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The Legendary Of White Wolf

The Legendary Of White Wolf

Author:Sharon Rain



I have powers that other girls my age don't have. I'm only sixteen, but I can do jobs that only ten grown men can do. Not infrequently, I can't ignore the requests of my schoolmates who are in danger. It sucks because, again, I have to change schools. After all, I was expelled from school. As it is now, this is my fifth school for the past three years. What other surprises will I have now?

PoV Paris

I didn't know what was going on; I had just come home from school and was waiting at the bus stop where I used to wait for the bus. However, suddenly a boy in the same uniform as me ran with a frightened face towards me, he shouted, "Help! Help! Please!" The boy shouted very loudly, even though the distance between us was pretty far, but his voice was heard to my place.

I sculpted, not knowing what to do. Helping the boy was the wrong thing; if my mother had found out I was involved in a fight, my fate would have been wrong.

"You're already in the third grade of junior high school by now! You'll be testing soon! If your job is fighting, fighting, how do you fill out your exam paper!" My mother's voice is still ringing in my mind. In my previous school, I was feared by many, I was often asked to be the leader of their group, but I always refused. Even though I've rejected it a thousand times, they will still have a way to attract me to their group.

Unlucky! I'm the one who finally got into trouble! Before my mom got a letter of reprimand from the school, my mom quickly moved me to another school! I was distraught because of them; I had to get out of school.

This is my third school in junior high school.

"Please!" The voice drew closer, and I was surprised to see the fat boy's face. He doesn't look like a pious or submissive boy, but he seems like a dissident boy. His shirt was taken out, and his face was bruised. His left eye was barely visible because of the raw hit, I thought.

"Help me!" The boy's breath was irregular; blood and sweat seemed to mix into one all over his face. His chest was deflated like being chased by a demon. Behind him, his shoulders were up and down. He needs help.

From behind the boy, I saw a group of about twenty men.

Twenty people? I was surprised; my mouth gaped wide; if the boy in front of me were now beaten again, then this boy would die.

"What happened to you!" I saw the boy's body limp and seem helpless anymore.

I am in a dilemma, like eating the confusing fruit; the mother will die, not be eaten, and the father dies.

What am I supposed to do now?

But for whatever' sake, I couldn't leave this boy alone at the stop.

"Run!" I cried to the boy pulling his fat, sweaty hands. The boy had tripped and fell because the pull of my hand was too strong; I stopped my run because the boy was dragged a few cents from his last place.

"Aaah! It hurts so much!" he cried, apparently adding a new wound to the boy's knee.

I grimaced and said again, "Get up quickly!" There was no time to complain, and the enemy was getting closer.

He finally got up, and we ran hand in hand again. The boy had run out of steam, so I didn't let go of the boy's hand.

There was a turn in front of us, and I decided to turn right away. I don't know if it's a dead-end or not.

"Don't come here!" cried the boy warning me, but I knew the boy wouldn't be able to run any further than this; It was better for us to hide than to die caught in the middle of the road because this boy was already completely exhausted.

"We better hide!" roared me with my jaws already stiffened.

The boy still insisted; he said, "That's a dead-end!"

"It's okay!" I'm sure there must be a big thing that can hide us from the hordes of other school students who are still chasing us behind.

"There's a big trash can, and we can hide behind it!" I told the boy and kept pulling him until we ducked and hid.

The two of us had crouched down and closed our bodies to the touch of the wall; at least, I was sure this would be able to trick the evil horde, but unfortunately, a loud voice like lightning in broad daylight shouted. Out loud, "Stupid! Do you want to hide from us! Your body can be easily seen from here!"

They weren't stupid; sure enough, this boy's body could indeed be seen easily from there.

Damn! Why am I again caught up in a situation like this?


The kick aimed at the trash can hit the big barrel, hit the body of the boy in front of me, making the body collapse on me, who was hiding behind his large body.

"Aaa!" The voices of the two of us shrilled into one. Garbage is strewn everywhere.

