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His Pampered Wife

His Pampered Wife



In a world teetering on the edge of betrayal, Yi Ruyan's heart shattered when she uncovered her fiance's secret tryst with her own half-sister. Fueled by a mixture of fury and desperation, she dialed a number that would alter her destiny forever: Leng Haotian, a man rumored to possess an enigmatic past. Within moments, an audacious proposal escaped her lips, and to her astonishment, Leng Haotian accepted without hesitation. Their union became a haven of unconditional love and opulent devotion, shielding Yi Ruyan from the pain of her past. But as whispers of envy and doubts danced in the shadows, Yi Ruyan's heart grew heavy with an unfamiliar emotion. One fateful day, consumed by jealousy and a searing rage, Yi Ruyan unleashed her anger, unleashing the words that hung in the air like a blade: "Leng Haotian, I want to divorce you." Her demand reverberated through the room, the weight of their relationship hanging in the balance. But Leng Haotian, a man of mysteries and secrets untold, met her fury with a chilling smirk. His voice dripped with an unsettling confidence as he delivered his defiant response: "No way! Divorce is not in my dictionary, only widowhood is!" Now, the stage is set for a heart-wrenching romance entangled in uncertainty and peril. Will Yi Ruyan succumb to the shadows of doubt, or will she dare to unravel the enigma that is Leng Haotian?

Yi Ruyan was wearing a lovely wedding gown and bridal cosmetics, but her skin was quite pale. She grimaced and looked down at her phone, which she clutched tightly.

She was watching the video on her phone. A guy and a lady were entwined in the film, doing intimate actions.

The man in the video happened to be the man she was going to marry today, Luo Mingyu. She recognized the woman as her half-sister. She bullied her at home and stole her possessions. Yi Rushi was harsh and haughty in private, but she was a well-known socialite in the Imperial City!

"Heh..." Yi Ruyan sneered as she twitched the corner of her lips. She had no idea her sister was already with her fiance.

The door of the lounge opened, and Yi Ruyan's father, who was always cold to her, came in with Yi Rushi.

"Why are you still standing there? The guests have already arrived. Why don't you go out quickly?" Yi Ruyan's father, Yi Jiangyuan, glared at her with a cold face.

Yi Ruyan looked at Yi Jiangyuan and Yi Rushi coldly. Her look made Yi Rushi feel a little uncomfortable. She looked at Yi Ruyan with a proud face and said, "What are you looking at? I'll dig your eyeballs out if you do that." 

"Ha... Yi Rushi, the famous socialite in the Imperial City, is so vicious that she can dig out someone's eyes just because that someone looked at her." Yi Ruyan said sarcastically.

"So what? What can you do even if you know of my evil deeds,? Outsiders still think that I am a well-educated and reasonable young lady." Yi Rushi said arrogantly.

"Dad, I refused to get married." Yi Ruyan raised her head and summoned up the courage to speak to her own father.


As soon as Yi Ruyan finished her words, Yi Jiangyuan raised his hand and slapped her. "Shut up. Let me tell you, you must get married today. It's not up to you to be willful. At that time, you voluntarily agreed to marry him. Now you go back on your word? What's your intention?"

"Oh... Dad, am I really not your biological daughter? You know, I have never been so reckless and impulsive. Why did you hit me without asking me? Can't you ask me why I don't want to get married?" With tears in her eyes, Yi Ruyan arched her neck resolutely and looked up at Yi Jiangyuan.

Her heart was in pain.

He was her biological father. It never mattered to her that he had been partial to Yi Rushi since she was a child. However, she had never felt that she was his biological daughter.

"I don't care what the reason is. You have to get married today." Yi Jiangyuan's face was cold.

"Yi Jiangyuan, let me tell you, I won't be getting married today. You wanted a union with the Luo family so badly and thought the world of the Luo family, then you should just let Yi Rushi marry Luo Mingyu. At that time, you clearly knew that I was unwilling to marry Luo Mingyu, but in the end, you forced me to sacrifice my own marriage for your benefit. Well, I regarded myself as a contributing member of this family, so I married him. In the end, your little daughter seduced my fiance and went to bed with him, and you still want me to marry him? Since your precious younger daughter likes him so much, you can let her marry him." Yi Ruyan roared angrily and showed the video on her mobile phone to Yi Jiangyuan.

"Where did you get this video?" Yi Rushi looked at her coldly and asked. She snatched her phone away and deleted the video. With a calm expression, she pushed the phone back into Yi Ruyan's hands. "Oh... let me tell you, I did it on purpose. I don't love Luo Mingyu, but I want to snatch everything from you. I'm happy, I'm willing to do that."