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His Rejected Mate

His Rejected Mate




The Millennium Wolf King of all Supernatural was killed mysteriously and his throne was wanted by every King's and Queen's of supernatural but they couldn't have it because he has a legitimate child. A child none of the king's and Queen's has seen before. All they know is that the Millennium Wolf King child name is River. River put on a disguise to know those behind the deaths of the Millennium Wolf King. Ariel, a beautiful lady who lives with her old poor aunt, who is the most fearsome and powerful Witch in the Witch kingdom, met with Tyler- the soon to be king of the second most strongest kingdom (Wolfe Crimson) in the whole Supernatural- they both realize they were mates. Tyler was in love with Ariel but has a change of heart when his parents promised him the throne of the Millennium King if he marries the Vampire Princess who was a beauty and the most dangerous. He rejected Ariel right in front of a party he had invited her and that was attended by all King's and Queen's. Royal, a poor boy and servant to all the Wolfe Crimson kingdom befriended Ariel and love developed between them. Royal has a deep secret, he isn't who he said he is and later on found out Ariel isn't what she said she is. Can their love survive when Ariel has Mate? Legend has it that The Legendary Ice Wolf and the Millennium Wolf will come together to defeat the Dark ones but are not meant to fall in love, a Love Forbidden. His Rejected Mate.

Before dawn would break, one of the Wolf guards rang the huge bell, the noise it made alerted the whole of the supernatural. All Queen's and King's of supernatural, Vampire, Wolves, Fairies, Hellhounds, Witches etc, all left their various kingdoms and headed towards the Wolf kingdom.

The bell is only used for urgent matters or when the Millennium Wolf King wants to discuss something important with the king's and Queen's about the welfare of their people.

Before long, the secret chamber the Millennium Wolf King had built for meetings with his fellow king's and Queen's was filled up.

A long table and arm chairs were at the middle of the room.

All the King's sat on the long half while the Queen's sat on the opposite half. They started murmuring against themselves, thinking what must be the reason they were being summoned by the King who rules over them.

The door to the secret chamber opened and the Millennium Wolf King advisor, Jeffrey, walked in with a solemn face. The murmuring ceased and every eye was on him.

He stopped once he neared the table and started to stare at each face of the King's and Queen's to know their facial reactions before he broke the news to them.

"Why are you staring at us Jeff?" King of Vampires, Leon, asked the questions that were in the minds of the rest.

"Yes, since you walked in, you've been quiet." Queen of the Fairies, Floral, chip in.

"Why did you summon us early this morning?" King of Hellhounds, Pan, demanded immediately. "And by the way, where is the Millennium Wolf King himself? He ought to be here with you beside him." He added staring at Jeffrey.

"My great king's and Queen's, I am sorry for-"

Interrupting him with a wave of his hand. "Save the praises and sorry for next time just go straight to the point and tell us why we are all here." King draken, the king of the most strongest Demon clan said.

"The Millennium Wolf King is dead." Jeffrey finally breaks the news to them.

"That is impossible, I don't believe that, how can you tell me, us, that my friend is dead. It is impossible." Lucas, the king of the most strongest Wolves kingdom, Wolfe Crimson, said. He was representing the other lower kingdoms of wolves.

"It's true your Highness, King Reed is dead. He died early this morning."

"So the poison finally killed him." Queen Latifah, the Queen of all Witches said sadly. "And I was almost getting the cure for him."

"Are you sure of what you are saying?" King Leon asked, his eyes not leaving the face of Jeffrey.

"Yes your Highness." Jeffrey answered, staring back at him. "He lost the battle of life early this morning and that was why I had Instructed one of the palace guards to sound the bell." He added.

"If he is dead as you said, then we can give him a benefit burial." Queen Floral said.

"I think we should be instead of giving the King a benefitting burial as you have said, we should rather look for how he had the poison in him. Who had given him the poison." King Pan said, looking back at those who stared at him.

"What King Pan said is true." Queen Latifah said. "The King has helped many of us, our kingdoms and people, over the years and this is the time to show him our love and support and find out who really poisoned the King." She added.

