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Forced To Be The Alpha's Breeder

Forced To Be The Alpha's Breeder




“What are you waiting for? I won’t tell you twice. On the bed.” His voice made me shake with fear. He commanded obedience, and I couldn’t escape his demand. Tears leaking from my eyes, shame darkening my cheeks, I crawled, naked and vulnerable, up onto the bed. I lay in place, eyes glued to the man who now owned me. My Master, Demetri, the Alpha of Bloodmoon. He was about to take my innocence, the thing I cherished most. I had saved my virtue all of these years for my mate, and he was going to rip it away from me like it meant nothing.

"Please! I'm begging you, leave me alone!" I ran down the hall to my bedroom, my step brother Jaxon hot on my heels.

I managed to make it in the door, but he was to fast for me to be able to lock it. I threw my weight against it as I tried my hardest to keep him out.

However, he was stronger than me and it didn't take long for him to shove the door open.

"Jaxon, Please! I'm your sister!" I cried as he backed me towards the bed.

"STEP sister." He annunciated the word, giving me a wicked smile.

I continued to move backwards and was caught off guard when I felt my bed hit the back of my knees. I felt myself falling onto the mattress. In a matter of seconds he was on top of me. I tried to struggle, but he was just so much stronger than me. He reached out and stroked my face.

"It's to bad you, you're just so pretty."

What was to bad? He bent down and began to smell my hair. He shivered slightly as he did so, letting out a moan. I felt absolutely disgusted.

This was my stepbrother for crying out loud. I felt his tongue on my neck and I started to cry.

"Mmmmm.. you taste good to." His hands found their way under my shirt and soon I felt him touching my chest.

I did my best to block out the sensation, but he didn't like that. He tugged on my nipple, causing me to scream in pain.

He instantly put a hand over my mouth.

"Shut up stupid. Do you want us to get caught?" He smacked me across the face.

Yes. I wanted this to stop more than anything. His hands returned to my body and I tried to imagine that I was anywhere but here.

However, my worst nightmares began to unfold as I felt his hands lower.

"No, Not there. Please, Jaxon, I'm begging you." I began to shake as I was racked with sobs.

I felt his hand slide down my pants as he began to fondle me. I cried even harder.

I felt his hand move out of my pants and I felt myself heave a sigh of relief. He was finally stopping. Then I felt him begin to tug my pants down.

No... NO!

This had to stop. I tried to struggle again, but it was no use. He held me down firmly.

"Stop trying to act like you don't want this, whore." He had pulled both our pants off, and my underwear.

There was nothing separating us but the thin materiel of his boxers. He began to rub himself on my naked nether region. I felt entirely humiliated.

"What are you doing?" I pleaded with my eyes for him to stop this, but he only continued, letting out sick sounds as he did so.

"What does it look like. I'm finally going to have you, that's what I'm doing." He slid off his boxers, and stood naked before me.

I closed my eyes tightly.

No. This couldn't be happening. Was he seriously going to take my virginity? He couldn't I was saving that for my mate.

No. I couldn't let this happen. I began to violently fight against his arms, but he just smacked me for my resistance.

As I felt him line himself up to enter me I knew all was lost. I could never undo the damage he was about to do.

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?!" I heard a screech coming from the doorway.

Thank god, I was saved. I took advantage of his distraction to grab my clothes, pulling them on quickly.

"You know that we need our merchandise to me PURE! She can't have any blemishes, otherwise there will be hell to pay! Do you want our life to get better or not?!"

My stepmother, Samantha, had saved me from the worst fate, but her words only confused me.

Merchandise? What did she mean?

"Oh come on mom! She'll be gone soon enough. What's the harm in having a little fun with her before she goes?"

Just then my father came into the room.

"What's going on in here- JAXON WHY ARE YOU NAKED? Put on some clothes for Christ's sake." He picked up Jaxon's underwear off of the floor and chucked them at him.

"You know you can't mess with your sister right now. She has to remain untouched for our visitors." He hardly ever raised his voice at my brother. Something was wrong. Why was everyone acting funny?

I turned to my stepmother. "What did you mean, merchandise?" She looked at me, first with an air of pity, and then with a sneer. She opened her mouth to answer, but my brother beat her to it.

"She means that you're going to be sold to some hot shot Alpha as his maid, that's what! After all, that's all you've ever been good for in this house anyways." He gloated in my face. Sold? They were selling me?! That couldn't be right.

I turned to my father, disbelief evident on my face, but he only turned away in disgust. " Alpha of Bloodmoon is in need of a Maid." He confirmed. What?! The Alpha of Bloodmoon?!

