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The Age Of Magic Book One: Devil In Me

The Age Of Magic Book One: Devil In Me

Author:Archer Davis



"Magic flows everywhere but it was not always like this. Magic is dangerous but it was not always like this. One thing is sure, in every era Magic has a cost" The First Guard are back and they want what they believe is theirs, they want magic. But Magic has found a way to defend itself by bringing together a team. Each is member facing a past trauma or also known as the cost of magic, whether it be betrayal or lost love but they bond, fight and fall in love. In the end it all leads to mind blowing action, from internal team fights and family drama to some great dynamics like Olympic Gods vs Magic and Science vs Magic.

  We live in a world of greed and lust, we live in a world of rich and poor, we live in a world of good and evil but most of all we live in a world of magic. Magic flows everywhere, but it was not always like this. The magic is called with many names like hexes, charms, and occults but it is all one power descended from the Old Gods of Magic to the First Guard and now this generation. Not everyone can everyone control it nor do all know of its presence. Magic is dangerous now, it’s like fire in the dark. Again it was not always like this but one thing is sure, in every era magic has a cost.

  There’s a secret every magician, from a street trickster to the most exceptional escapologist understands. That is why performances start in the most basic shapes. They say, I will show you the magic that you wish to see. They say, yes, I know there is something darker and if we’re not careful the darkness will take over.

  ***** *** ****

  “Welcome, welcome to the stage of the Bluestone Sorcerer!” a man shouted on the street before the David Copperfield theatre in Las Vegas. A huge crowd blocked the entrance of the theatre as everyone was rushing in to buy the tickets for the event of the year. David Alexander or more famously known as the Bluestone Sorcerer was the most renowned magician right now. His tricks never cease to shock the audience who are left to think whether they saw a trick in a high-budget blockbuster or real magic. But everyone thinks that the latter is impossible. David is one of the many who were gifted with magic and he used it to earn popularity.

  “He will always amaze you” the man continued cheering, filling the crowd with more enthusiasm. In the packed crowd was one teenage boy with brunette curls, unlike others, his face neither showed excitement nor happiness and his eyes were full of darkness like a monster was swirling in them. He was not here to see the magic but he was here for a far greater purpose, a darker purpose. Finally, his turn arrived and he paid for the show and entered the huge theatre. People started filling in the seats and when the last person had entered, the lights were closed. All eyes were fixated on the majestic stage and then the red curtains rolled revealing an empty stage, suddenly there was a blast of smoke and as the smoke faded away a man was standing in the middle. His dramatic arrival was followed by loud cheering from the audience. He was the Bluestone Sorcerer. The man was dressed in a classic black tuxedo with a blue magician hat. Along with it, he wore a blue cape swaying majestically behind him like it was alive, even though there was no wind. In one hand he had a long wand. He also wore a plain and simple ring on his left hand, it was glowing blue rhythmically like it possessed life just as the cape.

  The boy stared at the magician and went deep into his thoughts. Will he help me or believe me. As the cheering ended the magician proceeded for his first act. The sorcerer swiveled his wand over his palms and chanted a spell, more precisely a charm, “DROXO”. His ring illuminated more brightly and out of nowhere a deck of cards was on his palms. He threw the deck in the air and then said another charm, “LORTAX”. The ring glowed again and all the cards instead of scattering on the audience were now hovering over them. He pointed his wand towards the cards in the midair and a small bolt of red light crashed into the hovering cards which started burning in the air. The blazing tongues of fire leaped upwards and downwards engulfing all the cards scaring and shocking the audience. The cards disintegrated in the air and the flames vanished followed by blue dust falling over the audience. The people were amazed and children were catching the dust followed by loud wows and claps. Even the boy managed to smile. The magician raised his hand and all the shining particles gathered into a glowing column of dust which traveled through rows and finally reached his hands. The column started swirling around his arm then turned into a small illuminating ball and landed on his palms. Suddenly there was a poof, and the ball turned into the deck of cards again. The people clapped and cheered as they tried to process what they just saw. They saw magic in one of its forms called charms.

  Soon the show ended with loud cheers and claps from the crowd as the bluestone sorcerer did one trick after another. The boy sat there studying the magician. He will help as will the others, I know he will understand the lingering threat. As the crowd dispersed out of the theatre, the performer himself left for the backstage to his apartment. The boy realized he couldn’t leave now nor can he stay here undetected. I cannot channel its power, I must not, it will cause danger and make him stronger. But in the end, he had no choice. He tried to reach something hidden in the deepest vaults of his brain. As soon as he opened it, horrifying images of a burning shadow flashed in his mind causing intense pain. His eyes turned blood red. He fell off his seat and hid behind the rows as he clenched his fist and tried to take control of his body. A dark and deep voice spoke, a voice only he could listen to, “RELEASE ME”. Inside his mind, he was fighting that voice and with all his power he shut that creature back in its vault. He got the magic he wanted and a black wind was swirling around him, hiding him from the rest of the people.

  To others, there was nothing behind the rows but as the magician was walking towards the backstage he felt strong energy, magical energy in the theatre and his ring glowed red. He was confused and scared, that never happened before. He put his hand in the pocket to conceal the eerie glow of the ring. David went to the changing room and dressed in his normal clothes. He was a good looking man with a well-maintained body. He had a clean shaved face with blue eyes. His black smooth hair which showed some streaks of blue were perfectly groomed and brushed. David was in his mid-twenties and to the outside world he was a perfect man but he wasn’t. Magic always has a cost, he had paid it and was still paying it. He had a dark past and blue ran in his veins.

  An assistant arrived as David was packing his suit. “Should I stop the car Mr. Alexander?” she asked

  “No it’s fine Rachel, I feel like walking home today”. David took his briefcase and left the theatre. He was still thinking about the energy he felt. It can be the ring, there is so much I don’t know about it. But what he didn’t know was that energy was walking behind him, the boy was following him. There was no crime on the street today. Usually, he would find someone robbing and he would chant a small charm to teach the culprit a lesson. He turned into an alley thinking maybe he is going to find something here.

  The boy knew this was his chance. His eyes glowed faint red and the wind surrounding him vanished into thin air. Removing magic was much easier but it still releases energy and the magician felt it. In a swift second he turned with his hand glowing with blinding blue light. The light flashed causing pain in the boy’s eyes as he fell on his back.

  “Stop!” the boy shouted as he shielded his eyes from the bright light, “don’t hurt me”

  The magician realized and turned down the glow. “I felt you in the theatre,” he said still with his guard on, “who are you?”

  The boy was now on his feet, “I will explain everything but I need your help”. His eyes suddenly blazed red, showing the presence of the vile creature inside. David saw the eyes with fear and his face turned pale.

  “They are here already” the sorcerer replied, afraid of what was coming next. The boy nodded and with that, he held the teenager’s hand. The sorcerer took out a blue glowing pearl and smashed it between his fingers. Out of nowhere a blue portal opened, glowing and making a buzzing sound as sparks flew around it, it was like a wheel running continuously. The duo went inside and the portal shrunk behind them and with a few sparks, it was gone like there was nothing in the alley before.