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Behind Close Doors

Behind Close Doors



General Romance

"Mr Elise we can't do this, please you're a married man" I whispered quietly not wanting his wife in the other room to hear us. He said, "I don't care fuck being married, I want you" then he kissed me..

Raising her hand to the door Ruthann knocks loud so the entire neighborhood could hear and almost immediately after the door swings open. A woman clutching a crying baby to her shoulder stands before her. "Hello, it is a pleasure to meet you. I'm the new babysitter, I talked with your husband on the phone yesterday," Ruthann says with a polite smile. Curiously her eyes shift to the little baby then back to the woman. The resemblance between the two confirmed the relationship they share, "Thank goodness you're here. Please do come inside," Mrs. Elise says ushering Ruthann into her lavish home. Ruthann did a three-sixty as she looks around in amazement never had she seen such luxury furniture and decor before. Everything in the house from the ceiling to the well-tiled floor screams expensive.

Remembering why she is there, Ruthann composes herself quickly to look professional. Shortly after, the baby is chuck into her hands whilst Mrs. Elise blabbers about the do's and the don'ts. Knowing the information she's giving is very important, Ruthann hangs on to every word being said; though the urge to cover her ears was overwhelming. Walking into the grande kitchen, Mrs. Elise says, "Here is where the baby bottles, feeding, etc are kept" she points to cupboards. Ruthann nods her head absentmindedly as she trails her fingertips along the marble counter of the kitchen, as time goes by the more she fell in love with the place.

As she notices Mrs walker walking off she frowns not wanting to leave the kitchen so soon but a thought came to her mind instantly turning her frown into a smirk. She trails behind Mrs. Elise and into a room which from the decoration, screams its the baby's room not to mention the toys and furniture.

"Finally, thank god. I think your mama is a nice woman and all but much she talks so much?" Ruthann rhetorically asks as she picks up the quiet baby."I'm so bored what do you want to do?" She asks him, lex gurgles in reply. Sighing she puts him back into the crib and walks away to explore the kitchen. She thoroughly inspected everything from the utensils to the kitchen floor. When she finishes she goes to check on lex only to find him sleeping in a peaceful state; seems like he too just wanted his mommy gone.

Ruthann decides to watch tv in the living room to kill time. A little movie watching doesn't kill anyone, right?

It's been hours since she sat in front of the television watching cliche movies, and deciding she didn't want to die of cringe, she ditched the movie to listen to some music on her phone.

Minutes after she was humming to the tune of the jazz music, standing up she starts swaying her hips to the beat. Lost in the beats of the song she continues to dance embarrassingly, "What the hell is going on here!?" A voice boom throughout the house, lightning, and thunder appear outside. Ruthann froze in her place her music long forgotten.

"I do believe I asked a question and I don't like repeating myself," the man says with real anger issues. Slowly, Ruthann turns and looks at the man, her face turning to one of astonishment and admiration. He is easily the most confident, handsome, and sexy man she has ever grace her eyes upon.

"I--I Uhm I" She stutters still speechless from how handsome he is and here she thought her high school crush was handsome. Now looking at his man her crush had nothing on him; to compare the two would be an insult to this man

"Speak up little girl, why the hell are you in my house?" He asks rudely. This of course killed all admiration or lust she had felt for him. Her arms fold over her chest as she squints her eyes in sudden dislike.

"I'm the new babysitter, Ruthann Jones, correct me if I'm wrong but I do believe we spoke on the phone yesterday?" She questions as well as stated, the sudden conversation that she had with a man yesterday reappears in her mind, he was just as rude as this man and he sounds like him too.

"Isn't your job to babysit and not dance like a whore in someone's house?" he questions her in a voice louder than necessary. " How dare him! I wasn't dancing like a whore" Ruthann says to herself in her head of course. What does this man get out of being rude...

"Excuse me?" was the only thing she could think of to say at the moment, she most definitely was not expecting that comment from him.

"You have been excused," he says putting down his briefcase on the counter and taking a seat on the stool.

Before Ruthann could've thought of a comeback baby lex crying blasts throughout the house, demanding attention.

"Go do your job that's what you're getting paid to do," the man utters coldly glaring at her.

She bit her lip to stop from saying anything rude that could get her fired but as she marches to lex's room she couldn't stop herself from muttering "What a jerk..''