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Living With A Popstar

Living With A Popstar



General Romance

Finally! Zora's father was going to marry another woman. She was so happy that her father find a woman to love after her mother dies many years ago. The woman that Zora's father will going to marry has 5 sons and among them there was the youngest named Cloud Fuu also known as Cloud Primo in entertainment industry. Together with 4 Fuu brothers, Zora lives with the famous Cloud Primo under the same roof. Could she able to survive living with them? If being with them just causing her a trouble.

  Zora's Point Of View

  I am excited about my new home.

  I'm so happy that Papa will get married again, because since Mama died, Papa has been immersed in his work just to forget about mama's death.

  "Yes papa, be careful there too, Love you too Pa, bye." I sighed and then I hang up and Continue walking on the way to Fuu Residents... I'm going to meet my new siblings there.

  "Welcome, I'm Sky Fuu, I'm one of Trina Fuu's 3rd son." A tall young man wearing an apron greeted me. I'm just a bit shock cause he suddenly appeared.

  "Oh hello, I'm Zora Emarrie Arlond." I introduced myself to him, He smiled at Me and then hugged me. First I was shock cause he suddenly hug. I guess he just love suprises.

  "Nice to me you 'lil sis."He said happily, He separated from me in a hug and then took the luggage I was carrying.

  "Thank you." I said and followed him into the Mansion. I was amazed cause it's a bit huge, compare to our house.

  "We've already brought your other belongings to your room. There are only three of us here, because the rest of our brothers are at their works." He explained to me, while we entering the mansion, when we entered the Mansion no maid greeted us. That's Odd.

  I noticed a man reading a Magazine and sitting on the sofa. I guess his was same age as Sky. He suddenly stop reading and it looked on us and smiled.

  "Is that Emarrie?" He then approached me and kissed my hand. I blushed.

  "I'm Sunny, Sky's Twin but I'm more handsome than him." Sunny said politely. Sky kicked him.

  "Stop your nonsense there, I'm older than you so I'm more handsome than you." Sky said and cross his arms.

  "You know twiny there's no handsome guy are wearing aprons." Sunny said while looking at Sky's apron, Sky was covered his body.

  "Because I'm cooking! That''s why I'm wearing these." He shouted to Sunny then go somewher else. I don't know where he goes cause he just suddenly disappared... I don't bother to look for him and faced Sunny to ask something.

  “Don’t you have any maids here?” I asked Sunny while looking around the place...

  "Since we were kids, we don't have a maid, we are the one doing the chores here." Sunny said then went back to reading the Magazine.

  "Oh is that's so, we're just the same." Since Papa is always at work I'm always left at home alone so I just take care of myself. I look at to Sunny, I noticed that he was looking at me with mixed concern.

  "Why?" I asked, He just smiled and shook.

  "By the way while Sky is cooking our Dinner, I'll introduce you to our Youngest, Cloud." He made me sit next to him then turned on the TV.

  "That's our youngest Cloud, he's the same age as you." He said, my eyes couldn't believe what I seeing.

  "You mean your brother is Cloud Primo? The Most famous Popstar?" ‘I just can’t believe on what he said.

  "Yup, is it obvious?" He said at the same time posing like a model, That's right he's a bit look like Cloud Primo.

  "Our two older brothers have jobs so they don't go home for a while, Maybe before our Mom's wedding they'll go home." Oh my! I have a 5 step siblings. Our family became bigger and I'm so happy with that.

  "Let's eat.." Sky said happily, We headed to the Dining room. To eat dinner.

  "Wow,so lot of food, is there a fiesta?" I said as my waved eyes shone. I feel like I'm in a fiesta cause there's a lot of food in the table.

  "Hahaha I prepared that all for you, Eat it already.." Sky said then, we start eating our dinner..

  Sky is good at cooking, Sunny and I are good at talking so the story is fun.

  With the length and amount of stories we talked about, I didn't realize that it was late at night so I said goodbye and went to the bedroom to rest, I found out that they were also studying at the Academy.


  *Bell ring*

  "That's all for now, you may take your launch break..." I immediately finished my lunch and then easily went to the Head master's office.

  *Tok tok*

  "Come in." When I opened the door, I saw a blonde looking man immediately when I opened up the door.

  "Kuya Louis.!" I called him so he looked up and stopped what he was doing.

  "Zora, it's been a while..." He greeted ,I sat on the chair in front of his table.

  'Louis Arlond Head master'

  I read in my mind the nameplate on his desk..

  "Yup, its been a while since we last saw each other kuya Louis.." Louis Arlond is my Only Cousin since our fathers are siblings..

  We are both only child.

  He has been the Head master of the Academy for 3 years.

  "How are you here at the Academy?" Question me. I smiled and Sighed.

  "I'm fine here, it's so nice here at the Academy. Did you know kuya, that I used to dream of studying here?" I said with a dreamy eyes.

  Since only a select few can enter the Academy, you can't just enter here, unless you are very rich or you do have an IQ of 100+ .

  I enter this school not because of our wealth, I passed the test that can tests your IQ. Maybe I a bit smart, I guess..

  "I know, You told me that already a hundred times on the phone." He casuall answer it. I smiled ang sighed again, it's a dream come true for me.

  "And The Another reason why I want to be here because of Ate Megumi, She is so cool, I want to be like her.." Ate Megumi is the wife of kuya Louis who owns this school. And I admire her coolnest.

  "Hahahah . no one can be like her, she's unique, no one can meet or miss her." Kuya Louis said while having dreamy eyes, He looks like a teenager just feel in love with a lady. Kuya Louis and Ate Megumi have a great love story started here at the academy, I hope I can find mine too...

  "Because she's a Legendary Woman." I added to what Kuya said. Kuya look at me and smile ear to ear and nooded as he agree on what I said, will she is a legendary...

  *Bell ring*

  "Go back to your class now Zora..." I hugged him and said goodbye to him and go back to our class...

  After class, Sky texted me that Sunny and him already gone home, because they were still preparing for Cloud to come home...

  I was suddenly excited when I found out that Cloud was coming home, so I immediately hurried to clean up...

  I immediately took a ride to home so I can get there earlier...

  When I arrived at in front of the mansion I noticed that there was a car parked...

  Cloud must probably there...

  I immediately entered the mansion and saw a young who had same aged at me sitting on the sofa...

  "Who are you?" A cold voice greeted me... It chills down my spine..

  "Cloud ." I said, He stared at me so coldly... His eyes scared me a bit..

  "I didn't autograph for a fan anymore so before I called the police, you must go out to our house." He is so different from Cloud Primo that I know, Cloud Primo is a cheerful and Kind Idol.

  But this Man in front of me is not him.

  His eyes narrowed when he noticed that I was silent.

  "But I'm not a fan." I whispered but I guess he didn't hear me... I'm too scared to speak.

  "You know miss if you just stand there, I'll call the police now.." He was about to call the police when Sunny came and snatched her Phone. He about to complained to Sunny when Sky appared and approuch me.

  "You're already there Zora.." Sky greeted me.

  "Please be patient with Cloud, he's just tired from his tour..." Sky pulled me up to my room...

  as I climbed the stairs I looked at Cloud who was currently fighting with Sunny.

  No ... His not tired ... His totally different ...