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His Evil Ways

His Evil Ways

Author:Almost Psycho



My stomach twists and turns oddly, I take a deep breath before uttering the word, "Master, please. I want my book back." I plead with him nervously, hoping he is done playing with my fragile hymen. But I thought wrong... Ryan's lips have that amusing smirk as he gawks me with interest that is really disturbing me. The evil smile on his naughty lips gets wider as he grins, "Hmm. How badly do you want your book?" "Very badly."I whispered. I need to get my book from him, the one in which I wrote all of my erotic fantasies. It’s like I gave the devil an instruction manual on how to seduce and toy with me. And he is exactly doing what a devil does. Ryan's eyebrows twitch up in delight. His hand crawls up behind my back and holds my waist roughly. A small gasp escapes my lips at his abrupt behavior, feeling like a mouse in a wolf's claws. Ryan's thumb caresses my lip as he purrs, "Blow me if you want your book back." MATURE AUDIENCE ONLY! --------------------------------------------------------- If you have read 'Alpha Ryan, Yours Truly' book, you know how this book will be. *Laughs in Evil* Same Characters different book with a love triangle and kinky smut.

Point of view: Emara Stone

The wind fierecly flows through my hair like showing it’s agressive powers. But to me, it left like a gentle kiss of a lover. I close my eyes and feel it tickle on my skin as it brush pass my cheeks.

I unfold my arms and spread it out in open, letting the wind untame my wings like it did to my braid. My hair float like music cords in the air, playing along with the cold breeze, creating a song that-


“FUCK!” I scream in pain as my nose hits the hard helmet head in front of me, sending jolts of aching sparks all over my face. Ouch. Bitch. Ouch!

“What the hell are you doing?” Ethan barks as he takes out his helmet and checks for any damage. This son of a biscuit!

“You hurt my nose.” I yell like a feral cat as my nose throbs and twitches painfully.

“Hey! I didn’t even touch you.” My twin brother yells back at me while raising his hands.

“You did when you pulled the brakes.” I enlight the pig with more proof.

“That’s what people do when they reach their destination.” Ethan yaps as he hops out of the motorbike, almost hitting my face again. This lil dick!

“Stop being so dramatic. Your nose looks fine, but your face looks dirty.” He comments after looking at me.

“We have the same features, you dog.” I scowl in return. Audacity of this bitch!

Ethan is just a minute older than me but we are nowhere similar. He is like the descendent of Einstien whereas I am like Lady Gaga, too weird to describe.

"We got late again. Shit!" Ethan curses under his breath and jogs towards the university building. What a nerd!

I tie my tangled static hair and tame them under the cap of my hoodie. I am so skilled at changing looks that I can dress up like anyone, even a man and no one would ever come to know of it.

Wow! Nice plot. I could write a story on it.

I look around the campus, Instagram beauties are updating their morning selfies and replying to their hungry followers who masturbated on their night selfie. Their eyeliner, mascara, contour, and glossy straight hair are flawlessly styled. On fleek!

I pull out M&M’s from my pocket and pop some in my mouth as I wonder at what time do they wake up to groom themselves, probably five in the morning.

And here I came without a shower.

I check upon my nose as I walk to the stationary to buy a pen. The number of people I see around me makes me want to pray to the almighty to set my college on fire.

Let the fire burn all my test papers and data of my past exam records along with the sadist teachers who love to torture students.


The crowd around me subdues knowing the first lecture has begun and here I am wandering clumsily without any passion to attend the class or even to graduate.

Suddenly, I hear a roar, so powerful that it made me skip some of my heartbeats to call it a heart attack. I turn around and see charcoal black big SUV rolling on its thick black tires like it owes the campus road.

There is a shiny Devil's Trident on the car as its logo and I remembered someone call it Maserati. The car once again roars as it stops in the parking lot two spots away from our bike.

The door opens and the beauty queen of our college, every guy's dream girl, Rose Damison walks out.

Her long shiny hair flows in the wind in a enchanting way, something that I can only imagine of with my hair. She tucks a lock behind her ears in slow motion as she looks around.

Her leather skirt is stuck to her thighs possessively, and on top, the red jacket screams about her all rich-rich and out of reach.

Rose is built, she has long legs, a small waist, an hourglass figure, and a face like Hollywood beauty. She says something to the driver and closes the door behind her leisurely.

I watch her in awe as she walks past me in hurry. Her baby powder smell lingers behind her as she jogs in her heels to the building. I look down and see my faded jeans brown sneakers that were white once upon a time.

Don't! Don't even think of comparing yourself with her. You didn't even shower.

Sound of the engine goes down, I look back and suddenly my heart beats like a church's bell, loud and clear as I see him...


Ryan Damison.

The beautiful bastard.