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A Portrait Of A Witch

A Portrait Of A Witch



General Romance

How Would A Person See the World Filled With no Faces? Would God Even Hear the wish of poor man's Soul? One And Many Wears Mask More Than Few Are Used. And Yet Here I Am Your Lost little Lamb Not Knowing Where to Go? As one of the many that haven't seen the Worlds of the Cruel. But I, Your little lamb you can't even love. I A person Who wished to be loved. I Who Desire's To be Loved I Who wished for your Grace. Yet Even The Near of My Death why Can't you shine your Radiant Light. I Cursed you and World I Once Love You the Once I Trust yet the Anger and Wrath That Shrouded my Hearth. And Yet I Who Prays For You yet Again. I who wish to be Loved I Who wished to be blessed with your light I who begs For Your Grace why Can't My Love Reach You're Heart.

  Prologue: Faceless Portraits

  -Chirp! Chirp!

  The Sound of birds chirping in the morning sweeping near the branches in the window light that passes through a room filled with portraits with the empty face was filled, while the morning sun shined through a room full of paintings of his mother while mixed with other portraits each canvas had lingered feeling of sadness and longing. While the rays of light creeping through the face of a young man laying down his couch who was sleeping soundlessly had woken due to the birds' melodic chirps.

  His whole body was stiff due to him falling asleep on the couch. Izach who just woke up was rubbing his eyes. His eyes opened slowly while he examined his entire room filled with portraits of peoples who have no face that was filled with longing. While glancing at the portrait he made last night.


  After waking up he slowly sat up from his couch he was sleeping on and slowly but surely examined his entire room filled with faceless portraits then he traced back the work that he has done for a couple of years. But there was only one work his eye gazed locked at.

  ‘I wish you were here….’

  It was a portrait of his mother who passed away in an accident. After looking back and reminiscing the time with his mother

  he slowly examined the 236 portraits of peoples that who has no faces bit by bit that he made for the past 10 years, He glanced at each one of them that the window near his couch that he was sitting on. That he heard Chirping yet again that made him looked at the window behind him.

  ‘Oh, it’s already morning?’

  A smile crept at his face while glancing at the two birds that were protecting their nest. Hearing their chirps loudly was filled with joy.

  ‘Such loving parents…..’

  -knock! Knock!

  There were knockings heard in front of them, Izach glanced with a questioning look while he slowly looked away at the birds who were chirping, While replying.

  “May I ask who it is?”

  “Pardon me Young master it is me Hilbert your butler” While speaking in a well-addressed manner.

  “May I enter the Young Master?” .Hilbert asked

  ”You may Enter,” I said in a calm voice.

  “then Pardon my Intrusion Young Master, “Hilbert said while he opened the door

  The door slowly opened revealing an adult in his 40s who had a dignified and calm Demeanor And appearance. He was tall for his age while slowly looking at him you may think he was a strict person due to his age but even his looks can be deceiving but in truth, this old man can be sly as a fox.

  “May I ask who were you again?” A frown formed on Izach’s face and asked

  While the old man gestured in a coughing manner.

  “*Cough*Cough Young master, did you forget about this old man yet again?” .while his voice was filled in such a sarcastic manner.

  ‘This sly old fox’.Izach’s brows furrowed due to Hilbert’s sarcastic remark.

  ‘Then Should I Return this In such a word in a respectful manner?’. Even knowing Hilbert for a long time he hasn’t changed.

  While slowly raised my hand and acted in disbelief.

  “Oh my! Hilbert How can a young master like me forget my loyal and trusted butler??” .while saying it in a disbelief tone of voice while hiding my grin on my face.

  Hilbert was shocked by the sudden remark that a smile crept at his face then chuckled.

  “Kuk. You have grown young master”, Hilbert said in a soothing a voice

  “You taught me well Hilbert?” I replied.

  “Well, Young master I only thought you the way of the tongue is it something to brag about?” .Hilbert replied.

  ‘Kuk, even with your sly attitude of yours you were always one of the people who were always by my side, Even though I always forget your face I still remember that sarcastic attitude of yours’. while a smile slowly crept at my face remembering those times.

  “Well did you not know? I use some butter and some pinch of salt on It?” I said in a sarcastic tone.

