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Bad Man

Bad Man

Author:Sario Julian


General Romance

Aurora betrayed Raxcer Vorex two years ago. For Raxcer's revenge he was back with a cold heart. Raxcer could no longer love Aurora the way he loves her before. Aurora breaks his heart, and now when he is back, he will make sure to break Aurora's heart too. Can their love be restored? If the hatred is the only one existed?

  Start: Ace Vorex

  The man sank to one side as he watched the woman with a big laugh and a smile. He did not know why a beautiful lady captured his heart. Just one day when he woke up, he was loving the woman.

  He also smiled as the woman laughed heartily. He was approaching her place. It was their anniversary today, and he will surprise her, so he can make her happy.

  He did not know how he got the sweet 'yes' of the woman, the important thing was that they are in a relationship.

  It is also not a joke when he is courting the woman he loves. When he gets her sweet 'yes', he was tired, sweaty, and struggling to be alone.

  He was about to take a few steps to get closer to his beloved woman when he heard something that crushed his heart.

  The big smile on his lips suddenly disappeared. The happiness he felt suddenly vanished.

  He's optimistic earlier. Why its disappears in an instant? Doesn't he deserve to be loved? Does he not deserve to be accepted? Why is he being always played?

  “My boyfriend? I don't love him, I just use him. So I can do assignments and projects. I don't love him. He was flirting and I was just playing around. Geon is truly the one I love. Raxcer was a geek. He is not my type,” he heard from the woman he loves saying those to friends.

  He dropped the bouquet of roses he was holding. What he heard was enough, everything was enough for him to wake up from the truth.

  The woman and her companions turned to him. Aurora's eyes widened when she saw him, standing there dumbfounded.

  Why this is happening to him? He just wants to be happy, all he wants is to love him by the woman he loves wholeheartedly. He just wants the woman to be his property. All he wants is to be loved.

  But why? Why did it hurt him? Why did it break his heart? Doesn't he deserve to be loved?

  Aurora suddenly approached him and pretended as if it had said nothing about him.

  Sorry, but he will not listen to its words that full of lies, because from now on he will not be fooled.

  “Thanks for everything. Now, I know. Thank you for the scam. Thank you for using me, Aurora. Thank you for all your lies. I was grateful for telling the truth, do not worry. I will not disturb you anymore. You will be free now, you will never see my ugly face again. But, please remember that I love you so much,” he said passionately.

  But the annoyance and anger for the woman he loved were obvious in his voice.

  “Raxcer. . .”

  He will no longer listen to what lies she is up to.

  He turned his back.

  Not only that, but he fisted his hands as he walked to his car. The woman's face never left his mind.

  Raxcer is so annoyed with what happened to him earlier.

  "I'll promise, I will be back. I will be back to make your heartbreak into pieces. Aurora Samontes, you will be one who will suffer too. Wait for my comeback. Because from now on, I will no longer be 'Raxcer Vorex '. From now on, I am' Ace Vorex ', the bad man,” he said with a greeted teeth, then pulled his car away from their university.

  He will make sure to give birth to the new Raxcer Vorex— the good man.

  He is now Ace Vorex— the bad man.

  Raxcer Vorex is now dead.