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Love Story of Chasing My Reborn Ravishing Wife

Love Story of Chasing My Reborn Ravishing Wife



Yun Weinuan lay on the operating table with fear and despair in her eyes. She was five months pregnant, but was forced to abort. She never thought that her beloved husband, who promised to love her for the rest of his life, would be so cruel to her. Yun Weinuan kept begging the doctor to show mercy. However, the doctor killed her child and her last hope. Just as Yun Weinuan was dying because of massive bleeding, she saw the next door through the curtain. Her husband was making out with her best friend! Hearing the groans, Yun Weinuan felt a sharp twist in her heart. "You shameless couple, if God give me another chance, I will never be so stupid!" Well, as she wished, Yun Wei Nuan was reborn...

When Yun Weinuan, who had just passed her 21st birthday, lay on the operating table, she could not help trembling. Her big eyes were full of fear and despair. Her pale cheeks were stained by her tears. 

Having been pregnant for more than five months, she didn't even have a chance to resist. She was just drugged and sent to the operating room with her hands and feet tied.

The expressionless doctor walked over. She held a bone-chilling scalpel in her hand and said coldly, "Yun Weinuan, you're in the middle stage of your pregnancy, am I right?" 

"No, no.  I don't want to lose my baby. Doctor, look, the baby is still moving!"

Yun Weinuan sobbed and sobbed. Even though she had been drugged, she still struggled to hold on and refused to let herself fall asleep. She was afraid that if she slept, she would be separated from the baby forever!

The doctor raised his eyelids and glanced at Yun Weinuan. His cold gaze swept across her bulging belly. Sure enough, there was still a slight movement of the little life there.

"The scan shows that your fetus has a heart tumor. Your husband and mother-in-law have signed it. Why are you still crying?"

Yun Weinuan kept shaking her head and cried so hard that she could hardly breathe.

"No, the child is healthy. They forced me to give birth to a baby because I was pregnant with a girl. Doctor, I beg you to wait a little longer. My father will be here soon, okay?"

The doctor didn't even look up. "The anesthetic has been given, and the surgery fee has been paid. Do you think the operation can still stop? Don't blame me. If you want to blame someone, you can only blame yourself for being unlucky."

The doctor didn't even wait for the anesthetic to work in Yun Weinuan's body, as if he was worried that the longer the night dragged on, and forcibly cut her belly with a sharp scalpel. 

At the moment when her belly was cut open, Yun Weinuan cried out in pain, "Please let go of my child!"

However, it was useless. In this hidden clinic, doctors and nurses only cared about money. They had no conscience. 

After a while, a fetus was pulled out of her. 

It was just a five-month-old baby, but as soon as the baby left the mother's body, he suddenly cried like a kitten. With only one sound, there was no more movement.

"Ah, it's a boy! He's still alive!" A nurse couldn't help shouting.

The doctor said coldly, "Why are you still keeping it? What are we going to do after taking their fees? Do you not want your salary anymore?" 

Yun Weinuan struggled to turn her head and saw that the nurse's hand was on the baby's mouth and nose.


This "don't" seemed to have exhausted all her strength. She begged in a hoarse voice, trying to save her poor and innocent child from the clutches of the devil. 

However, the nurse's hands became tighter. Soon, everything was settled and there was no way to save anything.

At this moment, Yun Weinuan's heart felt as if it had been squeezed by someone. Her eyes were wide open, and blood-red tears gushed out.

She stared at the small ball of flesh that was thrown into the trash can. It was so quiet and desperate.

At this moment, Yun Weinuan's broken heart suddenly surged with hatred. She screamed with all her strength, "Liang Chen! I hate you!"

Then, someone shouted in panic, "It's bleeding! I can't stop it! I can't stop it at all!"

Yun Weinuan felt that her body was light and soft, as if she was lying on a cloud. Her whole body was no longer painful and cold. It was so warm that she wanted to sleep.

In her arms lay a little child, leaning against her, sleeping soundly and peacefully.