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Starved Passion

Starved Passion




This book contains mature contents, R18+ "You want me to touch you, don't you?" He whispered softly in her ears, his lips slowly teased her skin sending jolts of tingling sensation running down her spine. "We should not be doing this Sir." Ivana unconsciously arched her neck forward, enjoying the sensation his lips and hands were giving her. "Do what Ivana?" He asked, clearly amused, she looked so hot with her eyes, closed, lips parted, her chest heaving. "Th-this..." before she could complete her statement, his lip found hers, his kisses were deep, slow and intense making her knees go weak. He immediately pulled away from her when a soft moan escaped her lips, that was the sexiest sound he ever heard from a woman. ******* Ivana Davies had been transferred to NYC two weeks after getting her dream job to be the private secretary to the second son of Gilbert Group of company, a multi-billion Financial and software empire. Much to her dismay after catching her new boss, exchanging heat with the receptionist, she was asked to move over to NYC to become the secretary to the first son, the heir to Gilbert company who wanted nothing to do with his father's business. There she met the Irresistible, dangerous, Kinky Davin Gilbert.

Davin Gilbert, could be described as a successful self made billionaire in his early forties, irresistibly handsome and with a great body, being a genius in the software and real estate world, a goal oriented man who single handedly started his business without the help of his father, he never had a good relationship with his controlling father, who would do anything to subdue anyone including his mother and his Younger brother Tyler.

Davin never had a smooth ride throughout his childhood until he clocked 20, picked his bags, never looked back as he walked out of his father's house, His company become the top leading company in NYC, within the pace of ten years.

Not took long after the opening of his new company in New Zealand, a wave of relief rushed through him, the message was from Tyler, Davin didn't bother reading the rest, his focus was on the first three words, " Dad is Dead...."

He didn't know wether to cry, or to laugh, he was never his father's favourite, maybe due to the fact that he was always at loggerhead with the old man, he refused to be talked down on, refused to be controlled, and above all, never spent a dime of his controlling money to build his empire.

Everything about Davin was always scheduled, hectic, he never had the time to party, have fun with every women who are ready to pull their panties at the sight of him, knowing fully well that he had everything to get any woman of his taste, whichever shape or skin color.

Davin just couldn't find pleasure in them, not the ten minutes pleasure of sex, he wanted something more, he had no idea what kind of pleasure he was seeking for, maybe something intense, something warm, something personal, he couldn't pin point what exactly he wanted.

He was tired of seeing women all dolled up in makeups and artificial bodies, not like the bodies of women don't exicte him, Davin was searching for something else, that flame, the longing, the connection.

Three years ago, he gave someone his heart, he fell in love, he wanted to start a family with, she was everything he wanted in a woman, slim, sexy blonde, soft and curvy, her smiles could melt a stony heart, just the mere sight of her could make his cock rock hard, painfully yearning to posses her, he wanted to surprise her, he wanted to ask her to marry him.

Davin was prepared, he checked his pocket making sure the box containing the diamond ring was there, with a smile on his face, and a beautiful flower in his hand, he entered into her private model changing room, there she was, stark naked with Sylvester his business rival, pounding hard into her, both drench in sweat.

It hurt Davin so bad that for months he suffered emotionally and swore never to use his heart instead of his head, to him women are made for temporal pleasure, he determined from that moment henceforth to use and thrash out everything on skirt.

Davin never entertain any woman in his life, neither did he think about finding love again, He refused to think about relationships or give any female a chance to know him.


Ivana was running late for the interview she has after applying to numerous companies for a job, she was fed up with her current boss who only care about his bank account, not giving a hoot about the welfare of his workers.

Ivana never sees herself to be pretty, with her large blue eyes, petite body, and her breast? Not too large being termed pretty was just not what she could be described as.

Working as a waitress was a hell she was desperately wanting to get out of, she got the email interview invitation from Gilbert Group Of Companies, she had applied for the post of a secretary, seeing the email response from the company was a dream come true for Ivana.