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The Mafia's Angel

The Mafia's Angel




Destiny made Sameera meet Kabir who was a part of a Mafia group that was having a significant impact in Las Vegas and India. But due to one misunderstanding of Kabir's enemies, Sameera got into danger which made Destiny bring her in front of the two paths. First was her LOVE and second was her REVENGE. What path Sameera will choose? And will she be able to reconcile with her love or her revenge will overcome her? Read this Romantic story filled with hatred. THE MAFIA'S ANGEL


As she opened her eyes, she could see a blurry image but she couldn't identify where was she?

As she tried to move she lose her balance fell on the soft mattress.

After collecting all her strength she sat on the bed and looked around while pressing her forehead due to a headache.

She realised that she wasn't in her room but somewhere else. After coming to her senses she also realised that she was in bridal attire. Now, she was knowing what was going on.

Sameera was a 19 years old girl whose parents died in a car accident. After that, his uncle and aunt took the responsibility of taking care of Sameera. Sameera was really grateful to his uncle and aunt until they show their real faces. At the age of 18, Sameera's uncle made her sign property paper in his name.

They also stopped her to get her higher education. As a year passed, his uncle and aunt started forcing her to obey their orders and marry an old man who was 30 years older than her. Till then, Sameera obeyed them like a puppet but now she was on the edge.

She denied them that she will not marry that man but his uncle started blackmailing her that he will sell her parents' house if she didn't obey him. The reason Rakesh, her uncle was forcing Sameera to this extent was that when that old man saw Sameera's picture he was mesmerised by her magnificent beauty.

He also offered Rakesh some money for marrying Sameera to him. Rakesh became greedy by looking at the value written on the cheque that the old man gave him. Rakesh's determination became more strong when that old man said that it was just an advance.

After marrying Sameera, he will give Rakesh a fortune. But till now they couldn't succeed in making Sameera agree on this marriage. Rakesh discussed the problem with Neelima, his wife and in the end, they agreed on a plan. One day, Neelima secretly mixed some sleeping pills in Sameera's food.

After Sameera became unconscious they both took Sameera to that old man's farmhouse. They both were shocked to see that luxurious farmhouse and started dreaming that after this they will also become rich and will own a luxurious place.

Sameera understood the whole situation. She was also suspecting her aunt who was behaving nicely to her and gave her some delicious food instead of the left out she used to eat every day.

She quickly got up and firstly she tried to open the door but it was locked. She hissed in frustration and again started looking for something to break the lock but suddenly she saw a half-opened window. She quickly went there and realised that she was on the first floor as she looked down.

She thought to escape from here but she hesitated. Although it wasn't that high still she wasn't sure that jumping from here would be safe or not. Her mind started working and soon she got an idea.

She took all the sheets and tied them like a rope. She also tied the one end with the leg of the bed and released the other end from the window. It was the only way for her or her uncle and aunt will make her marry that old bastard.

She carefully started getting down from the window by gripping tight on the rope. At first, when her whole body was hanging with the rope the bed moved towards the window which made her flinch but then she took some deep breaths and slowly started getting down.

When she was about to reach the ground suddenly one of the sheets got untied and Sameera fell on the ground hard. A scream also got escaped from her mouth which made some guards get their attention to that sound.

Sameera also realised it and quickly hide herself in the bushes. After a moment she some guards who came there and were shocked to see the scene. Those guards quickly retrieved their wally talky and informed, " All guards alert! The girl has got out of the mansion. Close all the entrances and alert others also."

With this, they walked out and Sameera took a sigh and finally looked at her condition. Due to falling her bangles got broken and some pieces got into her hand and she also got a sprain in her ankle which was now paining very much.

She hissed in pain but she didn't stop and quickly stood up and started going in the opposite direction where the guards went. After roaming for some time finally, she saw the entrance gate but there were guards. Her hope quickly faded away.

She hides herself behind a car and was moving slowly-slowly when she suddenly found out that the car was already open and when Sameera looked into the car she also saw the key was already inserted in. A weird expression appeared on her face as she got another idea.

The next moment those guards saw a car moving towards the entrance at a high speed. They were so shocked that when they come to their senses they realised that it was already late and the car already crashed the gate and was gone.

One of them quickly processed his mind and retrieved his walk talky and snapped, " gone. She's gone!!"

On the other hand, Sameera who never drove a car in her life was driving at a high speed. Her heartbeat was running like a bullet train which could anytime explode out of her chest. She breathing heavily.

She was not having a single idea about the place she was kept and now where was she going. She was scared the sh*t out of her.

She was still thinking about what to do and where to go when suddenly a car came from the opposite direction.

Sameera got panicked and she quickly turned her steering wheel to dodge that car and she was succeeded but unfortunately, as she turned that car it got hit with a tree.

Fortunately, the car was having airbags and Sameera got no harm still the jerk was so powerful that for a second her mind and body got numb. She couldn't feel herself. After coming to her senses she sighed and she felt crying at her terrible fate.

After some time she slowly came out of the car and realised that her mind was still seeing stars in the day, also her ankle sprain got worse. She thought, " Why? Why God why do you have to do this to me? Now can there be anything worse than this?"

She looked at the sky which was becoming darker and the stars and moon were shining in the dark.


Kabir was on his way to his mansion. He was driving the car with one hand and with the other, he has carried a cigarette which he was puffing in intervals. It was looking like he was in deep thought when suddenly his pupils got widen as he saw a figure in front of his car.

He quickly pushed the brake and turned the wheel on another side trying not to hit that guy. After stopping the car successfully he was sighing in relief when suddenly someone knocked on his window.

When he moved his gaze towards the direction he realised that it was a female. The girl said, " Excuse me, sir, my car has been crashed nearby, so.."

Kabir's eyes got narrowed as he realised what she was about to say and before she could complete her sentence, he quickly replied, " I will not give you a lift."