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The Devil's Seventh Wife

The Devil's Seventh Wife




It is rumored that city has a very rich William family, unfortunately, the great young master Christopher has a serious illness, a disease that is expected to live no more than 30 years old. It is also said that in recent years, Christopher has married almost every year, but no wife has survived, the reason for getting married is unknown, but the cause of many wives has died. no one is good either. When the William family brought the bride to the Elizabeth family, Arianne did not expect that her biological father would cruelly push her into hell, forcing her to become his seventh wife of Christopher. When entering the monk's house, Arianne committed suicide, had escaped, but in the end, still could not escape the arranged fate. Every day, not only has to take care of a sick husband who can vomit blood to die at any time, but also have to deal with all kinds of traps and conspiracies of the people next to him.

If we say that the richest and most prestigious family in the kingdom, even beggars on the street can say it, it is the William family that suddenly appeared in recent decades! Rumor has it that the William family is as rich as the state, but the great young master Christopher has a serious illness, which is a disease that is not expected to live beyond the age of 30. There are also rumors, in recent years, that Christopher will almost year marry a wife, but no wife can live to the next day, the reason is unknown.

However, a man filled with such mysterious colors, Arianne did not expect that she would become his seventh bride even if she died. A month ago, the William family defiantly brought a bride to the Elizabeth family, specifically wanting the eldest daughter of the Elizabeth family - Aretha to marry Christopher.

Yes, they wanted the eldest daughter of the Elizabeth family, Aretha Elizabeth. But the one to marry into William's house today is the second child Arianne Elizabeth. She once refused and protested, but in the end, still became Christopher's wife under the pressure of her father. Arianne had never believed in curses, did not believe in fate, and did not understand that someone who could run such a large William empire, was so superstitious.

Today is the day she married Christopher, no wedding ceremony, no blessing, nothing but a ring, not even the groom's shadow. In the afternoon, the William family sent a motorcade to pick her up from Elizabeth's house, then took her from William's house, and after taking her to Mass with a lot of things, took her to a large luxurious bedroom. The light in the darkroom was eerie, Arianne was alone sitting at the edge of the bed, panicking, dreaming, everything was like a dream.

Anyway, I didn't expect my wedding to be like this, completely different from the scene in my dream. The thing that made her feel the most insecure was the next night of flowers.

Thinking of Christopher having six ex-wives who died in rumors, she couldn't help but feel fear, looking around, it was clear that a very grand, very luxurious bedroom, but everywhere exuded a strange atmosphere. heck. Even the jade-encrusted gold ring on the little finger gives off a monstrous light under the murky lights...

She - who has never believed in ghosts and gods, unconsciously hugged her knees tightly, her face full of fear. Suffering forever, she was also tired, leaning on the bed and began to dream. After all, it was the wedding day, and it was in the territory of a stranger, she did not dare to sleep too deeply, nor did she know how long she slept, while dreamingly heard the door open. Her spine was cold, she stood up instinctively, and half of the sleepiness disappeared.

With the sound of the door opening, a tall, thin figure appeared in front of her. However, since the last light in the bedroom was also turned off, it was completely dark in the room, except to see that the person entering was a tall man with a tall build. Not seeing his appearance, not seeing his expression, but… could clearly feel the demonic breath on him, just one look, Arianne couldn't help but take a breath.

She was shocked, is this her husband? The mysterious man who died with six wives, lived no more than 30 years old in rumors? But he looks so healthy, why can't he live past 30? Superstition, definitely superstition! Arianne shook her head, what are you thinking? At this time, do you still have the mood to care if you are superstitious or not? Concerned about how many wives he died the day before? Christopher finally took a step toward the large bed, and Arianne saw him come toward her and instinctively shrank into the center of the bed. Christopher stood in front of her, looking down at her scornfully, his voice as cold as his: "I heard you can cure my disease?". Arianne opens her mouth, can she cure his illness? What does that mean? Even she herself didn't believe it, and yet he did? "I'm asking you," Christopher leaned forward, his long, pearly fingers grasping her chin, lifting her, forcing her to look him straight in the eye.

There was a moment when he saw the figure of that girl deep in her eyes, at first when he looked at the picture, he had this feeling, that's why he agreed to the old lady's arrangement to marry the old lady. she is a wife. Knowing that the girl in front of her was not her, but still took it back. In the dark, she couldn't see his face clearly but was scared for a moment by the two rays of light deep in his eyes. Arianne hesitated for a few seconds, then replied with a trembling voice: "If… I say I can't, will you let me go?". "Tell me?", Christopher suddenly jerked her chin away, commanding: "Take off your clothes." "I'm not…", Arianne kept her pajamas tight, this man was so scary, she didn't want to have a relationship with him. In a panic, she turned and scrambled off the bed from the other end.

Christopher quickly grabbed a corner of her pajamas again before she could act. “A gentleman moves without a move! Don't pull my clothes!" Arianne tried to get away from him, slamming down on the bed. Angered Christopher, circled from the end of the bed to face her, grabbed one of her arms, roughly pushed her back onto the bed, then moved forward, stripping her pajamas off. Arianne felt cold skin, knew she had been stripped, she was both embarrassed and angry, struggling and shouting: “Christopher! How could he bully such a weak girl? I have to sue you for rape…”.

Christopher did not waver from her pressure and struggles, his muscular body pressed against hers, taking her body rudely, and coldly whispering in her ear: "This time for the best. yes, otherwise you will end up like them!”. Arianne listens to him, cold inside, like them? Who are they? Six wives couldn't make it through his wedding night? She stared fearfully at the face with vague facial features before her eyes.

He didn't even know what it was like to love flowers. Arianne can't escape him, can only grit her teeth to hold back, after being tortured for a long time, Arianne also didn't know if she was tired and then passed out, or passed out by the man on her body, in short, her consciousness disappeared bit by bit, bit by bit, not knowing anything. Arianne had a dream, in the dream, there was a fire burning, her sister Aretha stretched out her hand to ask for help, she said she was all bad the day before, she shouldn't cause trouble at all. for her, bully her. She said she didn't want to die, didn't want to have her face destroyed.

Then, a natural fire broke out, suddenly swallowing the older sister. "Older sister!" Arianne screamed, suddenly sitting up on the bed, with sweat on her forehead. Everything in front of her eyes was strange, she had never seen it before. She sat numbly on the bed for a while, then was surprised to realize that her body was in uncomfortable pain as if it had been dislocated. Little by little the memory of before sleeping became clear, the appearance of Christopher, the sight of Christopher on top of her, she lowered her head, saw her own body. Then turning his head to the side, a man could be seen in the blink of an eye!