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Mated To A Human Wolf

Mated To A Human Wolf

Author:Olajummy special



On her eighteenth birthday, she meet her sister (wolf), lost her mother and meet her mate. Ishaani live a life of mere human but her real identity was a wolf, a special wolf at that. Turn out her mate was also the strongest Alpha among seven pack, Alpha Sapphire was know has ruthless yet kindhearted person, who hate the word "REJECT" and won't ever accept rejection. Knowing how complicated his mate identity is, he vow to stay by her side and protect her till end. Moreover Ishaani also stand as an obstacles to Sapphire younger brother who was an ambitious Person and will do everything to become Alpha. Also obstacles to Sapphire childhood sweetheart Shirley who reject her mate just to stay with him but instead become enemy to him and will give anything to get him back. Not alone Ishaani personal problem as a sacrifice to Eclipse Moon pack and she is also Mother to Silver Blood pack. Stuck between those issue is really complicated, everything has to do with separating from her mate, but both hasn't willing to..

Silver Blood pack.

In silver Blood pack palace, Three giant and strong man was seen sitting facing each other.

They are the silver blood leader, Alpha sapphire and his father alongside his younger brother.

Anyone that see them will easily know their discussion was not plead things with the look on their face most especially Alpha Sapphire.

He was the main discussion and wasn't taking any lead in it, he was boring with anger his Alpha red eyes glow more and more.

Silver Blood pack was the second strongest pack among the seven near by pack, it was currently rule by the strongest Alpha as well.

Alpha Sapphire become Alpha on his eighteen birthday because his father ability to rule the pack was little now that he's becoming old and mentally ill due to lost of his mate.

He has been waiting patiently to found her mate and the pack Luna for the past seven years, he has been able to make his father stick by his side all this years but now his younger brother Liam seems to have interfere, turning his father against him.

Liam actually have interest in been Alpha but he has no right until his elder brother fall.

"You should know I need my mate also, she's my other half,my soul partner, she will complete me father, I never give up on her" Alpha Sapphire yelled at his father.

"You are unmate, don't you get it ? Get yourself an unmate she-wolf to be the Luna of this pack, you can't be selfish, this pack will fall if it has been like this from our ancestor, get along with Lady Shirley she's unmate and suit the Luna position" his father yelled back at him.

Sapphire couldn't believe his ears, his father as once lecture him what it means to be with the one that complete you and be with the one that just stay by your side.

"Are you serious with this father ? Shirley reject his mate just to be an unmate wolf for the reason best know to her, and you said she fit for Luna ?"

His father was stunned likewise his brother, no one know Shirley found her mate on his eighteen birthday expect Sapphire that witness the scene, he was so mad at her and break the childhood friendship he as with her instantly.

To him no matter the circumstances, under any situation mate is mate and never meant to be rejected for any reason.

He grow up with Shirley even though his a year older than her, he only see her like a plain friend and sister, he accidentally witness the scene and develop hatred towards her.

If he was luck to easily found his mate just like her, all this difficulties he is facing won't come his way.

"Brother ! You don't have to say such thing even though you don't like her, everyone know she's unmate and she has accept the fate, and that's what will be good for you as well" Liam voice out after recovery from his shocking state.

In his mind, he know that Sapphire knew Shirley more than they do and know Shirley most have reject her mate secretly but what he want now was his downfall, for a Alpha to have just any Luna which is not his other half it was sure that his end is near, so he has to make things fast, that's why he turn their father back against him with poisonous words.

"Then you all most be stupid to have see her has an unmate wolf and she most be crazy to accept the so call fate" he burst out angrily.

Lady Shirley who was eavesdrop on them came out to defend herself, she as long for this discussion among father and son, because she know with Master Shem Sapphire father support she can be Luna but she won't bring it up first as she know the good relationship between father and son but now she has to work hard to get what she as long wish for.

"Yes am crazy, am crazy because the moon goddess pair me with the wrong person, with the one I never and will never loved and submit to as a mate, I reject him for you Sapphire, It all for you" she said softly with tears on her face.

Ever since she grow up to know what handsome and love is, she has believe been close to this man will make the moon goddess make her his other half but everything the goddess plan was not on her favor.

"She did it for you, because the one you know for long is better than the one you just meant, moreover she reject his mate just to be by you side, son don't you think, she did a huge favor for you ?, since you are unmate" Master Shem decide to twist it just to get his son to agree to this but his planning inward to scold Shirley for rejecting her mate.

Shirley was like a daughter to him, she was his beta daughter, and his father die doing war, so the alpha has to take responsibility of the family which make him has the right to scold Shirley like father and daughter and not formal Alpha or elderly person.

"Am not unmate father, I will wait for as long as it take the moon goddess plan to be fulfill and be with my other half than be in hurry and stay with some random she-wolf that I will later regret" he yelled angrily.

"Then you have to put down the Alpha title to your brother who is ready to give the pack a mother



Everywhere became silent instantly Sapphire look into his father eyes with his reddish eyes, his wolf growl inward, he was in a rage and need to leash it out but he caution himself.

He slam his palm on the table before him with his alpha aura fill the atmosphere, all his hair stand still.

Seeing this Shirley shivered in fear, and never thought Sham will ever think of replacing his precious son with his brother, it occur to her that Liam is behind all this.

Liam also don't expect his father to be so straight forward in fact he thought his father will call the pack elder and discuss it with them to push it forward to Sapphire when he tell him. Now Sapphire will have a clue he was behind it, this scare him a bit.

The sudden deadly atmosphere suck their breath except from Sham who was once an alpha and has experience the type of aura.

Sapphire seem like he want to explore out of anger as he already know the mastermind behind his father sudden change, he glance at Liam for the last time and storm out of the palace.