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The Black Ocean And Walk

The Black Ocean And Walk

Author:Mehr Afroze


Realistic Urban

The story of a young enthusiastic girl's wavy journey how she started her career with troubles and took a stand for herself. She completed her all dreams.She went beyond & beyond limits to gain what she wanted. How some incidents changed her life. How she met the love of life. The awesome life started but for how much time. Seemed to her a blue river but actually was a black ocean and who was swinging with her there.

Granny Granny ! Where are you ?

Look what grade i have in my result card.

'Coming Esra jani i am just upstairs'.

Oh Granny ! you are doing clothes in such a hot blazing sun outside. Esra said awfully.

"Show me your result card Esra. "

Granny asked excitedly wiping off her hands.

Esra the sixteen year old girl with mix asian british features the large forehead , big black eyes , the long curly lashes , beautifully designed red tint lips. It would not be wrong to say her epitome of beauty and innocence.

No! granny u were doing clothes and this pissed me off to hell.

Oh whatever Esra jani.. Granny snatched Esra's card with love. Oh wow , you my love maintained your record.

I am so so so proud of u my bucha.

This week your baba jani will come and he must be so much of proud of u when u will tell me.

Granny dont ruin my mood ! By taking name of your son.

She said loudly.

Bucha your baba jani loves you very much trust me. He daily asks about your goodness & wellness. Its not like the way u suppose. Oh really ! Granny dont give me absurd reasons to love baba.

If he does care of me , he keep me with him in Islambad. But he only loves his wife. I am the only daughter of Fateh Ali , the renowned politician who owns every luxury but kept me here miles away in Lahore in this miserable old house more like a cottage. No !! granny this is not love.

He loves his wife Zaina.

She is your mama Ersa. You are crossing your limits.

Oh really ! I never believed in her and she never tried to make me believe it.

Well let's end it here. It's useless to discuss the things that have no end.

Granny sometimes " I think Amir Ali is more lucky than me ". She almost said it with tearful eyes.

She was holding her tears as granny could see waters in her black eyes.

He enjoyed in my house more than I lived there. He is there from his birth and uptill now when he is 23 years. He is the right hand of my ba-- she stopped

Your son Fateh Ali.

Well , well well Granny , I forgot to tell you that tomorrow Hayat is coming to meet you. She was blushing but Granny thought her face is getting red due to heat from outside.

Granny asked her to get fresh.

Ah ! Fateh I have tired of explaining it to her that you love her so much.

But she is angry with u. She made call to Fateh as she stepped out to get fresh.

Please Fateh we both are so alone here. And u know Esra jani repeats again and again that we are alone here. She is getting rude every day.

Well , how's zaina ? She is fine and as always outside doing shopping with her friends , Fateh replied coldly.

Fateh today Esra blamed that Fateh only love his wife.

Yeah I love Zaina but both of you are equally important to me.

Fateh Esra needs u. Why dont u leave everything and live with us

A happy family is her dream.

I can not do this , replied Fateh.

My enemies are always trying to find my weakness. Esra is my biggest weakness.

I can not just risk her life. Her high education is very necessary.

I am also unhappy about this situation but I am helpless.

Mom I am helpless because she is one whom I loved more than any one in this world. She is the one who bring life to my life. She is the light in my dark world.

I still remember when her--- Oh Mom, important call is coming. I'll catch you later.


Yes Amir what's the news?

Sir , The news is that Mr. Sikander has hired new agents to create hurdles in your way during Elections.

He has fired his old maid due to some conflict in house.

Sir I think It would be helpful for us to get in touch with that lady. She could be potential source of information.

I was thinking the same Amir.

Approach them I want her as soon as possible.


Fateh let's get ready we have a dinner outside.

Which dinner Zaina ?

I am not in mood to go out Zaina.

Fateh what has happened to you. You dont go out with me like before. You ignore me all the time.

Zaina I love u.

Nothing has changed. Ok zaina I will get ready in 15 minutes.

Now the Zaina knows 15 minutes mean two good hours. Because Fateh knows How to present himself.


In the backyard of Fateh Ali Mansion , a corridor goes to the 2 room cottage where Amir Ali is sleeping sound.

Suddenly his door was banging with heavy hands.

He opened his door.

Amir , your Sir is calling you. Go there. What kind of servant you are. Its 7.45 am and you are still sleeping.

Go and follow your master's order. The owner of this house gets up early in the morning.

Oh God. How my day will pass ! I have seen your face in morning.

She ran with the tik tik of her heels. Amir saw her from behind and smiled with a sorrow.


Esra was getting ready , she get herself beautifully dress in a off white dress with a lilac color dupatta around her shoulders.

Granny what u have made for hayat ?

I have made all your favourite dishes.

No granny it's time to make his favourite dishes.

Hayat came in. She looked herself in mirror.

She pretended to be calm. But her eyes were not silent.

Hayat was her childhood mate. The best friend who can share him with anything. She had feelings for him since 1 year. She have known him for 5 years when she was 11 year old.

And now she wants to be with him.

Hayat was a decent looking charming personality.