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The Heart Series1: Enchant Her Heart

The Heart Series1: Enchant Her Heart



General Romance

"Love me again, like before when you love me the most." SERIES 1: Meet Stacey Rinn Alvarez, an ingenuous woman who has a simple yet contented life. She has no other desire but to finish her studies, find a job, and make her parents proud. Not until she encounters this exquisite mysterious guy named Jaxsen Grey Miller at school and unintentionally, she fell in love with him. Is her affection towards Jaxsen Grey can cause a good impact on her? Or just pure heartache she can receive? Will true love can prevail until the end? Or they will just accept that the love they feel is just a fabricated lie?

  Should I still fight? Should I still fight him if in the end he will also gives up? Do I think we will fight? We will fight together?, Jaxsen tell me, what do you really want?

  "Stacey..." I heard my friends call my name.

  I can't look at them because I myself am ashamed of myself because I fooled someone who I thought could fight me, can stand me and can love me as he said and promised me but I just made a mistake, it all turned out to be a mistake and I regret it.

  "I-I'm fine, I-I can still do it..." I said boldly but the sadness in my voice was stained.

  I try to hide the tears in front of them, even if I want to be strong especially in front of them but my tears are treacherous, they betrayed me, I try to dry them but they do not stop flowing, they approached me three and hugged me reason to continue to shed my tears that I previously wanted to release.

  I will not force myself anymore, if he wants to be free then I give him what he wants, I let you go from now on Jaxsen, from now on I have no known you Jaxsen, in my life and never will be remember everything about you.


  This work of fiction, names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either products of author's imagination or used fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual person, living or dead or actual events are purely coincidental.

  Please consider typo graphical error, wrong grammar, etc., I will fix it as soon as possible.

  W/N: ahm Hi there^∆^ this is my first every series that I publish in this app


, and I am beginner of this industry so I hope you may understand if there's something wrong grammar or typo graphical error etc. Well... I'm not already good in english but I will make sure to study anything that related in this industry. I will appreciate if you share your knowledge to me

in writing skills

I really wanna learn everything.

  I hope you enjoy reading the journey of Stacey and Jaxsen's love story.

  If you want to ask me, just do and free, don't be shy and please know your limits can you? Sorry for my talkative side love you all my supporters and readers.

  Start to write: September 20, 2020

  End to write:_____________________

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