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Sweetheart, Marry me

Sweetheart, Marry me



Lesley Ann, the only heir of Ann Group, was trapped in a psychiatric hospital after being framed by her stepmother and stepsister five years ago. They wanted her money, even her life. The only thing she did after discharging from the hospital was to find Leonard, who owed her his life. She asked for his help and suggested a fake engagement, thus she could get much support to take revenge. However, Leonard insisted that she'd better marry him. "Marry me and you can do whatever you want." His words were so convinced that Lesley agreed to marry him. As soon as they truly got married, Leonard ordered Lesley to move into his house. He smirked devilishly, "Sleep in separate beds? Sorry, you don't have this option." OMG, did it mean... they should sleep together tonight?

"Hey, where do you come from? Not everyone can meet our president. Go away or I'll be rude to you."

In City S, the security guards of Glorious Corporation were busy chasing away a woman. She had even pushed away rudely and almost fell down.

This incident attracted the attention of Glorious Corporation's employees and they were subconsciously watching the woman.

The woman had a very thin figure and was dressed in a thin layer of clothes even though it was almost the end of October. She was wearing a white shirt on her upper body and it was hard to tell how many years she had worn it. Although the shirt looked clean, the yellowing of the cuffs was still able to betray its age.

She wore old-fashioned jeans with delicate embroidery. It was so exquisite and delicate that it looked so real as if the blooming flowers could exude fragrance and the lifelike butterflies were able to fly out of the pattern.

It was such a waste for this exquisite embroidery to be embedded in the old-fashioned jeans. Instead, if it was embedded in branded clothes, such as Ann Brand clothes, the price of the clothes would definitely be doubled.

When Lesley heard the discussion of the people around her, her mouth curved into a mocking smile.

As for the Ann Brand......

Everyone would not expect that she, Lesley Ann, was once the leading designer for Ann Brand and responsible for every design collection. However, no one would still remember her as the Young Lady of Ann Corporation.

She was trapped in a psychiatric hospital after being framed by her stepmother and stepsister five years ago, and she had to pretend to be mentally ill. She was discharged from the hospital an hour ago and had forgotten how to behave like a normal person after all these years of pretense.

No wonder she was regarded as a lunatic by the security guards.

After Lesley evaluated her own actions, she changed her facial expression and walked back to the security guard. She put on a bright smile and said, "Sir, please pass this to your president and he will definitely see me after this."

Then, she handed over a jade pendant that she was holding in her hand.

The security guard looked at the jade pendant with a strange expression. He said, "You are really sick and have watched too many dramas. Is this your special token? Are you telling me that you are the benefactor of our president and want him to repay your kindness now?"

Lesley nodded steadily.

Sir, you had guessed the truth. I was indeed your president's savior and he owed me his life.

"You're crazy."

The security guard looked at her and was certain that she was a psychotic patient. When he was about to chase her away, he heard a voice behind him.

"What are you doing here instead of working?"

Upon hearing the stern voice, the employees who were surrounding quickly moved away out of fear.

The security guard turned to Joey, the president's secretary, and explained, "Mr. Joey, I do not know where this lunatic comes from. I'm going to chase her away after hearing that she wants to meet the president by showing a jade pendant."

Jade pendant?

Joey heard the gist of the report. He glanced at Lesley and asked, "What jade pendant is that?"

"This one." Lesley handed the jade pendant to Joey. "Your president gave it to me."