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Cascading Dreams

Cascading Dreams




A love story of people waking up in their bodies in different timelines. The story starts with Jane who wakes up in the body of her own self in the future. She quickly discovers that she is in the apartment of a man named Brian. Brian was an ex lover. As they meet once again, their past begins to unravel in a series of dreams and a web of relationships.

When she woke up, all she heard was loud TV. She was watting her shriveled hair only to see an outline of a a velvet white room. She did not where this place was or what was going on. Rummaging through expensive furniture, she ran straight for the bathroom. She found a mirror, took one look, understood and said one thing, "I'm old."

Countless thoughts overcame her being. She examined herself from top to bottom. She still had those hazel eyes, lightly brown hair and a petite nose. Excitement ultimately paved in when she noticed she looked hot. She had a lean body, quite tall and a mesmerizing figure. "Way to work out, girl!" She mumbled to herself. But quickly, she searches for some proof, some ID that will verify this crazy coincidence. She had no bag but then she remembered, the TV was on. Grabbing the remote, she hurriedly switched on the TV and scanned through the channels until she settled on a local news TV.

"We are now live in the penthouse in Riala Residences, the home of the hottest celebrity chef right now. Straight from winning the first Masterchef cooking competition, Ms. Jane Gonzales. How does it feel to be the first local winner of the biggest cooking show franchise in the world?" The reporter asked.

"It feels surreal. It feels just like yesterday that I was a homecook taking care of my little sister in a rundown apartment in the countryside. Compared to that, this feels like heaven."

Hearing herself on TV was a mix of emotions. There was delight, confusion but ultimately, enlightened to one truth. This body is hers, Jane Gonzales.

This place looks nice but the design is too plain. Kind of a letdown to think my future self would have picked this place. She laughed at the thought. Her amusement quickly turned into uneasiness. Wait a minute, didn't the TV say I live in that Riala penthouse thing. This does not feel like a penthouse. She quickly opened the curtains only to see a view of the city in the morning at what she estimated to be at about twenty-something floor. This was not the penthouse.

Quickly realizing the dire situation, she dressed herself with the clothes she saw lying on the floor. She ignored the idea of judging the clothes she at one moment thought she would only wear on mixers. Her adrenalined kicked in as she processed what's happening. She woke up in her same but different body in a different person's bedroom, which is probably a man. A few moments later, she heard a voice and her heart leaped.

"Jane, you awake? I bought some pancakes. This brunch place on the first floor has heavenly pancakes." The nervous tone of the man was refreshing. Jane thought. She kind of expected an alpha-looking, burly, vain, gym-all-the-time kind of guy but she guessed wrong. This man had a slim build, worked out a bit but never too much. He had blue eyes and brown hair. Something about the elicited a good guy persona for Jane. She checked him out for a good few seconds. Brian noticed and stared back.

When their eyes met, she could not avoid looking at the fine blue suit that the guy was wearing. She guessed he was preparing to work that day. There was an awkward amount of silence that seemed to overlap with the tension.

"Ummm--". Jane blurted some gibberish attempting to hide her lack of notion of the situation. But then she recollected her thoughs and asked, "What happened last night?"

Realizing the question, the guy smuggly said, "Oh, you had the best sleep." Jane looked pretty raw She did not have the opportunity to retouch her makeup. It was clear to Brian she just woke up from a long sleep.

"You mean I slept. You mean we didn't?" Jane confusedly replied. There was a nervouse tone in her speech fearing to discover some horrid fact. He quickly sat her down on the sofabed and gave her water for her to calm down. She sipped it slowly waiting for some comment from the guy.

"You seem to have a hard time remembering last night. I can't believe you were that wasted. How much did you drink?." He seemed to love his upper hand of this conversation as he chuckled. Jane took a few sips of the water while bowing her head. She was embarassed.

"Did I drink a lot? I cannot seem to remember anything. All I can remember is this headache that never goes away." Jane felt her helplessness deepen.

"It's okay. Don't force it." The guy sat next to her and comforted her with a pat on the back.

Suddenly, Jane felt a painful headache. It was like a thousand needles continually puncturing her skull. She had the urge to shout but all she could let out was a grunt. The guy noticing her pain was starting to get worried. "Are you all right?" He grabbed her shoulders. She was tapping her head trying to get it to stop but it was of no use.

She was slowly losing consciousness but she hanged. She had to know who that guy was. Why was he so familiar. She tried to stand up and took one look at him. She was groggy barely able to keep herself in balance. Just when she was about to pass out, she muttered, "I can't seem to remember your name."

Seeming to ignore Jane's last remark, the guy manly swooped in to catch Jane's body as they both hit the floor. She was flat on his chest. Despite the pain of the headache batting away her consciousness, she could hear his heart beating so fast. Tensions were high for the guy as he hugged her gently.

"Are you alright? What's wrong?" He was panicking. He had that concerned look in his eyes. Jane could see the guy's face turning ugly. She wondered why this man cared so much.

Jane, despite tha pain, mustered the remaining strength she had and looked him in the eyes. "Who are you?" She faintly whispered. The guy was starstruck for a moment. His feelings of tension, happiness and delight were now shrouded in disappointment. She could not even remember who he was.

"It's Brian." He disappointingly answered. Then she passed out.