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The Boundary Line

The Boundary Line




After hearing about the brutal murder of a child in the neighbouring pack, Lucia is forced to attend a gathering with her father and Alpha with the enemy pack. The Dark Moon pack is one of the strongest packs to exist. Lucia has heard rumours of the cruel and cold hearted crimes that they have committed. When she went to the pack, the last thing she expected was to find her soul mate. The Alpha.Shock. That's what Lucia felt as she locked eyes with the dark cold ones of the enemy Alpha. He is said to be ruthless, cruel and vicious but Lucia knows that deep down underneath the merciless face, Tristan is good. That there is more to Tristan. And Lucia will stop at nothing until she finds out.

This is what I loved.

Running on my own through the forest, wind rippling through my thick, silver shiny coat, without a care in the world.

This is what I do each night. Escape my house and race through the woods in my wolf form. If a human had seen me right now I would have just look liked a silver blur, I was running that fast. But like I said, this is what I loved. It was exhilarating.

I slowed to a light run and tilted my head and looked to the black night sky. The moon shone bright giving me a somewhat easy view of my surroundings.

I didn't need the light though, I have my werewolf enhanced eye sight along with hearing, smell and strength. I guess mine is just extra enhanced from being the Betas daughter.

I slowed my pace to the point where I wasn't running at all. I sat next to a tree on my back legs, head still to the sky observing the stars.

The stars. I don't know why but I love to sit and peacefully gaze at the stars. Sometimes when you look real hard, you can make a picture by joining the stars, I've always done this since I was little girl.

I remember at the age of five, laying on my back with my mother beside me, laughing and giggling at something she said, just curiously staring at the stars.

I sighed sadly. My mother. I miss her so much. My mother, Miranda, was murdered by our neighboring pack The Dark Moon's past Alpha. My mum was only twenty—eight years old.

I was only six when she died but I remember her being the best mum ever. She was a kind hearted lady and was always dedicated to her pack.

The night she was killed, she was running through this exact same forest. The reason why she was killed was because she accidently crossed 'The Boundary Line'.

When my mother crossed it the Alpha who owned that territory was near and had felt her cross. He did not hesitate when killing my mother. He showed no mercy.

The Boundary Line is about a 4 hour sprint from our packs main village. It is the line that separates my pack, which is The Fire Daze pack from the The Dark Moon pack. We are a strong pack, with about 200 members.

But the Dark Moon pack, well let me tell you a bit about them. They are the most feared pack in the world, and I'm not exaggerating here. They are cruel, ruthless, nasty and not to mention very, very strong.

But they're an extremely close pack. The pack has over 500 wolves, all trained from birth to be deadly vicious warriors.

Well thats what I've heard. But thankfully about two years later, when I was eight, Alpha Tony, the wolf who killed my mother, died due to the fact that he was diagnosed with a cancer so rare that even the Alpha or wolf blood he had in him wasn't enough.

I grinned a wolfish grin. Good job now the Dark Moon pack know how it feels to lose one of their own. Anyway, the current Alpha of the Dark Moon pack is the son of the Alpha that killed my mother. He is 23 years old, mateless and his name is Tristan. Tristan Ryker.

I shivered. I've never met or seen him or any of his pack before but the mention of his name has me shivering and is making me feel all fuzzy inside. Weird. I dismissed the feeling and thought about the Dark Moon pack. I hated them with every ounce of my soul. And so did my pack too. I hated Alpha Tristan's father, Tony, for killing my mother and not giving her a chance to live. I bet my mother didnt even get time to register what was happening before Tony snapped her neck without a second thou—

"LUCIA!" My fathers deep authoritative shouted through mind link. My ear twitched from how loud he had shouted. "Lucia, you were supposed to be home half an hour ago!Where are you?"

I sighed inwardly. I got back to my feet and started my way home. There was no point in arguing with dad. "I'm sorry dad, I just of lost track of time. I'm on my way home now."

My dad, Will, sighed in relief. "Okay sweetie, come quickly the Alpha needs to address the pack about something".

I frowned. Well, if I was in human form I would be. That's weird we only just had a pack meeting this morning. Picking up my pace I tore through the woods towards the village I call home. I wonder what Alpha Mike needs to address us about so urgently.


I slowed to a stop just at the edge of the woods, so I can shift. I trotted to where my belongings were and shifted. I could here the sickly popping sounds my bones made as they rearranged themselves back into my human form.

When I shifted for the first time, I was sixteen, it hurt so much I thought I was going to pass out. But now at the age of eighteen and after two years of shifting back and forth, I hardly feel a thing.

I quickly put my clothes on and exit the forest. I hurried across the grounds to the main hall, where I know the meeting is being held.

