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General Romance

Here is the love story of a girl Tanya and a boy Varun. Tanya is cute, beautiful, innocent, and less talkative. Varun is handsome, Hot, loves cool living life, and always lives in present. Somehow he fell in love with her but she already is in love with someone else and waiting for him if someday he comes back. Will she also fall in love with him and forget about her first love? What will he do knowing about her first love? The most important question here is who's the first love of Tanya? To know about the answers to these questions, you all have to read the story from starting to till the end.

I wiped my tears and started saying, "I'll not let you play anymore. Now tell me what....she started speaking while cutting me in the middle, Varun.....I also cut her in the middle and started saying," It's enough while showing my hand to her. Just give me an answer. What do you want from me? First, you said no, and know why you said yes to this wedding when you don't even want to get married", I asked angrily.

She kept quiet.

"I want the answer ", I asked in a loud voice.

"You love me, that's why I get ready to marry you", she answered while shouting looking into my eyes.

Now my anger has reached its peak.

"But you love someone else dammit, then why? Tell me you dammit", I asked while hitting my hand on one side of the bed.

She started speaking, "I Don't want to argue. Now you have only two options, either marry me or see me dying".

Oh, I started laughing loudly."You don't even talk about dying. The one who is fond of tearing the other's heart into pieces and make them die. What does she know what real die is?", I said.

"I'm not joking Varun, you seriously have only these two options and if you don't want to marry me, then I have no problem. You can go from here now. Yes, but don't forget to come to my funeral after a few days", She said with a fake laugh.

"But why is she talking about dying, what has happened to her that she wants to die. Bad she has done to me", my mind thought.

"Oh, so you still want to play this game more. then okay. I'll marry you and show you playing this game better and if you still feel that there is still love or sympathy left for you in my heart then you are wrong because you are not worth it", I said showing my first finger.

Then I had started standing there and leaving, but suddenly I started to caress her cheek with my palm.

Seeing me doing this, she started looking at me with surprise.

"", I said in a furious tone while giving stress on each word.

Then I stood up, quickly wiped my tears, and exited the room without turning back to her.


So here is the prologue of the story.

I hope you liked it.

Friends, I'm new to this platform. Please support me and give this story a chance. I hope you won't be disappointed.

Thank you