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Dark Rising

Dark Rising

Author:Aggie Lee



Dark Rising Freya Linwood is an Elemental/wolf hybrid. Her and her family protect the magical creatures in the forest. Her dad is the forest King, so she is a Princess. Not the frilly kind of princess though, a warrior, a fighter, and a defender and has no problem standing up for herself or to protect the weak. There have been a lot of strange attacks going on around the world. Dark Magic, people coming up missing and entire packs being wiped out. This of course has everybody on high alert and they are joining together with the Lycan’s. The Lycan King eagerly accepts the offer to join forces and his son Prince Damion will be one of there best fighters. Prince Damion is the description of tall dark and handsome, and he knows it. He is arrogant, has a huge ego, and is a total player and does not want a mate. All of these things irritate Freya, she is the exact opposite so when she finds out that he is her mate she is not happy. Tempers flair and sparks fly and while they are trying to figure out what they want they are in the middle of a war. A war with an ancient Vampire who is set on world domination. He is tired of the wolves and Lycans living peacefully with the weak pathetic humans and wants to wipe them out. With his mastery of sorcery and the new technology he is building an army. Once he meets Freya he becomes obsessed with her, her blood is sweet, she is powerful, and can’t forget beautiful and he wants to add her to his “collection”. Damion risks everything to protect his mate, even though he said he did not want one, he realized that he cannot be without her and he has to win her over and make her his Queen. The battles rage, the sparks fly and good finally triumphs over evil and Freya and Damion are the future King and Queen of the Lycans.

I’m taking a long look at my room, it is my own little space in the universe. I can relax and totally be myself here, so leaving is hard. I mean I know I will be back, but I am not sure when.

My name is Freya Linwood, and I am a hybrid, there are many races that do not like hybrids and I look a little different, and I guess it has made me self-conscious so my room has always been my safe haven, my no matter what happens go to place.

My mom, Alora, is a wolf and an Alpha female, she is a descendant from the Valkyries, so excellent fighting skills even if not in wolf form. She runs the pack and helps my dad with his duties and they make a great team.

My dad, Atticus, is an Elemental, He is also the Forest King, and his job is to watch over and protect the magical creatures that live in the forest’s.

These days there is not much belief in magic but it still all around us, humans are just too busy to notice it.

Being an Elemental, means he is an interdimensional being, he can travel to pretty much anywhere, but he chose to take this role and stay in this dimension when he found out my mother was his mate. His family frowned upon it, they did not agree with him being with a mere wolf and I don’t think he has talked to them since, and he never mentions them to us.

His power is Energy, he can manipulate any existing energy, create it, and release it.

My element is air, I control the wind, it sounds pretty basic, but it has its advantages. I can create blast of winds, tornadoes and I can breathe anywhere, so I can breathe underwater and swim with the mermaids and dolphins. Sometimes I go to caves underwater if I need some alone time because nobody can follow me. Also, I can turn into a mist and hover/hide it is great for spying or hide and go seek. I can levitate/fly and I have telekinesis, which means I can move stuff with my mind.

I also have a wolf, her name is Valeria, we call her Vee for short. She is pretty awesome and absolutely my best friend. She is wise beyond my years, so I always go to her for advice, well her or my mom.

She is solid white and absolutely beautiful. She can tap into some of my elemental abilities, she can run super-fast, you know like the wind, and she can turn into a mist, and be semi solid, so it makes her much more dangerous than the average wolf.

Then I have my twin brother Ardis, his element is fire; he controls fire and magma. He can create it, control it and absorb it and re use it, when he can absorb the energy of the fire then it save his mana, magic energy for something else.

His favorite party trick to do is breath fire and make fireworks, he also has an obsession with popping popcorn, which is cool, but he is still totally jealous that I can fly and he cant. Of course as his “baby sis” I use this to pick on him at times. My brother is an awesome guy, just like my dad, and even though we pick on each other I love him dearly.

His Wolfe is named Jax, he is, fierce and brave but still likes to be petted and will always accept a belly rub. He is an auburn color, very unique and he can shoot fire just like my brother, he also looks like he is on fire, it is so cool but of course I would never admit that to Ardis. He is only 2 min older than me and he still calls me his baby sister.

It is a week before our 18th birthday, and we are getting ready to the Lycan territory. We will be staying with the Royal family. There has been a lot of peculiar things going on, dark magic, stuff we have not encountered in a long time and pack members going missing. This has been increasing and it is cause for worry. We will be launching a full-scale investigation and collaborated training, so no matter what we find we will be ready.

We have gone off to battles before but this has my dad is really worried, he tries to hide it but he doesn’t get worried very much, so everybody is a little on edge.