"That was your job Witch, but you didn't find out who could have had the audacity to poisoned the King when he was still breathing. The throne is now empty and soon a new King will emerge and sit on it and the one who had poisoned King Reed will still be walking around freely and probably planning to kill the recently king." King Darken said.

"The Millennium Wolf King has not been buried yet and you are speaking of another King being seated on the throne chair." King Leon said.

Standing up angrily and pointing a finger at King Darken. "I am saying the truth, it is the Witch duties to find out who had poisoned our supreme King and not us."

"I didn't argue with you when you said that, did I?" Queen Latifah chip in before King Leon would respond back.

"All I am saying the next Millennium King won't be a wolf, that I am sure of." King Darken said further.

"And what if it is a wolf who ascends the throne, what will you do?" King Lucas asked, staring into the eyes of Darken, daring him to say a word. The murmuring started again.

"Enough!" Jeffrey said and the whole room went quiet. "Please sit down my King." He told King Darken who huffed out in anger and sat down. "If you are talking about who will ascend the throne after the burial rites of the Millennium Wolf King, then I can assure you all there will be no need of fighting amongst yourselves for the throne." Be added.

"Why is that if I may ask, not that I am interested in the throne?" Queen Floral asked with knee interest.

"In case you all have forgotten, let me refresh your memories, the late King Reed has a child." Jeffrey responded drawing a loud gasp from them , especially King Darken, they had forgotten about the child King Reed had and had sent away for safety after the death of his wife, Queen Elena.

"What gender did the late Queen give to our King?" Queen Floral asked and then continued. "We all know his child name is River, river can be a boy name or a girl name, right? So what gender is River?"

"Good question Queen Floral, I myself wanted to ask the same question but you beat me to it." King Leon said.

"I myself do not know the gender of his child." Jeffrey answered.

"The only person who could know is Mari." Queen Latifah spoke. "She was the one who had helped the Queen deliver her child."

"And you know everyone is afraid of Mari." King Pan jokingly said.

"Not everyone." King Darken chips in darkly.

"But where would the child be at the moment?" King Lucas directed his question to Jeffrey, suddenly interested in knowing the whereabouts of the child.

"I don't know my King, but the child will be here once the news about the death of Millennium Wolf King has gone round the whole supernatural." Jeffrey answered.

'Or perhaps River might have already known''. Jeffrey thought to himself. He had once been told by King Reed that River has a special bond with him. Whatever pains he felt, River feels it too. If his heart stop pumping, River will know.

But Jeffrey couldn't tell them, yet.

"Then we must not announce his death." A new voice joined them, scaring almost all of them half to death. "How can you start this meeting without me?"

Issac, King Reid's elder brother, smiled as he saw the fearful look on their faces.

"So you came?" King Darken spoke first, staring at Issac's face without any ounce of fear.

"Why wouldn't I come? He is my younger brother after all." Issac replied. His good one golden eye rested on Darken when he replied. His other eye was damaged from the fight that had happened between him and his brother for the throne. His younger brother had defeated him. "So you are not afraid of me Darken?" He directed his question to the King of Demons.

"Why will I be afraid of a man who was defeated by the late King Reid?" King Darken fired back at him. "Give me one reason why I should be afraid of you Issac?"

Issac smiled and laughed out in amusement and stops abruptly. "I have been away after Reid cunningly defeated me. You should be very careful, extremely careful of how you speak to me Darken. You have no idea who I have been with." He said.

"Whatever." King Darken said. He was the only one speaking amongst them. He returned his gaze to Jeffrey "I think we were discussing something important before we were rudely interrupted by an unwanted guest."

Issac walked over to where Jeffrey stood and placed an arm around his shoulder as if they were friends. "And like I said when I came in, we shall not announce the death of my brother to the people yet, it shall be kept a secret amongst us, right Jeffery?"

"Y-yes my Lord." Jeffrey stammered out a reply.

"Good." Issac said. "Now as the only brother, I shall be the regent of the whole kingdoms in supernatural, until the child of my late brother comes wherever he may be." He added, his good golden eye flashes red. "Who wants to challenge me or my decision?" He asked, staring at each of them, daring them to speak.

