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His Paid Girlfriend

His Paid Girlfriend




"I have 10 rules in this fake relationship, because I'm paying you after all." I smiled bitterly, because of that. He doesn't need to say it multiple times. Because I knew it! "Yeah, and what is it?" He handed me the paper and start to read it. My forehead creased. 10 RULES that must be followed in this fake relationship. 01) Falling in love is strictly prohibited. 02) You cannot tell anyone about our REAL relationship status. 03) Miss ______ should be with Mister Timothy Jeon, whenever he's around and NOT anyone but HIM for better or worse. 04) Miss ______ cannot date anyone during this contract. 05) BOTH parties must have responsibilities with each other, physically and emotionally. 06) Must OBEY in everything HE said. 07) BOTH parties must be really sweet in public. Especially when HIS ex-girlfriend is around. 08) Miss ______ must ask permission first before going somewhere. 09) Have TIME for this relationship. 10) BOTH parties can do. What are lovers/couples do. Like kissing, hugs, cuddle. "What the hell?! This is too much!" I exclaimed before I glance to him.

Paid 01: Break-up

Timothy Jeon

It was evening when I invited my girlfriend Tiana to eat with me at the 5-star hotel here in the city, but as soon as she arrived she’s frowning like she’s having a bad day. But I really can’t denied that she’s so stunning on her outfit. She's wearing a navy-classy Audrey Hepburn Rockabilly dress, and a Jessica Simpson brand heels.

"Have you eaten? Can we order first? You could say anything you want to tell me later, okay? But right now, I’m really starving." I said to my girlfriend Tiana, exaggeratedly as she sat on the chair in front of me. I look back at the menu, and I noticed that she’s not want to order something.

My forehead creased when I look at her oceanic eyes.

She shakes her head, "Tim, sorry but I don't wanna be with you anymore." She uttered that took me out of guard.

Did I misheard her? Did she what?

I unpleasantly shake my head, "What did you just said?" Maybe I just misheard her. She loves me, I know she is. But why would she say those?

"I said... I can't be with you anymore," she repeated that broke my heart into two. My heart crack and went down on my stomach. Why's this?

Did I do something? I've never cheated on her, do I? Why she's breaking-up with me all of a sudden? We're dating for almost like 2 years and what? She's breaking up with me like it's just nothing?

I took a deep breath before I glance at her, "Stop joking around. You aren't funny." I stated trying to keep my cool. I look back again at the menu and start to ignore her. She's ruining my mood. I know that she doesn't mean it. I know she is. She’s just having a bad day and that’s all.

"Tim, listen... I... I'm falling out of love with you," she explained and by that I've got enough. Fall out of love? Seriously? We're okay yesterday! But what happened now?

"You fall out of love or there's someone else," It's not a question but a statement. I glance at her and she's not really looks surprised when I said it. I think my instinct was right. She avoided my gaze after that, she can't look straight to my eyes. And the thought of that makes my heart aches.

For 2 years, that I spend it with her. I treat her right, I give what ever she wants. And now she's breaking up with me? I really don't get it. Like why?! What did I do wrong?! My head is clouded and it has so many questions.

I give all of my attention, love, and care but I didn't know that I wasn't enough. I wasn't enough for her.

"Tim,  I'm sorry but... You're right. There's someone, and I'm sorry if it has to be Alex." My body got numbed, time suddenly stop. I don't know what to do! It's Alex? My cousin? Seriously?! What the hell? Of all the people seriously? Why it has to be him?

I bit my lower lip, trying to keep my cool. But deep down in me, I'm really broken inside because of them. The thought of them taunt me.

What the... I really cannot believe it! Why it has to be him!? I trusted him! But why? My breath  becomes heavier, I closed my eyes as I massage my nose bridge because of frustration that I felt.

I sighed heavily. "Why, Tiana? Am I not enough? Why did you chose him over me?" My voice cracked, when I opened my eyes, her eyes catches mine.

"Did I... Did I not treat you well enough?" My voice is down in the moment, I cannot help myself to cry. Even if I do not want to. Maybe I just love her this much.

"You did, but I guess that was not enough," Tiana said shaking her head, "I'm sorry." She added before she stood up. My jaw is clenching. I can't accept it. I really can't! It tore me apart.

"I'm breaking up with you, Tim, so you better let-go. I don't love you anymore." She added. She said that like it was so easy for her. She said it directly without stutter and eyes were looking straight in mine. She didn't even glance at me when she walk-out at the Restaurant.

There's a part of me that I don't want her to go. That I want to chase her and begged her to stay. But there is a part of me that I value my pride, that I value my worth.

Since I and Tiana broke up. I've never go for a serious relationship ever again.

Now and then, I'll been fooling myself if I tell anyone that I already move-on from my ex-girlfriend, from Tiana because I certainly am not. And whenever I saw her, whenever we met in any occasions. My heart still breaking because I still love her.

Alex never did apologized to me and I don't know if I can forgive him. Since Tiana broke up with me. Alex didn't go out with the guys night. I think I am the one, who he is avoiding?

Kyle give me a can beer and I took it, while looking far-away. "It's been a year now Tim, you should move-on, find your own happiness man," I glared at him.

"I'll already move-on," I answered but I know he didn't buy it.

"I don't believe you," Cody snapped.

"I'm talking to Kyle, dumbass!" I fired back, but he shake his head.

"You know what? If I were you..." Cody points me.

"If I really love that girl, I am going to get her back," He continued.

I rolled my eyes on him, "You're not me." I said after I take a few gulp of my beer.

"Well, just a piece of advice from me, if I were you, I am going to hired someone just to pretend my girlfriend and make Tiana jealous, and by that you can see if she still loves you. If she bites the trap boom! It's a success and if it's not, at least you tried." My forehead creased of the thought of that. I want to give it a try but how?

Hired someone to be my girlfriend? It's hard. I'm every girls dream, so it's hard for me to pick someone who is not attracted to me.

But I know someone who can help me! But that woman is so difficult! I know my charm will not work to that woman geeze! But it's better to try it, than I regret it later, right?

"Lame idea," I said but deep down in me, I was thinking any possible plan to make it work. I evilly smirked of the thought of that.

Be ready Tiana, I will make you fall for me again and make you beg for my love.