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My Jealous Husband

My Jealous Husband



After Noella returned from her sister's wedding, she got drunk. Accidentally, she went to a wrong room and slept with a bossy billionaire, Yoseff. To get rid of her one-night stand, Noella asked how much should she pay for Yoseff's loss last night, which aroused his interest. Usually, women were waiting in line to climb onto Yoseff's bed, but he showed no interest in them. This time, he can't forget the taste of Noella. Then, he deceived her into moving in his mansion. Unexpectedly, Noella met Yoseff's brother and fell for him. Yoseff was jealous so he imprisoned Noella in his bed and kept punishing her day and night...

It was late at night in E Country.

After a grand and bustling wedding banquet, the majestic castle slowly fell quiet as people went to sleep.

The moonlight gently shone down on the high dome, veiling the old but magnificent castle in a layer of silver gleam.

In the long corridor, Noella Xander was stumbling forward in her long, light blue dress. Her delicate body would hit the wall from time to time, and she had hit her forehead several times.

Her head was getting increasingly heavy and dizzy.

She couldn't even tell where she was going.

Didn't they say that the cocktail won't get her drunk? How did she get so drunk from just having two glasses?

She felt as if she had walked for a long time, but it seemed like she had not even moved at all.

Leaning against the wall, she groped around until she found a door. She then leaned against the door like a gecko and knocked on it drunkenly. "I'm back, Yvette. Open the door, open the door now..."

After calling out for a long time and receiving no answer, Noella tried to open the door herself.

She twisted the doorknob lightly and opened it. She walked in the darkness, staggered to the bed. Then, losing her balance, Noella fell headfirst onto the bed.

She hit something warm when she fell with a thud.


Noella mumbled, lying on that warm figure as she patted the person beneath her.

In the darkness, an impatient and hostile snort that followed her action was loud and clear.

Then, her head was pushed away.


Noella mumbled drunkenly again. She didn't care about being pushed off that person's body. She adjusted her sleeping position, turned sideways, and hugged the body next to her. It felt like a big plushie. 

She had one of the same size back home, too.

However, the plushie, who was being tightly held, frowned deeply in his sleep.

He was also drunk, so he didn't have the energy to deal with the hands and legs that had wrapped around him like vines.

He turned his body over so that his back was facing her, thinking that he could get rid of her so that he could sleep peacefully. However, this soft little woman immediately stuck to his back like a second skin.

He moved to the side, but the little monster inched closer, too, as if she was afraid that he would run away. She even wrapped her arms around his waist.

Annoyed, he pulled apart the arms holding his waist and pushed them aside. However, in just a few seconds, the arms returned to his waist and the legs wrapped around him once again.

She was so persistent as she kept harassing him. On top of that, she had even touched him in some inappropriate areas.


He couldn't stand it anymore. He rolled over and pinned her under his body...

In the darkness, his breathing grew increasingly heavy.


Something felt heavy.

Noella's thick, curly eyelashes fluttered.

A wave of warm breaths brushed across her face. Under the sun, a layer of fine hair on her clear and fair face fluttered from the breaths, glowing with the luster of youth.

She rolled her eyes with discomfort and opened her sleepy eyes slowly.

She dreamed that she had been pressed under a mountain and could not move.

The room was filled with sunlight, shining into her eyes.

The image before her gradually became clear. There was a good-looking face with a high nose bridge, thin lips, and two thick and straight eyebrows above a pair of deep-set eyes. The outline of this face was exquisite and sculptured. It was simply striking.

She was instantly stunned.

Was this... a man?

A man!

"Ah—" After a moment of being stunned, horror erupted within her, and she screamed out of fright. Then, she covered herself with the blanket as she anxiously scrambled out of the room.

Standing in the corridor, she couldn't help gasping.

Her mind was in a mess. The more she wanted to recall what happened, the more chaotic her mind became.

Worse still, when she looked at the room number and found that it was not her room, she almost lost her mind.

After the wedding banquet last night, all the bride and groom's relatives and friends stayed in the castle. While she helped her sister hand out the door gifts from room to room, the occupants in one of the rooms were still partying wildly. After entering that room, she was offered several glasses of cocktails. What happened after she left the room? She had no memories after that. 

"What happened?"

The door of the next room opened.

Jackson Mendez and Yuliana Xander came out of the room. They were the bride and groom.

Seeing Noella standing in the middle of the corridor wrapped in a blanket, they were astonished.

Yuliana, who was wearing a nightgown, walked quickly to her sister. "Noella, why are you standing here like that?"

"I..." Noella didn't know what to say.

When she saw her brother-in-law behind Yuliana, it was even more difficult for her to say anything.

She tightened her grip on the blanket before her chest. Her face turned red.

Jackson looked into the open door and said, "Noella, tell me, what's in this room?"

Noella said in a low voice, "There's... a man!"

"What?!" Yuliana cried.

"Don't worry. I'll go in and take a look—" Jackson walked toward the room.

He had only taken a couple of steps forward when a tall figure appeared at the door.

The man's eyebrows were tightly knitted, and he was exuding a cold aura. He was like a moving iceberg, and the surrounding temperature seemed to fall to the freezing point instantly.

The collar of his shirt was unbuttoned, and his black hair was in a mess. He rubbed his temples, and his jaw seemed tightly clenched.


When Yuliana and Jackson saw the person who appeared, they were flabbergasted. 

Yoseff Mendez's gaze fell directly upon Noella as he scanned her up and down coldly. "Are you the little goblin that made me unable to sleep last night?"

His voice was a cold as Siberian winter.

Noella held the blanket tightly and couldn't make a sound, as if her tongue had turned into stone.

This man's aura was so overpowering!

When she looked into his eyes, she couldn't even move at all.

"Yoseff, this is my little sister. How did you two—" Yuliana asked cautiously.

Before she finished asking her question, Yoseff interrupted her coldly, "This is my room!"

Yuliana suddenly became silent.

What he meant to say was that Noella had barged into his room.

Noella lowered her head with shame and bit her lip.

Jackson stepped up to mediate the dispute. "Yoseff drank a lot on my behalf last night. He was as drunk as a lord. Just what could have happened when he was that drunk?"

Yoseff looked at Jackson expressionlessly and said coldly, "That's not necessarily true. Maybe I did touch her!"