  Hilbert was amused and shocked due to my blunt remark that the smile on his face grew more than almost formed a crescent moon li on his face that apparently made him chuckle yet again.

  “Kuk, I think I am getting too old for this Young master even this sly old fox can’t even handle your Sharp tongue of yours”. Hilbert said in defeat with a grin.

  Few minutes passed while Hilbert and I were exchanging insults. We heard the knocking sound at the entrance of my room.

  One of the maids of the Alberos Household bowed in front of me as a sign of greeting.

  “Young Master Excuse me.” the maid said

  “What is it?----him who were you again?” I asked

  “It’s me Wendy, Young Master,” she said in a mannered tone.

  Memories stuck within him that made Izack remember the feeling he can’t see or even appreciate the face and expression of the people around him. It was hard to even for him.

  While he slowly examined and glanced at Wendy who was standing in such a stiff manner.

  ‘It was always a big problem for me remembering a person due to the fact I can’t see their faces’ I sighed and slowly remembered that at times I can’t even trust anyone who was beside me. The only person I trusted the most at that time was Hilbert, he was always by my side looking at me and guarding me. Even if I wished I could remember each of the servants in this house, I would really want to see their faces and slowly greet them all.

  “Pardon me for my prudence, Wendy. May I ask what you wanted to inform me about?” I asked calmly

  “Your Father the Marquis is waiting for you at the Dining hall. He wishes to speak with you, Young Master.”

  Izach’s face crumbled that slowly formed a frowned look, he looked at Wendy who was in front of the door stiffly while slowly rubbed his temples.

  ‘What a Grumble...I thought father was away for more than a few more weeks. I never knew that my father would come home this early. Now to make it worse he didn’t even inform me. It was silent for a moment and I slowly glanced at Hilbert who was behind while immediately

  dodged my line of sight.

  ‘This sly old fox’ while I glared at him and sighed in defeat, I really should lower this old fox’s salary. I focus my attention yet again on Wendy.

  “Thank you, Wendy you may leave,” I said in a calm voice while slowly grumbling.

  Wendy bowed and immediately left the room. There were a few minutes of silence while I looked at Hilbert with a frowning look even though I can’t see what his expression was but I know him way too well. Then Hilbert slowly walked and sighed restlessly and began to Talk.

  “My apologies young master that I did not inform it much earlier,” Hilbert said in a saddened voice while immediately lowering his head.

  “Ooh??? So you were having fun teasing me but you had the carelessness to not inform me about my father’s Return, then, Hilbert?” I spoke earnestly.

  “I only did this for You-“I stopped Hilbert from Finishing his sentence while I slowly patted his shoulder to reassure his doubts to Show my sincerity.

  “I know Hilbert I’m thankful for your service but I’m not a child anymore That you would always look out for I am now an adult knowing such little problems .you should not need to worry about,” I said with a grin on my face while scratching behind my head to reassure Hilbert’s worry yet again.

  Hilbert slowly sighed in defeat and smiled.

  “Well, I surely will miss the Rascal of a Young Master I’ve Known,” Hilbert said in a sad tone. The voice was filled with reminiscence deep inside.

  “Ah Yes, Those Were Good Times…..” While A smile Slowly Crept at my Face looking at Hilbert in a Soft manner

  ‘Even though I can’t see your face the time I spent with you proves that you’re the one who always has been by my side…’ A smile slowly crept while looking at Hilbert.

  While a few minutes had passed. The atmosphere was turning back to normal.

  While slowly Izach walked in front of Hilbert .and patted his shoulder yet again. Hilbert felt a chill down his spine and heard.

  “But I should Really Consider lowering your Salary Hilbert hmm??”I said in an eager tone while grinning.

  Hilbert’s face paled in complexion while he replied.

  “*Cough Young Master you’re getting crafty these days.” Hilbert smiled while slowly moved back 2 steps away with disbelief from my remarks and sighed in defeat.

  “Hum-hum well, I learned from the best? Then Should I Get Ready Then?” Izach replied with a grin on his face.

  “As you wish, Young Master,” Hilbert said in a respectful but happy tone While Bowing His Head.

  Hilbert Slowly Walked past me and opened the door of my room while I was slowly stepping out and leaving my Quiet Peaceful yet full of Portraits that were filled with no Faces,