I scurried down the hallway and got to the door leading into the massive room where the rest of my pack was waiting. Slowly, I pushed the door open.

All conversation and talking that was going on before had now stopped at the sound of me entering. All eyes were directed at me. I swallowed nervously and looked for my father.

"Luce, up here", I hear my dad call. I looked up to the front to where my father was standing at the foot of the steps at the small stage.

I smile and make my way towards him. Walking towards my father I notice that he looks a bit nervous himself. I take the time to look at my forty year old father.

I take in his short graying dark brown hair, which looks like he's been running his hands through it a lot. I then look into his round big green eyes, they look tired.

I notice he is wearing a plain green shirt and a pair if dress pants. I laugh to myself. He really knows how to put an outfit together... To be honest my father is quite handsome. Even though he has some stubble on his chin and a few wrinkle lines, he still looks handsome.

People say I look like my father, but who I really look like is my mother. My mother was beautiful. Well from the photos I've see. With long caramel hair and startling blue eyes. I guess you could say I look like her. But I will never be a beautiful as my mother had been.

To be honest I never thought I was that pretty. As conceited as this sounds, I had long caramel brown hair and blue eyes with a tinge of green to them. And although I had a slightly freckled nose and high cheekbones, I didn't feel beautiful. I shake my head slightly and focus on what's in front of me. I finally reach my dad and he pulls me in for a hug. I wrap my arms around him.

"Luce, what took you so long?" My father questioned as he pulled me out of his big arms.

"Sorry dad, I went further into the forest than I usually would have," I replied. It's then I realize that the room is still deathly quiet.

I turn around, and sure enough everyone is watching my father and I. I blush and quickly avert my eyes back to my father.

I don't really like attention. Dad shook his head and turned towards an empty seat, pulling me with him and placing me in it.

My dad stepped back and went up the stage steps to sit with Joe, the third in command, Alpha Mike and Luna Whitney.

Alpha Mike stood up and went to the front go the stage. He cleared his throat, and then spoke with powerful authority.

"Thank you all for coming on such short notice. I know it was only just this morning that we had a meeting but this one is necessary." He paused and looked across the room. "As you all have heard just last night, one of the members, a child, from the Dark Moon pack had been brutally murdered". Mike paused once again and eyed the crowd.

This wasn't exactly news to us but still a few people gasped. Most of our whole pack hated the Dark Moon pack, from what they had done to my mother, their Betas mate.

But I guess we're most shocked about was that someone had gotten on the Dark Moons territory and plucked off one of their members. No one dares to go onto Alpha Tristan's land unwelcome, let alone kill one of his pack members.

He is said to be cruel, dark and that he keeps to himself. He must be furious and will probably stop at nothing to get his hands on the person who did this, and when he does... I don't want to imagine what Tristan would do.

I stopped my train of thoughts and turn my attention to my Alpha as he began speaking again.

"Today I unexpectedly got a call from Alpha Tristan, him saying that he is investigating all packs across the country to see if any of us hold the killer. Although instead of him coming to us, we must go to him, the reason being for that is because Tristan explained himself that he cannot leave his pack at such a vulnerable time as they are all still grieving over their loss and that it is too dangerous".

I silently shook my head in astonishment. That pack was inseparable.

After Alpha Mike had finished his little speech, murmurs and talking cut out across the room. So many people began shooting questions at Mike, that even my werewolf hearing couldn't keep up.

Mike growled lowly in his throat, catching everyone's attention and silencing the room instantly.

"If you have any inquiries or questions, please raise your hand and wait to be answered". His command was laced with Alpha authority.

Slowly, Renee, one of the packs cook ,with short blonde hair, raised her hand. "Yes Renee?" Alpha Mike asked.

"Alpha, I was just wondering when would you be leaving?" Renee questioned quietly.

"Tomorrow morning, so we get there by late afternoon," he replied calmly. Renee shook her head in understanding and sunk back into her chair.

I sat a bit straighter and turned my head back to see if anyone was going to ask anything else. All I wanted to do was go home and go to sleep. I was so glad I wasn't going to Alpha Tristan's tomorrow, because I'll still be buried underneath my duvet covers, head moulded to my comfy pillow.

Ugh, just the thought of my heavenly bed, brought a yawn to my lips and a wave of sleepiness to wash over me.

As I was lost in thought someone from across the room had asked a question. I'm not sure what it was but it sounded like 'Who will be going?' I glanced at the Alpha and waited for his reply.

I expected my dad would be going as he is Alpha Mike's second in command, but what I didn't expect was the last person he listed of who was going.

"The people who will be accompanying myself, is Beta Will, Joe, Tim and—",

My eyes bugged out of their sockets and my breathing stopped as he said the last name I would never expected.

"Lucia Miller".