I was in disbelief I looked at my father as he stood, and then up to my stepmother. This couldn't be true.

However, the gleeful look on her face only confirmed his words.

"Oh come on now Isabella. Don't act so surprised. You should be happy. The Alpha of Bloodmoon is one of the most powerful men in the world. You should be honored. Yes, he may have some more… unsavory characteristics. We all know how much he enjoys… hunting. It's true he's done his fair share of violence, but to be a member of his pack is something a girl like you could only dream of."

She looked at me with a smile, but her eyes conveyed resentment.

The bloodlust that the most powerful Alpha on this side of the world held was infamous.

The amount of men he had killed was more than could be counted. He was known for his brutality and hatred. Rumors spread fast about him, and from what I had heard he killed anyone who so much as breathed in a way he didn't like. His name was soaked in bloodshed, including the blood of his own father.

This man didn't have time to negotiate. You did as he said, or you died. He commanded obedience.

There was no blow to far below the belt. He would do anything to ensure that those under his command obeyed his every order.

Those who did not comply would not live to see another opportunity to fail him.

Not only was the man a terrifying presence, but so was his wolf. It had blood red eyes that glowed in the dark, constantly watching, waiting for a reason to pounce.

That was the man that my father had sold me to.

I knew backtalk would only anger my father, but I had to try.

"Please! Anything but that! I'll do whatever you say, I'll work more! I'll get another job! Please don't send me to him!"

Once again, my stepmother spoke for him. She seemed to be in a great mood today.

"Begging is unbecoming of you. Listen to your father. Stop causing problems."

How could they seriously expect me to go along with this? I was my father's only flesh and blood, who else would carry on his bloodline?

I begged again. "Please, I'll do anything. I can make more money, please give me a chance!"

I frantically looked back and forth between my father and Samantha, but neither of them budged.

NO. NO! This couldn't be happening!

I went to my dresser to grab all of the money I had squirreled away over the years.

I had been planning to try and run away in a few weeks, to start a new life, but this new information threw a wrench in my plans.

I had to try and make a break for it.

Once I had the money in my hands I ran for the door, but Jaxon was to quick. He grabbed me by the waist and dragged me to the bed, throwing me down onto it.

The tin can containing all of my spare money went flying into the wall spilling coins and bills all over the floor.

"What's this?" My stepmother bent to pick up a ten dollar bill.

"Do you see this Michael? Not only has the lazy bitch been slacking off, but she's been STEALING from us as well!" She was so good at riling my father up.

"No! I haven't! This is my money that I earned!" I tried to defend myself, but it only upset my father more.

"Why you little-" He raised his hand to slap me, but Samantha stopped him.

"Michael, don't disfigure the girl. She still needs to be… presentable… to our guests. Remember?"

I used to love my stepmother, Samantha. I had once thought that we would be a happy family.

After my mother died, it made me happy to see my father find someone new, someone who made him happy.

I had once hoped that she could make me happy to, but Samantha had different plans.

"Don't forget, we still need her pretty face. It's one of the only things she has going for her."

I felt myself begin to sob. "Please, dad, you can't do this. What would mom say?" I heard a roar come from my father as his eyes darkened.

He grabbed me and choke slammed me into a wall. Mentioning my mother had been a mistake.


He threw me to the ground, and I heard several sickening crunches. My bones had broken.

The pain was unbearable and I felt myself fading in and out of consciousness.

He began to kick me in the ribs as I tried to shield my head, only earning multiple blows to my arm's and neck.

I began to sob like a baby, I had always been careful to hide my tears from my family, but at this point, I could care less how they saw me.

I wished my mother was here. She would stop this. My father hadn't always been like this. He used to be an honorable man. He used to love me. He used to call me his babygirl and give me rides on his shoulders.

What had happened to the man I used to know?

"Michael, sweetheart! Please! Remember the deal we made with the Beta, she needs to look good for them." Samantha seemed panicked as she pulled my father back.

He seethed as he stared at me.

"Jaxon!" My stepmother said his name in a strange voice. "Get your sister cleaned up. Our guests will be here soon and she needs to be presentable."

"Yes ma'am!" Jaxon said, sounding way to excited.

I was in so much pain I couldn't care. Everything faded into darkness as he picked me up and hoisted me over his shoulder, my father storming out of my room and down the stairs.

The last thing I remembered was hearing my stepmother warn him not to mess up my face, as it could cost them their deal with the Alpha of Bloodmoon.