King Darken stood up from his chair so did king Leon, it was as if they had communicated through their minds.

Without speaking a word, both kings left the secret chamber. King Leon stopped beside Issac drawing the wolf's attention to him.

"You should know the throne has been with the wolves for years and not many will agree this time around. Don't get your hopes up or depend on your powers you may have possessed, there are more stronger powers out there you know nothing of. Think about it before you sit on that throne." King Leon said and left the chamber.

Issac chuckled and returned his gaze at the silent table. "You know, there is what they call freedom of speech, so you are free to speak your mind like Leon has." He said.

But no one could utter a word.

"This meeting is over." He spoke with a satisfactory smile.

No one needed to tell the rest of the King's and Queen's a second time before they hurriedly stood up and left the chamber. Issac stopped Queen Latifah and Queen Floral.

"Use both your magic Powers and find out the whereabouts of River, once you've gotten the location where he is, alert me immediately, am I understood?"

"Yes my Lord." But Queens uttered and was out of the room at light speed.

"So Jeffery, tell me all that you know about my brother's child."


River POV:

I heard their conversation and a chuckle escaped my lips. There are a lot of things those idiot King's did not know about me.

I will fish out those who murdered my father one after the other. I would have suspected Darken or Leon but my father had once taught me, always expect the unexpected.

I know what to do.


Demon Kingdom:

King Darken was seen angrily pacing around in his throne room. He was alone, he had sent out all the palace guards stationed inside the throne room. He wants to be left alone.

A lady with much redder eyes appeared in front of him. She was really beautiful with her red hair flowing around her. From her waist down was in the form of a black scorpion tail which quickly changed into a human feet. She went to sit on the throne.

"Issac is back." King Darken spoke at last.

"I see, he came prepared, you should know that." The lady whose name remains unknown said.

"I know he must have something backing him up. I was surprised when I saw him. He wants the throne just like I do, but it won't be easy." King Darken said. "I should thank whoever that poisoned the late King Reid, I will be very glad if they can also poison Issac as well."

"Whoever that could kill the King is powerful. But forget about Issac, he can't have the throne as long as King Reid's child still breathes. Just find the child and kill him, then with his blood, you can overthrow whoever wants the throne easily." She said. "As long as I am here, no harm shall befall you my love."

King Darken smiled lovely at the lady and over to meet her, kissing her tenderly on her forehead. "What would I have done without you Lora, I bless the day you became my Mate."

Lora smiled at his statement.

"Don't worry my love, I am assuring you that the throne is yours."

"You have never let me down before Lora and I know you won't." King Darken said.

Lora nodded her head in pride. Searching for River will be hard, but she will not fail her Mate.


"Did you see the way his one eye flashes red?" Queen Floral said to Queen Latifah once they were out of the secret chamber.

"I saw it." Queen Latifah said. "Are you going to try and find River as he orders?" She asked.

"No, between you and I, River is the rightful owner of the throne. He is King Reid's only child and should be the one who ascends the throne every male is dragging. They haven't even laid the late King to rest and they are dragging who will sit on the throne." Queen Floral said and her Fairy wings sprouted out of her back once they were outside the palace. "I will think of a lie to tell him whenever he asks. I won't put in all my time and energy to search for someone who he plans to kill." With that she flew away, flying towards her kingdom.

Queen Latifah heaved out a sad sigh and made a portal open which took her to her Palace.


"I asked you a question Jeffrey, what do you know about my brother's child, River?" Issac repeated his question going to sit on an empty chair.

"I-i don't know anything about the late King child, sire." Jeffrey answered.


"Yes sire."

"Okay, it seems Reid was very smart to hide his child and the gender from prying eyes, but I will definitely find River." Issac said. "Since you don't know anything about my nephew, at least you do know how the supernatural kingdom runs, I mean their daily activities. I have been away for a long time, so try to refresh my memory." Issac said and placed his two legs on the table, relaxing his back, closing his one good eye. "I am listening Jeffrey, or should I force you to speak?"


Vampire Kingdom:

King Leon arrived at his palace, ignoring the greetings sent his way by his guards and servants as he headed