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Between Two Of Us (Two)

Between Two Of Us (Two)



General Romance

After meeting Tristan Harris, Aliana started being confused about her feeling towards Kian Watson. She started questioning every little bit of feeling Tristan is giving her. After spending hours, and days with Tristan, the eighteen-year-old aspiring architect started making decisions that will make her life turn around.

Chapter 36: TIME

I kept on looking around while we were heading to the cafeteria. Me, being paranoid, irritated him immediately. “Will you please stop looking from left to right? You are making me dizzy.” He groaned. “If you don’t want to be with me, then leave! As simple as that!” I rolled my eyes. The students’ eyes darted to us as soon as our foot rested on the tiled floor. They immediately looked away when Tristan glared at them with his usual mood. “Stop being mean,” I whispered to him “Their stares are annoying me.”

I rolled my eyes. There is no way this asshole would change for the better. “Whatever.” I gulped after I sat when the students looked at us for the second time. Why am I so nervous?! They don’t even know that I have a relationship with Kian!

“What do you want to eat?” he asked. I was hungry earlier, but now, I don’t think I am still hungry. I’ve lost my appetite. I sighed. “I’ll just go with bread and oranges juice.” I was about to stand to buy my food when he stopped me. “Stay here, I’ll buy.” He stood up. “But—” I didn’t get the chance to finish what I am going to stay because he already walked away. I was just going to give him money for my food.

I am smiling like an idiot to whoever is looking at me. I don’t want to feel awkward, but I think I just made the atmosphere between me and the students more awkward. I would’ve just looked away when they glance.

Three minutes after Tristan left, he finally came back. Two juice boxes in his right hand and two sandwiches in his left hand. I only want plain bread, but a sandwich would do. He put my food in front of me, and I didn’t talk to him while eating.

“I’ll walk you to your room after this.” I looked up at him with a frowned face. “You don’t have to do that, I can walk by myself, you know?” I swallowed the bread in my mouth. He slightly shook his head. “I am going to see Charlotte, stop pushing me away, could you?”

“Oh.” I almost forgot that his best friend and younger brother are one of my classmates. He couldn’t blame me! This is the first time I am being nervous around students in our school. If I didn’t meet him, I have a lot of friends now, for sure.

“Who gave you that?” he asked while looking at the bracelet I am wearing. I stared at it for over ten seconds before waving my hand in the air, trying hard to distract him. “Let’s go, I don’t want to be late.” I took my bag after I stood up. He nodded. “Yeah, you’re right.”

It’s not that I don’t want to tell him that Charlotte was the one who gave me this. I just feel like it is going to be awkward talking about his friend, or girlfriend… whatever the relationship they have between the two of them.


“Aren’t you studying?” I asked while walking through the empty hallway. I know it is pretty personal to ask him that, I just couldn’t help it. Besides, there is no wrong with that.

He glanced at me for a second before looking back in the hallway. “I am not studying. Academic is giving me headaches.”

“What? Studying is fun! Where do you get your money if you are not studying, then?”

“I am working, Yana.”

“Really?” I have never imagined a guy like him is capable of working. I mean, he is a total jerk. He is lucky that someone accepted him to work. I just hope he is doing good. I wonder why his parents let him work instead of studying. “What is your work? Is it good? Or… are they giving you a high salary?”

“I am working in a bar every weekend. The salary isn’t that high. Besides, I am only working there whenever I want. The manager is one of my father’s friends.”

“Oh… that’s cool.” I bet he is hooking up with every chic there.


Charlotte quickly stood up when she saw us in front of our classroom. “He wants to talk to you,” I whispered to her. If ever she would ask later, I will tell her that I saw Tristan and we walk together since we are going to the same destination.

I was bored the whole time our professor is discussing. Even a single word she said didn’t come into my mind. What is wrong with me? My mind is blank that I didn’t notice Eric too. He was calling my name for three minutes now when Haidee touched me.

I blinked thrice before shifting in my seat. “W-What? Are you saying something?” I asked.

“You are not paying attention since you entered the room. We only have five minutes before the class ends,” he said and I nodded.

“Where is Charlotte?” I looked around. Her bag and even her things are not here anymore.

“She left already. She said goodbye to you multiple times but you are so occupied that she couldn’t wait anymore.” Haidee shook her head. I should say sorry to Charlotte tomorrow.

“Ali.” The familiar voice held my hand when I went out of our room. I looked at Kian with my eyes wide open. We are in a sea of students and I don’t think they notice him. “Bye, Haidee, Eric!” I waved my hands in the air before pulling Kian away in that place. I removed my blazer to put it in his head when we are now in an open field. He is appearing out of nowhere! I already tell him how many times that I don’t want anyone to see us together!

I continued pulling him away from the crowd. We stopped at the back of our laboratory building. I put my both palms on my knees, I didn’t stop panting. It’s really hard to hide.

I hope he just called me to meet him somewhere far from here. He shouldn’t be there, in my room. Especially around this time.