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A Promise: That Changed My Life

A Promise: That Changed My Life




Karan Suryavanshi, the Self-made billionaire and Prince of Jodhpur, His mother is his everything, he can even give his life if his mother ever wished for it without thinking twice. Girls meant nothing to him, except fuck toys. Siya Rathod, the kind-hearted yet innocent girl, born in poverty, low educated, knows nothing except to love her loved ones, truly. The only man she ever loved is her childhood best friend, Vishal, who loves her back equally. But, one promise that was made years ago by their parents, forced them to marry each other, without their wishes, Karan calls it to compromise, and Siya calls it her responsibility as a daughter.


I instantly hurried from my office after my sister Kaya informed me that mom's health has been critical and they took her to the hospital. She was fighting cancer for the past 2 years and she is in the last stage, doctor has warned us earlier about this, "Your mother hasn't much time left." Like a month ago.

When I reached out of the hospital, my brother Sunny was waiting for me in the lobby, we quickly ran to the staircase because elevators were run out of order.

Surely the elevators chose the best timing to test my patience and anger when I am in rush to see my ill mom.

Finally, we reached in front of her room, taking a deep breath, I headed in, finding my mom on the bed with an oxygen mask on her face whereas my father and sister were sitting beside her, holding her hand.

"Maa." my voice came out as an audible whisper, all eyes turn on me but I smiled weakly when my mom looked at me, trying to mirror my expression to convince me she is okay but failed.

I walk to her, Kaya stood up to give me a seat on the stool she was sitting on, I nod to her as thanks and sat near mom, taking her hand in mine.

"You suppose to be in your office right now for your important meeting," Mom says silently.

I smile at her, "Nothing is more important to me in this world than you, Ma."

She raised her hand when I slowly tilted my face down for her to caress my cheeks, "You aren't going to change, are you?" I chuckled, shaking my head in no, she continues, smiling, "But you have to understand, I have not more time left to live." My heart thumped yet shattered at her words, controlling the lump that made in my voice, I spoke. "Don't say like that, you will stay with me forever."

"No doubt, I will but I shouldn't need to live for that."

"Maa, don't say-" She cuts me off.

"I am not immortal, my Son, neither anyone in this world, sooner or later we all gonna die, the only thing which is in our hands is to choose the way to die, peacefully or dreadfully. I have chosen peacefully but I can't get that unless till I make sure that you live a happy life with your wife who will take care of you and our family after me." She said, sadly.

I knew what she trying to say but this is not possible in this life, I can't marry because there's nothing like love exits, it's fake, no girl in this world can live happily with me.

"Maa, ask for my life I will give you, happily but not this," I stated, coldly.

"I know, and I shouldn't force you if I wasn't in this condition but I am in my death bed, and I want to keep my promise that I made to my friend years ago, " She responds.

"What promise?" I ask, puzzled.

"That when his daughter will be 18 you will marry her and give her a better life despite how her parents lived in poverty." She explains.

"Why you made such a promise, Maa, how could you be so sure that I will live happily with that girl also I am almost a decade older than her?!"

"My last wish is to see you with someone who can bring a smile to your lips and I am 100% sure she is the only one who can, coming to the age, ain't your father is 16 years older than me and still we both love each other." She clarifies.

"Isn't there any other way?"

"Not as far I know," she smirks.

I sighed defeated, "You know very well, I can't say no to you, can I?"

She laughed at my response, "Maybe, I can't live to see my grandchildren but for your marriage."

I kissed her knuckles, saying, "I am doing this just for you." She nodded at me, "We shouldn't waste more time then." She said.

If compromising a word that I have to do for her, then so be it.


Completely unable to say No to mom, I decided to do this marriage despite knowing the reasons that, no girl wanna be part of my dark and messy life unless she is stupid enough to do so except for her the girl who made my heart skip Its beats and ruined my sleep for months just by her one sweet innocent kiss, she was my first kiss and maybe my first.....I shook my thoughts away. It's no time to think about it.

Getting into my usual business suit, I walked off to the downstairs. Mom, dad, Kaya, and Sunny were waiting for me at the dining table. I joined them after giving a kiss to the mom on the cheeks.

Thanks to God, that she returns from the hospital a week ago in a bit better health condition doesn't matter what Mom says to me but I know there must be some way to save her life even If I have to take her to the world's best to best doctors.

Morning greetings rang around the table after everyone joined in. "So, Son, When do you want to meet her?" Mom asks, pouring a fruit juice for me in the glass.

"Who?" I ask back, digging into my breakfast.

"Your future bride and our future daughter-in-law." She replied, pushing the juice glass next to my plate.

"Maa, you like her?" Mom nods, grinning, "Then I don't need to see her, I know you are not doing this just to keep your promise but for me, so I'm sure, your choice must be brilliant."

She laughed, "As you wish."

"I can't wait for bro's marriage! No, Sunny?" Kaya excitedly clapped her hands together.

"Yeah, Yeah." Sunny responds, through his MacBook that I snatched from his hands because his focus was less on food and more on phone.

"What, brother?!" He yells.

"No gadgets during food," I stated, coldly.

"But-" Dad cut him off.

"No, buts, Sunny, Karan is right."

Annoyingly Sunny dug in and chewed his food forcefully.

"Nevertheless, Karan, should your dad and I confirm the marriage at the end of this month?" Mom asks me.

I look up at her, with a smile. " Sure."

"Thakur Ji, we should inform the bride's family about our decision." She told Dad.


"By the way, her name is Adah." Mom adds to me.

I just nodded, "Okay." And made my way to the office, cleaning my lips with a napkin in the process.


"Bring me a coffee," I ordered my assistant, Rena as I stretch my hands above my head to reveal my tiredness.

She got up from her table which is almost sat next to mine, "You seem stressed, if you want I can give you a massage as well, Sir." She says, opening her top's button, I stopped her.

"Not now, Rena, I got so much work that I need to finish by end of the day and once we get started, I won't able to stop until I cum in your mouth," I explained with a smirk. She nods in understanding, mirroring my look, and left to get me my order.

"You can please your cheap assistant too, but not me, " A familiar voice ranged in my ears, I look up only to find my step-sister, Rhea standing at the entrance of my office. She and her big brother is a mistake of my dad's affair during his marriage to my mom but my mom is so kind that she forgive dad and give him a chance to correct his mistake by paying for their living.

"Cheap or not, at least, she is not a whore who sleeps with her husband and brother at the same time," I stated the truth, making her angry but she smiled, controlling it. A few months ago, I decided to visit her house, there I saw her between her husband and big brother, naked, sucking their cocks just for my family's happiness I kept it hidden and walked away from there.

This is wrong. Completely wrong. Siblings share a special bond for sure nevertheless, not like this.

"Don't you think, it would be fun if we go for foursome altogether?" She questions, pushing a chair for herself to sit.

"Absolutely..." She smiles before I finished my line with, "....not, I don't share the girl I fuck with anyone nor I sleep with whores, I have some taste."

"You are stupid to deny me, Karan, one day you'll dance on my fingertips when I will expose your true identity in front of everyone, you can't fool them for more." She threats me, furiously.

I chuckled, leaning towards her, "That will happen only in your dreams, Rhea."

"We will see if in my dreams or reality." She says in a challenging way, standing on her heels she moves to the door when I called her.

"Rhea, challenge accepted."



Maa= Mom

Thakur Ji= who is head of the family.