was watching them lovingly.

I went and hugged her it's been a month since I had last seen her. Though we live in the same city, I hardly get time to meet her because of my outdoor job.

I am a professional photographer by the way and I freelance my work and I am not dependent on anyone.

“It's so good that you took out time to come home Jamie your brother was very worried since you have not shown us your face for the past one month,” Lisa said lovingly.

"Oh! Richard has his own assumptions; he is like a dad, always trying to protect me. I am a grown-up woman he should stop treating me like I am a teenager.” I complained.

I could see Lisa looking towards her bedroom and smiling.

I turned and saw my brother clearing his throat.

I ran towards him and hugged him.

“No matter how old you become Jamie you will always be my little bunny and I have every right to be worried about you,” Richard complained.

I wiped his eyes and told him I missed him a lot but because of my work, I couldn’t come to see him.

Then Lisa started ringing the gong bell as it was a signal for us to make peace.

We looked at her and raised our hands.

Lisa has been married to Richard for the past three years. And they were my ideal couple. Truly madly in love with each other and Richard was very protective of her. We lost our parents at a very young age, I was in sixth grade since then both my brothers have been taking care of me. Lisa has adjusted to our family quite well. She is from London. She fell in love with my brother during one of his trips there and immediately they got married. We had all gone down to attend their wedding. She is a great cook and I am hoping she has made some delicious food today.

She told us dinner was ready.

I had to freshen up, so I excused myself and went upstairs to my room.

It's always good to be back and it has been cleaned and made ready for me. We always call the cleaning agency to come and clean up the house whenever we are here.

After a while, I came down and could hear them laughing. I smiled and was about to walk in when I recognized another voice I stood there and listened again.

No, it cant be it was Blake Edwards, he is back. How come no one told me!

Jackie that little witch, even she did not mention that her brother was back.

I was in a dilemma whether I should go inside or not as I did not know how to face him after all these years. I hate him to the core of my heart.

I stood there in a daze trying to control my emotions and listened to what they were talking about.