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Love, Care, and Trust

Love, Care, and Trust



General Romance

Krystal Blair Vanidestine, a normal girl that had a normal life but she was kidnap by Keanu Axel Usoro the cold CEO they were gonaa get married but fate didn't let them be together, then he met The Mafia Boss Rocco Nixon Delatejera, a person you cannot escape from. What would happen to her? Who would she chose?

  This story is pure fantasy, if their are people with the same name or story then its pure coincidence :>

  Happy Reading♡


  Krystal's POV

  We were on our way home from school when our van suddenly stopped in front of a crowd. Everyone was running and I couldn't seem to understand why but then I saw men wearing an all black outfit with a gun on their hand. I hold my sisters hand tightly when I saw a one of the guys approching the van were riding.

  When he opened the door, our eyes met. I didn't have time to react cause he pulled my sister and trow her outside the van. I know that it isn't a time for laughing but her face was ridiculous.

  I freezed when he held my hand. I don't know what will happen to me so I was nervous.

  "Why are you doing this?" I asked.

  "Forgive me maam if I scared you, but you have to come with us," he replied.

  He suddenly lifted me as if I was not heavy and placed me on his shoulder like a sack. I rose my head and saw Kristine struggling to come near me. The guys with guns sorrounded her and keep her in the ground.

  "Kristine!" I shouted.

  "Krystal!" tears were streaming down her face when she looked at me.

  I can still hear Kristine screaming even inside the car. I tried to open the car door but it was locked. I punched the glass window and muttered under my breath. I know its hard to punch a car window but I still tried, pain is all I got. I looked around to use something to break it but I stopped when dangerous eyes eyed me.

  "You can't escape, baby."

  Hearing his baritone voice sent shivers down my spine. His face were just inches away from mine. My eyebrows furrowed and I was about to open my mouth when his lips suddenly met mine. My eyes grew because of shock.

  I cursed him in my head, I also can't push him his too strong! I was out of breath the moment he let go of my lips.

  What the heck?! My first kiss!

  I was gonna slap him, but then his chuckle filled my ears.

  "Not so fast."

  I bravely looked at him and asked. "Where are you bringing me?"

  "My house obviously," he even had the guts to roll his eyes at me.

  I only looked infront so that I don't get annoyed at his face. "And why? I don't see any reason why you have to kidnap me. What are you gonna do to me?

  I was gonna continue on asking when he speaked. "Krystal Blair Vanidestine, 19 years old, 4th year in college and graduating next year, Blood type: O, Family:Complete. Your father works in Usoro Company and your mother is a house wife and your sister is a senior high student."

  I looked at him wide eyes. Is he stalking me?! He slowly went near my ear and whispered. "And my soon-to-be Wife."

  Wait?! Wife?! What did I get myself into?