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My Mute Alpha Mate

My Mute Alpha Mate




"Vera felt betrayed after she caught her Alpha Smith mating with her sister, Molly and decided to hide the news of her pregnancy from her Alpha Smith. She ran away from her pack, the Greymoon pack, to another pack, the Nightmoon pack, after being rejected by her Alpha Smith who took on her sister Molly to be his new Luna. While in Nightmoon pack, Vera met and fell in love with Vince who was her fated Mate from another pack, Hallowmoon Pack unknown to her as he pretends to be a mute because of a mission he was given to investigate the other packs by his Dad, a powerful and ruthless Alpha King of his pack Will Vera be able to keep the next heir of the Greymoon pack from Alpha Smith who was desperately in need of an heir? Will Alpha Smith be able to reclaim his heir after he finds out about Vera's pregnancy? What will Vince do if that happens especially with his ruthless Dad and Alpha King always on his trail?"

Vera's POV

I found myself standing outside Greymoon pack, in front of my pack members, feeling my blood boil as the words of my mate and Alpha Smith resounded in my head.

"Listen up everyone," Alpha Smith had commanded in a rather furious tone, making the pack members divided attention to turn to him.

"From today onwards, this woman ceases to be my Luna," He had said furiously, pointing and glaring at me, like I was an old enemy he would love to get rid of at once and continued immediately afterwards.

"She had proved that she could not give me an heir, so what use do I have to keep her as my Luna?" Alpha Smith added authoritatively as the sound of his voice thundered in the cold evening, glancing wildly around his pack members who peered at him before turning his furious gaze at me.

I swallowed hard, feeling a lump in my throat, wondering how a man who used to be loving and very kind to me could turn to be this cruel all of a sudden.

In the years I had spent with him I never thought a day would come when I would have to see this side of him which I never knew existed.

I turned my burning gaze away from him, to peer at the faces of my pack members, fighting hard within me to keep the tears that clouded my vision from falling, dazzled in dismay to see how quite my pack members were as none of them spoke up in my defence, not even the Beta or the Gamma of the pack dared to speak up for me.

I turned my gaze away from the pack members feeling very disappointed at their cowardice or should I say betrayal, I have been nothing but good to them since the day I became the Luna of this pack.

I have practically served them even as their Luna, I did put in so much effort in developing and making the pack what is was today and how did they repay me? With betrayal, my Alpha Smith most especially, whom I have been very devoted to after he led me to this life.

I unconsciously turned my gaze to my Alpha Smith again, our eyes met, my lips curled up in scorn immediately as I saw him sneer at me, wondering what he might be thinking but suddenly he turned his gaze away from me to my sister Molly, the main reason for the drama taking place here. They gazed at each other for a while and I caught the smirk at the corner of Molly's lips almost like they were in this together, making a fool out of me.

I think my Alpha Smith wanted me to see that, because he turned his gaze at me again but with fury in his eyes, sending a cold chill down my spine.

"No Vera, you do not have to be afraid of him," a tiny voice said in my head immediately as I recalled in a brief instant the reason why all this was happening.

I furrowed by brows at my Alpha Smith, no, he isn't my Alpha Smith anymore, the tiny voice in my head said to me again immediately, reminding me that I have just been rejected as his Luna.

This made me glare at him furiously in return, ignoring the fact that I was no match for him. I turned my gaze away from him again to the pack members, pulling myself together as I would have done if I were still their Luna. "You all heard the words from Alpha Smith himself, saying that I am no longer his Luna from this day," I said, turning my burning gaze from one pack member to the other, peering into their faces so that the ones who dared to peer back at me could see the rage in my eyes.

"I have no objection whatsoever to this rejection and right here on this ground, I accept this rejection and from this day I no longer wished to be addressed as Luna or Alpha Smith's mate." I told them, making sure to sound as authoritative as I could be as well, especially since none of them seemed to object to the rejection ceremony.

I turned my burning gaze again to Alpha Smith, making sure not to show how terrible I felt inside, as he raised his lips in scorn and with furry in his eye. I think that my words made him more furious. He turned away from me again to peer wildly at the pack members, his palms folded into fists too almost immediately, revealing strokes of veins that suddenly appeared in his hands.

"Listen up, everyone," Alpha Smith commanded again, making the pack members who were speaking softly among themselves be become quiet immediately and turned their attention on him again as none of them obviously would want to be a scapegoat especially seeing how bitter he was tonight.

"Tonight Vera ceased to be my Luna, I have decided to take another Luna," Alpha Smith added, still in a commanding tone.

I folded my palms immediately into fists, still glaring at him, knowing what he was about to do.

"How cruel?" I muttered, my lips curled up in rage, as I glared from him to my sister Molly, whose eyes sparkled immediately after Alpha Smith's statement.

I have not spoken to her since I caught her mating with Alpha Smith and Molly too kept her distance, acting like nothing happened between them.

"From this day, I choose Molly, to be my Luna," Alpha Smith commanded, this time his gaze on me, making me bit my lower lip in rage, still glaring at him.

Molly gasped like someone who was taken unawares, staring from Me to Alpha Smith, who stretched forth his hand for Molly to take it, his gaze still on me. I think he was enjoying the look he saw on my face, because all of a sudden he has this smirk at the corner of his lips.

Alpha Smith took Molly's hand and without wasting time, he bent over and kissed her lips, making the pack members howl immediately in support and acknowledgement and their willingness to accept my sister Molly as their new Luna.

I felt my legs quiver, makiing me to unconsciously touch my stomach, feeling more terrible than I had felt before, as I watched them kiss, amid the howling sounds of the werewolves, my thoughts slowly drifted away to how all this came about.