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The Rogue Assassin's Weakness

The Rogue Assassin's Weakness




She needed something unique to happen in her life, being a devout meek Christian, coming out from the chapel right after her prayers, Lilianna Gonzales, gets her answer really quick as she stumbles across a bleeding arrogant man, at the point of death at the church steps. His name is Dagger. (Leonardo). She takes him in and caters for him, but he is everything that she had been warned again. He reeks of destruction, anger, sex, lust. And once, she is done taking care of him, he allows her to take a sip from his laugh, which intoxicates her and leaves her wanting for more.


The halls of the mansion were silent today. There were no guards on duty and absolutely no one in sight. Something felt off but it wasn’t in his place to bother; he was just here for the money and nothing else.

As he made his way to his boss’s office, he lit his cigarette, taking a good long puff then letting out a huge cloud of smoke. His boss didn’t like him smoking in the office but he did it anyway.

He took a few more puffs then turned the door knob, opening the door to the office.

“I guess no matter how many times I insist you just will flaunt my orders?” his boss said, with his back facing Dagger.

“Well, if you don’t show your face, I guess you won’t really see if I’m smoking or not.” Dagger took another puff of his cigarette. It was like a second heart to him.

“I can still smell the damn thing Dagger.” His boss said in a ‘use your brain tone’. Dagger wasn’t always using his brain. He saw it as a Plan-B weapon, only to be used when needed.

“Life’s already hard enough, using your brain when it’s not needed makes it harder.” Dagger put out his cigarette to talk business with the boss and also not to annoy the him any further.

“I’ve got a new job for you.”

“I reckon, that would be why you called me on my day off to rush over here I suppose, it better be good.” Dagger grabbed a chair from the wall and sat opposite the boss, fiddling with the new piece on the boss's table.

“Drop it," boss demanded.

“You know shiny trinkets attract me and you seem to have a new one every week. Don’t want me touching them; don’t keep them where I can see.” Dagger dropped the shiny bullet figure.

“Are we going to talk about your job or is my trinket more interesting?”

“We could do both but the job has gotten better of my curiosity. Let’s talk business.” Dagger sat back in his chair.

“The documents there have your job description- all you need to know. I am pretty sure you won't read it so I'll just fill you in: You’re going to México…”

“Oh, great! Another vacation! I'm so excited." Dagger spat sarcastically, rolling his eyes as he did so.

“Shut up and listen Dagger. Like I was saying, you’re going to México to take care of some pestering rats. The store’s been fully stocked so take anything you’ll need.

Targets are exactly forty armed men. Fifty if by any means something changes and you’re also required to do away with all of them and their place of work.”

“Oh, a tasking job with a fire work party right after. This sounds like fun.” Dagger waved his hands in the air with glee like a three-year-old.

“Another thing, we expect you back as soon as possible, enemy territory means more danger and less protection. I have very limited hands and eyes in México; I can’t lose my best killer.”

“Don’t bother about me champ, I’ll be fine. “Dagger took his files and left the office.

Dagger had wanted to ask about the empty mansion. The boss was never alone in the mansion but in his mind, Dagger’s only job was what he was assigned, nothing more, and nothing less.

He quickly made his way to the store with his bags; he needed enough weapons and the store had been stocked with some of his favourite toys, and Dagger loved his toys.

He packed his bags and toys and, in two days, he was ready to leave New Jersey for Queretaro, México. As usual, the boss had arranged everything and so, the jet was waiting to pick him up from the hanger.

Dagger wasn’t a flamboyant person but he loved the good life and when he was given a chance to have it for free, he wasn't one to let it pass.

Black leather jeans and a black tank top made the assassin hard to miss. He had his black duffel bags slung over each of his broad shoulders; being a killer demanded having a good body.

Dagger was welcomed on the jet by a new air hostess.

The boss must have gotten tired of the other cutie pie. Dagger thought.

As usual, the air hostess couldn’t take her eyes off Dagger and he made sure to taunt her as much as he could give the opportunity.

He flexed his muscles and brushed his brown locks back, making sure to flex his arms even harder. He seemed to have gotten the air hostess's attention because she missed when he handed her the duffel bag.

Dagger gave her the look that the gut gives his love in the movies and they both bent to pick the bag. Or at least that’s what she thought. Dagger on the other hand had other plans.

He bent with her no doubt but when their hands were to touch and they would both look into each other’s eyes, Dagger moved his hands and wiped the invisible dirt off his shoes.

Dagger didn’t pick the bag after his joke. Smirking, he sashayed to his seat, making extra sure to sway his hips. He sat on the chair, legs up and crossed. He knew he could be a total dickhead. That fact had been one-hundred percent verified.

“Sweetie, the bag stays beside me.” He called to the now fuming air hostess. He wasn’t a bad guy but he wasn’t a flirt, well at least not for every woman.

The woman dropped his bag right by his side, stomping off so hard, Dagger felt either her heels would snap or the plane floors would give in.

In his defence, he never told her he was interested in her, she just assumed this was a movie and wanted to play along.

The pilot did a brief announcement, not the type they did in the public airplanes, something more direct and short. Dagger looked out his window, he was about to head off to México, the city of his lonely childhood, his beginning.