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She Is A Boy

She Is A Boy

Author:Violet swan



Alison is a simple gay boy who enjoys cross-dressing . And he is very famous as a girl named Elena. Every boys love HER or not HIM. but What happens when he came across a boy who is as straight as a ruler but Yet the boy has a crush on him ? .....

Elena has posted on Instragram...

#Just another busy day.. Liked by baby_chase ,wild_kangaroo and 10,046 others.

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Adam_Apple : when can we meet ?you haven't replied yet !

Lele: looking really cute♡

Bam&Bam: oh my god !you are really beautiful ,how can a human be so beautiful .

Young:0 : please be my girlfriend .

Wild_shark: oh my god! You are literally an angel .

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'She posted on Instagram again ! I have been waiting ... She is really beautiful . I wish I could talk with her personally ......that would never happen ,she is really popular .she wouldn't date someone like me !' chase was talking to himself upon his thoughts after seeing Elena post a picture . He quickly shook his thoughts away ,when he felt Adam staring at him confusingly .Then Adam glanced at Chase's phone and quickly and understood why was Chase spacing out !

"Oh! You are looking at Elena's post ,huh!" Adam gagged.

"You are not going to get any attention anyway" he added. Chase just rolled eyes in response , cause of course he can't win the Adam.

Yeah it's true Chase have a crush on Elena , like many others .cause , why not , she is really beautiful and her high pitched Voice makes her extra cute , she posted some of her videos in Instagram with her friend .

And yeah , If you are wondering Adam has a crush on Elena too . That's why Chase and Adam fights most of the time . "Who will get Elena's attention first "

And it is just a another boring day fighting about it in the cafeteria . "At least I always comment on her every post " Adam snapped .

"But I am the first one to like her post, within a second she posts " Chase snapped back .

"She didn't followed you back !!" Adam demanded

. " She didn't followed you back either " Chase replied with a satisfied laugh .

"Hey ,you little guys calm down !! " Sam commanded who was eating quietly until now.

"Shut up !" Both Adam and said at the same time and looked at each other annoyed .

Sam rolled eyes and said " I mean, why you two like her so much ?she is nothing special or anything "

" What are you even saying ! Do you even know how cute she is !" Adam fumed . Chase nodded in approval , maybe for the first time .

"So , let me say , her chest is really flat " Sam remarked like it was a really important thing which could change your life .

" Just like models " Chase cut off.

" Maybe ,she is one !" Adam chimed in.

Sam rolled eyes again and made a disgusted look. "I can't cope with you guys. both of you are hopeless " He added .

" But don't you think her selfies are weird ! She stucks her tongue out , sometime makes really weird winking poses ....." He stated.

"She just enjoys her life like this , she is so real " Adam cooed .

" She have a really funky personality ,...and I love that " Chase remarked .

" Gross ! I better go and talk with Sky " Sam said and stood up from their table making his way towards a table where only one person was sitting and reading books .

" Yeah! true, your gay ass can't cope with straight dudes " Adam whisper yelled . " Fxck you " Sam yelled back and reached the table he was trying to go and sat down . Adam and Chase continued talking about Elena in their own table .


*I would like all of you to note that anything can happen in my story so if you are uncomfortable . please don't read . And no hate comments please . I'm sick of it already .anyway, Thank you for reading