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Who's After You.

Who's After You.



General Romance

When you thought you're the luckiest person. Bonnie was stuck in a family gathering then turned into a nightmare when the head of the family was laying on the bed soaked with her own blood . Never trust easily for you don't know who's after you.

  " I never agreed with this" Bonnie murmured while having a glimpse on her phone ringing.

  Her thoughts of spending her vacation was not even close to where she will be going to.

  She cursed under her breath for not even remembering the fastest route to her Grand parents house while driving.

  " Right.. Like I would. I haven't been in this place for like years after taking up Med school" bonnie spoke to herself. Having a thigh grip on the steering wheel she silently grumbled as her phone rang once again.

  She picked up the call

  "Why does it have to take ages before you pick up your phone smart head?! " Her uncle hissed upon trying to contact her several times. " And why do you whine about it so much Uncle Fredrick? Bonnie smiled hearing her uncle's voice again made her thoughts calm a little. Since she moved about miles away from her home she felt a liitle bit tensed for they seldom communicate with each other even more when Bonnie Harris recently graduate from nursing about a year ago. Her uncle along with her aunt was the one who was behind of her success. She considered her self lucky since that tragic event happened that left a deep scar from her past.

  "You're aunt is almost up again with her paranoia thinking that you have put up your self into marriage without her knowing" fredrick chuckled almost turned into a laugh.

  " Bet you told her i did and kidnap some young man along the way" bonnie answered a fixing her glance at the road.

  " oh sweetie tell me you didn't! " a woman swore on the other line. " You and this old hag always make my day stressfull " she added.

  "And i missed you too Auntie. "Bonnie managed to said in a cheerfull tone. " hope i'm not late for the sermon" .

  She then said she's on her way hanging up.

  Hours of long drive make her muscles complain on how she's handling her self.

  Thick fog covered car along with the road ahead she sighed.

  "I swear i must now be at the central but i can't see clearly around this fog" She said assuring she's not lost.

  Thinking otherwise she voluntary clung her finger tips on the rearview mirror hoping to have a clear view from her back.

  "I'm alone and that's odd i can't even see nearby house to ask for my location" she spoke to her self.

  Silly enough she rolled her eyes having her self on a modern day where GPS tracks are present made her dumb for a second.

  "Where's my phone" confused she look around her to find her phone laying near the gas pedal.

  Not breaking an eye contact on the road Bonnie tried to reach for her phone shifting her head on the right lowering her arm.

  " demmit!.. You don't have to remind me how short i was " she groaned in defeat and quickly bowed down to grab her phone instead.

  "Now.. Show my locatio-

  Not long enough that her eyes met the road again widely.

  "What the - she jerked and tried to step fast on the brakes but then was too late hearing a sharp thud on her bumper hitting a man who appeared suddenly. She gasped in shock

  Bonnie turned pale , respiration suddenly increased and cold sweat seems to appear on her forehead at the moment.

  Suddenly thoughts of her walking down the courtyard escorted by her jailguard with her relatives filled with sadness along with endless cry of her dear aunt Amanda and her sentence waiting flashed before her eyes.

  "Geez! When i pledge to save lives i didn't meant to abide from it!" she panicked.

  Nursing duty kicked in she immediately got out of her car And run into the fog and towards the person.

  "Hello Sir can you hear me?" She asked getting down to her knees checking out for any respone from the man while tapping his shoulders lightly. The man groaned a little in response slowly trying to stand up tapping off dirt on his clothes.

  Bonnie felt a slight relief knowing that she didn't totally harm the man who is now standing infront of her crossing his arms in annoyance.

  "Woman... What where you thinking having you're ass off sitting on the car getting distracted or paying less attention on the road knowing there's fog around the area?!" He exhaled loudly letting his eyebrow halfway met. Bonnie didn't know whether to feel sorry or to get irritated as well looking on the minor scratch of the bumper of her car and slowing at the man.

  "Ah.. Now Look who's not even realizing that there's only a one way route around here and that should have not even dared to crossed road all of a sudden!" pissed enough she raised an eyebrow and pointing out her finger on the bumper. " You even manage to hurt my car! And you have the gut to act like i'm the one to be blame-

  "Ahem! " she was cut off by a loud thud of cough from the man.

  There at that moment getting back to her senses she screwed her mind for that thought." Don't be dumb completely bonnie! Indeed it's you're fault. She silently scolded herself.

  " I'm really sorry sir...i.. didn't mean to" She stopped trying to firm her shaky voice and gently stoke her right arm with the other glancing away.

  Taking a look at bonnie's expression he let a quick yet calming sigh brushing off his hair with one hand and the other placed in his pocket.

  " Guess it's fair enough.. Me for trying to walk across the road without even looking at your direction" He spoke diverting his glance at the lady " My share of who's to blame scenario" he added

  Bonnie 's face suddenly face the yound man and examined his condition.

  " Let me drive you to the nearest hospital to have you checked. " she said starting to feel guilt about what happened.

  "I guess i don't have too. I'm fine as you could see. You weren't even over speeding. " He replied.

  "No. I insist! " she said taking the man's hand leading him to her car.

  The young man stopped and laughed at the act.

  "It's alright and i accept you're apology.. It's even hard to stay mad at someone as beautiful as you are " He smiled showing his porcelain teeth.

  Taken aback by his words Bonnie stared in bewilderment while watching the man pass through the fog.

  "That's strange.. His cute though " She smiled turning her back and get back to her car.

  Reaching out her phone Bonnie tracked her location she's few block away from her grandparents starting on the engine she managed to get back on driving.

  Eventually the fog decided to desperse into thin air exposing the roof of the mansion she parked at the right side where the garage are is located.

  "Welcome Home Bonnie! " She said Bitterly looking at