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In the Embrace of Terror

In the Embrace of Terror



General Romance

Chantylle Lanzetta, a spoiled brat and stubborn unica hija met Vren Marzon, a ruthless, heartless business prodigy and the heir of a large empire. She was forced to marry him because their company is failing. She tried to get away in that selfish decisions of her parents but in the end, she still got tied in the knot with him. Hurt and mad, never in her life she'd thought that her parents would do that to her.

  "Always remember to smile, Chantylle. You are not allowed to be rude at him, do you understand?" Papa instructed to me as he started driving our car.

  I rolled my eyes and did not answered.

  My head is leaning on the window's car while I watch the rain from the clouds to drop on the ground. I noticed how people on the sidewalks were trying to avoid it in the use of umbrella. Some of them were running.

  Funny to think how a lot of people hate rains. While I love it so much..

  This is supposedly just a normal day for me in my room, doing my usual routine, if it was not just because of the unexpected meeting my dad said I am in need. Meeting my ass! I know what kind of meeting we are going to. I am not dumb. My parents, especially my father is so easy to read.

  Papa stopped the car infront of a restaurant near our subdivision. He looked at Mama who is silently looking at me in the rear mirror before he turned to me.

  "I'm sorry if you have to deal with this, Princess.."

  I smiled fakely. "It's okay, Papa. Like I have a choice."

  "Chantylle.." Mama warned.

  Tears stung into my eyes. They both looked away when they saw it. And it made a stab on my heart.

  I had knew better. Life isn't just about happiness.

  My father, who I idolized the most, turned into someone I don't know now. He was a loving, caring and understandable father for me, back then.. He always do things for me to be happy. Gives me everything I want and anything I need. He was my savior, my all. But now? I don't know.

  "Please don't make this hard for us, Chan. You know the reason why we are doing this," Papa said in a calm tone.

  "Yeah.. Because of the company." I snorted.

  "This is for you! How many times do we have to say that?" Mama said firmly.

  I looked at her using the rear mirror. Her chinky eyes and thin lips is what I got from her. I have always love looking at her that's why. But looking at it right now makes me hurt even more..

  Here is my mother whom I love the most is the one who makes my heart shattered into pieces. She is the first woman who thought me all the things I need to learn. To be polite, decent, classic and sophisticated is the one who will ruin me too..

  It all started when they told me that our company is the most important thing in our family. They had thought me, since I was a kid, that they wouldn't have the means to give me all the things that I need if it wasn't because of the Lanzetta Food Corporation. Papa inherited it from my grandfather so it is really precious for him. For me, also. Because I know that it would be mine. I am an only child. The only one who will inherit it in time. That is why my parents are always telling me that without it, we won't have anything.

  I, also believed on it at first. That is why I would always understand back then that whenever there is an event in my school, they can't go. Because of the company. There's a problem on the company. There's a meeting. There's a very important appointment. They can't always make it.

  I swallowed all the pain from it. Because those were really a valid reasons.

  "This is Maria Chantylle Lanzetta, my daughter.." Dad said as he introduced me to the two person infront of us.

  They are both male specie. One of them looks old like my father and the other one is years older than me.

  My eyes darted to the younger man. My lips pursed as I check on him..

  He is wearing a black suit worn with a white shirt and a black bow tie. He looked too formal. He has a black messy hair, proud pointed nose and thin lips. His dark intense eyes are intimidating.

  "Chantylle, this is Mr. Raymond Marzon and his son, Vren Lucifer Marzon.."

  His thick brows were furrowed while looking at me like he knew all the mistakes that I did since I was a baby. Like he knew the naughty things and dark secrets of me. Like he knew me... So well.

  I have met so many boys who are in my age and also men who are years older than me. Most of them were sweet, caring, funny and jolly. I also have boy friends that has the same vibes of me. They are comfortable to be with. Much more confortable than my girl friends. Reason why it is so easy for me to interact with other boys/men too..

  But this man in front of me screams so much danger. Violence. Forceful. It's alarming..

  I avoided my gaze on him. My heart is throbbing so loud in nervous that I think it would explode in any time!

  "Chantylle, greet them," Mama commanded when she noticed that I was just staring.

  Acting like a robot, I twitched my lips to form a smile before I bowed my head to them.

  "Hi! It is such an honor to meet the both of you!" I greeted.

  It is in a very exagerrated happy voice which I don't care if they will notice it.

  The old man, Mr. Raymond Marzon laughed as the wrinkles on the side of his eyes showed. "You have a very sweet and beautiful daughter, Anthony," he said.

  Papa and Mama laughed too, maybe to hide their embarrasment in what I did. Because their laughs are just so stiff.

  I was breathing rapidly when I lifted up my head again only to see Vren Marzon's deep eyes staring directly at me. Never minding the shame for his stares, I raise my eyebrow on him. His expression changed with that. He now looked amused and his even lips twisted.

  My mood went ill more when we are eating.

  "So you graduated in Ateneo? And now, you are an engineer?" Mama uttered in a quite loud voice.

  "Yes, Mrs. Lanzetta," Vren answered.

  I rolled my eyes. Delighted, Mama clapped her hands. Papa smirked before drinking his water. Of course, they are so much pleased to hear that.

  They continued talking. I am getting bored and bored not until my phone beeped. Someone message me and when I looked at it, it made me more problematic.

  Alec: Where are you?

  I bit my lips before I put down my phone.

  "Mama, I need to go to the washroom," I whispered to my mother.

  "Okay. Make it fast, Chantylle," Mama said in authorative voice.


  I nodded at her and smiled. I look at Papa and Mr. Marzon. "Excuse me..."

  They nodded at me.

  My steps were fast as I walk towards the women's restroom. But I didn't come in. I walked passed to it. I only stopped in the hallway then I took my phone out of my sling bag. There are already two message from Alec. I cursed.

  Alec: Are you busy?

  I was about to reply when m phone rang from his call. I immediately swiped it to answer.

  "Hon!" I exclaimed and sighed.

  "Why are you not answering my texts, hon? Where are you?" he asked in a worried tone.

  "I.. Uhm.. I'm currently having a dinner outside with my parents.."

  "Dinner? Outside? With your parents?" he asked ridiculously. "Are you kidding me, hon? Your parents don't do that.."

  "I am not kidding. However, to clear your thoughts, maybe this is not really a family dinner. We are eating with some of Papa's business partner and his son!" I blabbed furiously.

  "What?! Go home now, hon," he ordered.

  My eyes widened when I came back to my senses. I shook my head repeatedly. "I.. I can't."

  I am so not into this. I am mad at my parents. But I don't want to do that. That is not the right thing to do.

  "We both know what's going on there, Chantylle! You know what your parents are thinking!"

  "Yes, I know, hon.. That's the reason why I am going to set this in the right way. I am going to fix this as soon as possible. You don't have to worry..." I said calmly even though I am not sure.


  Before I could finish hearing his sentiments, someone took my phone abruptly. Feeling shock, I gasped as I turned around. But when I saw who's the one who did it, I immediately became annoyed.

  "What the hell are you doing? Give me back my phone!" I shouted irritatedly at Vren.

  He is standing proudly while holding my phone. The side of his lips rose and I could see dancing amusement in his eyes.

  "How rude you are, Ms. Lanzetta. Talking to your boytoy while having a dinner with us?"

  My jaw clenched. "So what? This is none of your business! Give my phone back!"

  I tried to grab my phone out of his hand. I succeed when he let me. But when I lifted my gaze up to him, I caught him staring at me intently.

  “This is my business, Ms. Lanzetta. You are my business. Because as of now, I'm already your fiancé. Remember that," he said before he left me.