We are assembling a group of the best fighters/warriors from all over. Us, with the Lycans and the best Wolfe fighters. We will be training together to form a team and hopefully be able to help when one of these attacks happen.

I am really excited to be on this special team the best of the best, me and my brother just want to make our parents proud. I am also really nervous, we live on the Sanctuary, it is pretty secluded, and we have not been around a lot of other people and since we are hybrids some are not very welcoming. I get nervous because we do look a little different, and honestly most people have never seen an Elemental so it draws attention, and I really don’t like the attention.

The downside is we will be with the royal family. My parents get along with the King and Queen, and my brother is buds with the future King Damion and his friends, but me and Damion have always clashed heads. I guess I am the more stubborn and Ardis is so laid back he can get along with anybody.

Oh but Damian Blackthorn is the most gorgeous creature I have ever seen, If you google tall dark and handsome it would have his picture, he looks like a straight up GQ model, but he totally knows this and is a player, like hard core player, so even though I have had a little crush on him I totally ignore it.

I always catch myself staring at him, and I know he has noticed it to. He does not pay me much attention, I am not the type of girl he goes for. I am not fancy and always dressed up, more like a tomboy and even though he is absolutely gorgeous our personalities clash, and looks only go so far.

He is a great warrior, never backs down and always ready to defend his pack, his people. He expects the best out of his fighters, which is great, but he doesn’t think ahead and use any kind of strategy. Me and my family are the opposite on that, we use strategy to make things simpler and reduce casualties and he is brute force kinda guy so in previous meetings we have had some disagreements on how to do things. He is a charge in and kill things and not really think about anybody else.

On the bright side, we will get to meet so many new people, wolves and Lycans from all over the world. Our pack, The Sanctuary, is very isolated, we do take in all kinds of magical creatures so there are a lot more than just wolves here so I have been lucky to be able to meet and grow up with some creatures that most have never seen.

We have a few vampire/wolf hybrids, neither race wanted them so they are with us. We have a lot of wolves that have lost there mate or were rejected and kicked out of the pack. We find that many of the Rogues are not really rouges by choice and have no desire to attack, just want a chance to live and they are always welcome here.

We all live together, share in the day-to-day chores and responsibilities. Me and mom love to cook and are always either preparing breakfast or dinner.

We are very self-sufficient, we grow a lot of our crops for the fresh veggies, and we have a small bakery.

We all train its not just the men, some packs and races it is only the men that train and fight, but here everybody trains. It is still a very simple life and our Sanctuary reminds me of a village that you would see on a postcard.

I’m heading downstairs to get ready to leave, I see my mother giving the final instructions to our Bettas Kaleb and Lyra, they are mates. They are super capable of taking care of things while we are gone but my mom, the Alpha that she is, worries and wants to make sure everything is taken care of. My dad and brother have all the luggage ready to go and are impatiently waiting for me and mom.

Alora, my dad yells, they will take care of everything, it will all be here waiting for us. My mom shoots him the evil eye which means she is aggravated. Me and Ardis kind of chuckle at them. They are truly in love but still can drive each other crazy.

We say our goodbyes to Kaleb and Lyra and load up and are ready to go. Since we are Elementals, we don’t travel like most creatures. We can

mostly my dad

can open a portal and go to any forest he needs to. It’s kind of like the movie Stargate, he dials in and off we go.

It does take a little getting used to, and the first time I did it I got motion sick, was not a pleasant experience, but I have grown used to it now.

We are arriving 2 days before the other guests to get settled in. So, I am sure my brother and his buds are going to get into some kind of mischief, and I can relax without them bothering me.

Traveling interdimensional has its perks, we arrive within minutes of leaving and there is no luggage check or customs to go through. When we step through the portal the royal family is there waiting for us, Lycan King Thaddeus and his beautiful Queen Marina, and of course their son Damion.

Alora, Atticus so glad you could make it. We have been looking forward to your arrival. Thaddeus is eager to greet us. He looks over at me and Ardis, wow you two have grown up since the last time I saw you. Whats it been Atticus 3 years now.

My dad agrees I believe so, I wish we could come on better circumstances it seems we only get together if there is something amiss.

I see Damion standing back there looking bored, like do I really have to be here. I think he has gotten more attractive, did not think that was possible. He finally comes over and greets my parents, then fist bumps Ardis long time no see bra glad you made it. He looks at me, oh hey Freya nice to see you to.

Hey Damion, nice to see you again, I say in the sweetest tone I can muster up. I mean it is good to see him he is easy on the eyes, and he radiates power, and you start to think wow, and then he opens his mouth and talks and that thought leaves my brain.