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My Alien Mate

My Alien Mate




Patience Andrea has always been different. She grew up with her family. Just her ma and pa, her twin siblings and her Aunt Chantel with her cousin Diva. But things changed. An unknown virus that leaves them orphans. Just a week after her parents burial they wake up and realizes that their aunt and cousin just disappeared without trace. They have a chance of surviving. People from a different planet came to their rescue. Luckily she got accepted to work with the aliens. Things changed when she collides with her boss. She finds out that she shares a certain bond with her boss. Everything gets intense when she is recognized as the daughter of a kidnapper and whore.

'The time is 6:30 am...The time is 6:30 am..The time-" I stretch my arm and hit the alarm so it would not wake me up again. I hate alarms. I do not even know why I still set one before going to bed. Ugh!

Stretching my arms I jump off the bed only for my face to kiss the floor. 'Ouch!' groaning I drag myself to the bathroom.

Not more than five minutes I exit the bathroom, a towel on my slim body. I don't know why most ladies take a bath for more than an hour, just washing their body. My body gets all itchy if I spend more than necessary in the shower.

I am in the mood for orange today. Maybe not today...but... everyday.

Yeah everyday!

I freaking love orange. Like who doesn't? No one, right?

How about I dye my hair orange!Or maybe it will be too much.

Am sure I'll finally get a boyfriend.

But not in this world anymore. Online dating is the only place I will be able to find a date.

For heaven's sake am 21 years old and I haven't even had a single boyfriend. Bruce and Jungkook don't count since I met them in a dating site and broke up with them before we even met. It sucks, I know.

How I wish I can time travel. Maybe I'll be able to save the world and change things back to the way they are.

But maybe Aunt Chantel was right. One person can't change the world. I had determined to prove her wrong but now am loosing hope.

I grab an apple from the bowl and head to the door. Turning around to make sure everything was in order. I grab my face mask, gloves and jacket and close the door on my way out.


"Hello Brent."

"Hey gal you are needed here ASAP."

"Am on my way." I respond. Looking at my wrist watch it reads 7:18am. I still have more than half an hour for my shift to start.

"Is everything okay there?" Curiously I ask.

"Haven't you watched the news?" I shake my head as if he has the ability to see through the voice call before I realize he can not.

"No man, fill me in." I lock my door and stand the waiting for the news.

"Our boss is back." Thats not as surprising as I expected. I have never met my boss not even once.

When it comes to Aliens we Earthlings are not thrilled with them. They saved us, yes. But currently I feel like there's more than just helping us.

The only time I met with the aliens was when I went for The Testing. Just like the name, we are given tests to determine where we will be placed or if we will be taken to the basement.

None wanted the latter. But who they pick was out of our hands. We had spent a month going through the BT

Basic Training

and then did our first Test. Whomever passed BT is then proceeds to AT

Advanced Test

where you get placed on the five departments. Mechanical Engineering Department


, Food and Medical Centre


, Security and Transportation Department


, Mars Information Technology Centre


and lastly, Basement Monitoring Department



"Just be quick. Things are getting tight here." He says bringing me back to reality.

Brent was my friend since childhood and now at work. He loves talking and that's why I love about him. He is my shoulder when I need one to lean on. He is the talkative one but also a good listener. And a big player, Incase you drooling.

I increase my pace to reach the building. It is not that far from the cottage they assigned me in. On my way I pass security who are heavily guarded with masks on and some robots. All the employed members do not have to wear masks or gloves inside.

I stand infront of the Golden with a Mars Flag on top of it that can be described as unique. It shines over all the best earth building. Stepping my foot inside the building I am welcomed by the warm breeze that shake all the coldness from the outside world.

"Good morning Patience Andrea. Your card has been scanned for the day." The robotic voice said.

"Thank you George."

"Who is George?" He asks giving me back my card.

I laugh and shook my head.

This is the same conversation every morning. It's a name I came up with and the first day I came to work here.

George opens the door for me. I walk in and greets Grace the receptionist per my routine. Grace is not human but alien. Actually her name is Gracias or something close to that. I think it's Gracchus.

I prefer giving people my own nicknames.

I walk straight to my cubicle but collide with a wall. Not a wall but a hard body... Alien body! I bend down and pick my things. Standing up I collide with a chest. "Ouch!"

"Can't you see!'

"You will know someone is infront of you if you walk without those earbuds." A sexy voice says. I tilt my head to see the owner of that voice.

Actually all aliens makes humans want to tremble. But I don't let them intimidate me.

"They are called earphones for your information." I say trying not to let my eyes wonder at his hot god-like body.

"Do you work here?" He ask.

Seriously! Am wearing a tag can't he see that!

"I can see that, Thank you very much. Just wanted to make sure if you are my employee." He say showing me his dimples.

Holy Sparks!

The definite definition of perfect. Check all my qualities on my fantasy scratching man. Minus arrogant of course. Oh and Alien! But that's not enough turn off for me. I can replace my hand for his pintle anytime. And if the outline of that tight trouser fits my imagination then I'd say we are gifted.

The problem with living with aliens is that they get to read your thoughts like its their business.

Wait...Did he just say my boss?

"You are fired." He announce and walk away.

How rude!