"It's so heavy," I lied. I quickly rolled to the left, trying to escape from his large body. "Get up soon," I asked the boy. My body was hit by pebbles on the road while trying to firmly wake up from the overlap of the boy who had previously been above me. "Get up soon," I said to the boy.

"Wake up, coward! You're only brave with girls, huh! Dare to tease my girlfriend!" Late. A young man violently approached the body of the boy who was still lying in the street. He stepped on the boy's arm, twisting it until the boy grimaced in pain.

"Please forgive me!" the boy howl echoed throughout the small alley.

"Let go of this boy!" I cried, holding back the older man's leg that had wounded my friend.

I didn't know this sick boy, but I couldn't see oppression happening in front of me.

The vile-faced young man with stitches to his left cheek raised his head, looking at me. He looked at me for a long time, trying to move his leg that was still stepping on my friend's arm, but the young man couldn't even move his leg at all. My legs, which were still firmly pitted against his feet, held them until he couldn't move at all.

"Aaa! Aaa! Aaa!" Every time the young man's leg shifted, the wound on my friend's arm got worse. I lifted my leg, kicked it so hard that it repelled the young man.

"Ouw!" The young man bowed his body; he complained of pain. His body jumped back a few steps so that his other friends, who had previously huddled like flies swarming the carcass, had to shift left and right, paving the way for their leader.

"Brash! Chastise the girl with the jerk!" commanded the young man, pointing at me with his free hand.

I sighed.

Again this has to happen! Why do clowns like them always surround me!

My hair is still up, my hair tie is in the bag, but there's no time to lock my hair right now.

"Attack!" exclaimed several young men at the same time. I looked to my friend's left, shouting, "Get up, hurry!" while dodging the punches and kicks that came in.

"Ouw! That's the bastard girl! Exclaimed another as I kicked the shins of three young men simultaneously.

"Don't lose to the little girl! She's just a lucky girl who's about to die!" shouted another immediately beating me with a long wood. Still, I managed to fend off the wood, pulling it so hard that the boy was dragged towards me, the boy's face terrified when he didn't expect his body to fly ever closer to me. "Ouw! Ouw! Ouw! What is this!" he asked incredulously, and...


Raw hit I put on his stupid face.

In an instant, the boy instantly collapsed to the ground.

The others didn't want to stop attacking me, and they still assumed I was the fucking fucking girl who had disrupted their sporting event this afternoon.

"Brash! Feel this!" snapped the others, immediately taking out their clasp and grabbing me. However, my hands were faster than theirs; I pulled the clasp so that the boy who had attacked me again dragged towards me; I continued to press the clasp in my fist, and when the boy approached, I struck him many times.

"Next time, don't use weapons to attack the weaker," I said right in his face.

The boy was already unconscious, blood had poured from his nose, his eyes were not alert, and his body was about to collapse; I no longer needed to beat him; he was already in enough pain. So I removed the belt so that it made him fall on the ground immediately.

"Escape!" said one of them, about five people who survived and only hobbled because my kick hit their knees. Without waiting for an answer from the others, the screaming person immediately left, followed by four others.

Now it's just their heads who are gaping. His mouth was wide open; he was like a person watching the silat action live. His eyes stared in awe at me, not blinking at all.

I sighed. It's easier than I thought before.

I walked towards their gang leader, the gang leader, as if I had just woken up from a hypnotist. He shook his head many times to resurrect himself. His eyes blinked. He immediately moved backward a few steps when he saw me approaching him.

"Do-don't hurt me. I'm sorry." His voice stammered as he said so. His mouth opened again with his eyes still wide. His face was scared when he saw me.

I held one of his shoulders that made him cry. "Forgive me! Forgive me!" he roared at not daring to look at me.

I closed my lips to his ears and whispered, "Get this place done before I report it to the police."

He didn't answer anything, but I knew that he approved of my will from his nod.

I walked up to my friend and helped him stand up.

"Come on, go home."

My friend looked at me with horrified eyes, as if I was a monster with no heart.

However, I was even more surprised when he said, "Boss"

Damn it! This is happening again! I swallowed my saliva.